The Assassination Records Review Board would like to acknowledge the following individuals who contributed to the success of this project:

Former Staff Members of Assassination Records Review Board

David G. Marwell, Executive Director

T. Jeremy Gunn, Executive Director and General Counsel

Thomas E. Samoluk, Deputy Director and Associate Director for Communications

Sheryl L. Walter, General Counsel

Philip D. Golrick, Chief Analyst for FBI Records/Counsel

Mary S. McAuliffe, Chief Analyst for CIA Records

Thomas L. Wilborn, Press and Public Affairs Officer

Timothy A. Wray, Chief Analyst for Military Records

Christopher M. Barger, Analyst

Mosemarie D. Boyd, Analyst

Eugene A. Burpoe, Senior Analyst

Anne E. Buttimer, Chief Investigator

Jessica L. DiFrisco, Analyst

Carrie J. Fletcher, Analyst

Andrew J. Funk, Analyst

Noelle C. Gray, Technical Assistant for Research and Analysis

Kim A. Herd, Senior Attorney/Analyst

Manuel E. Legaspi, Analyst

Tammi S. Long, Attorney/Analyst

Joseph R. Masih, Analyst

Christina P. Mays, Administrative Assistant

David R. Montague, Senior Investigator

Dennis J. Quinn, Attorney/Senior Analyst

D. Sydney Reddy, Analyst

Brian E. Rosen, Attorney/Senior Analyst

Valerie M. Sails, Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Eric N. Scheinkopf, Analyst

Michelle M. Seguin, Analyst

Joan G. Zimmerman, Senior Analyst


Robert R. Arreola

Tracy L. Brandt

Christopher J. Burton

Nabeena Chatterjee

Delaney M. DiStefano

Rochelle Juelich

Farand Kan

Krista B. LaBelle

Frank P. Menna

Daniel D. Wedemeyer

Agency Personnel

Steven D. Tilley, Chief, John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, NARA

Martha Murphy, John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, NARA

Steven Hamilton, John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, NARA

Ramona Branch Oliver, John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, NARA

Roland Bordley, John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection, NARA

Matt Fulgham, Center for Legislative Archives, NARA

Kris Wilhelm, Center for Legislative Archives, NARA

Dave Brown, Initial Processing/Declassification Division, NARA

Les Waffen, Motion Picture and Audiovisual Branch, NARA

Alan Lewis, Motion Picture and Audiovisual Branch, NARA

Margaret Ann Kelly, Document Conservation Laboratory, NARA

John Constance, Director, Congressional Affairs, NARA

William Grover, Special Access and FOIA Staff, NARA

Miriam Nisbet, Office of General Counsel, NARA

John Collingwood, Assistant Director for Press and Congressional Affairs, FBI

Carol Keeley, Chief, Historical and Executive Review Unit, FBI

LuAnn Wilkins, Historical and Executive Review Unit, FBI

Debbie Beatty, Historical and Executive Review Unit, FBI

Carl Valentine, Historical and Executive Review Unit, FBI

Terry O'Connor, Former Inspector in Charge, JFK Task Force, FBI

P. Grant Harmon, Supervisory Special Agent, JFK Task Force, FBI

J. Barry Harrelson, Chief, JFK Project, Historical Review Program, CIA

John Pereira, Former Chief, Historical Review Group, CIA

James Oliver, Chief, Historical Review Program, CIA

Nina Noring, Department of State

Hugh Woodward, Department of State

Bruce Miller, Department of the Treasury, United States Customs Service

Anthony Radosti, Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans

Edmund McBride, Joint Staff Secretariat

Will Kammer, Joint Staff Secretariat

Paul Jacobsmeyer, Joint Staff Secretariat

Toni Bowie, United States Army

Clay Ferris, United States Army

Elaine Rogic, IRR, United States Army

Phyllis Birckhead, IRR, United States Army

Claudia Collins, Chief, Information Security Policy, National Security Agency

Lee Schroyer, JFK Act Project Officer, National Security Agency

Lisa Salvetti, Deputy Director of Access Management, National Security Council

John D. Podesta, The White House

Kimberly Newman, Office of Management and Budget

Maya Bernstein, Office of Policy

Calvin Snowden, Former Director, Agency Liaison Division, General Services Administration

Cassandra Browner, Agency Liaison Division, General Services Administration

Nicholas M. Freda, Typography and Design Division, U.S. Government Printing Office

Carlotta Wells, Civil Division, Department of Justice

Art Goldberg, Civil Division, Department of Justice

Tina Houston, Lydon Baines Johnson Presidential Library

Stephanie Fawcett, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

Megan Desoyners, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

The Assassination Records Review Board would also like to thank the numerous federal officials who were formally designated to ensure agency compliance with the JFK Act.

Cogressional Staff

Donald Goldberg

Daniel Moll

Jeff Schaffner

Brian Dettelbach

Kevin Sabo

The Eastman Kodak Company

James Milch

Fred Williamson

Jim Toner

Roland Zavada

Participants in Additional Ballistics Testing

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

Dr. Mitchell Holland, Chief, Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL)

Edwin Huffine, Chief DNA Analyst, AFDIL

Dr. Jerry Spencer, The Armed Forces Medical Examiner

FBI Laboratory

Dr. Chris Allen, Hairs and Fibers Unit

Steven Burmeister, Chief, Chemistry Unit

Douglas Deedrick, Chief, Trace Evidence Unit

Dr. Joseph DiZinno, Chief, DNA-II Unit

Robert Fram, Trace Evidence Unit

Donald Havekost, Materials Analysis Unit

Ronald Menold, Chemistry Unit

Charles Peters, Materials Analysis Unit

Dr. Jenifer Lindsey Smith, Chief, DNA-I Unit

Robert Sibert, Deputy Chief, Scientific Analysis Section

Independent Consultants

Dr. Mary Baker, Smithsonian Center for Materials Research (SCMRE)

Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Maimonides Medical Center

Experts at Review Board Experts' Conferences

May 1995
The Quest for Additional Records and Information

G. Robert Blakey

David Garrow

Paul Hoch

James Lesar

David Lifton

John Newman

David Slawson

April 1998
The Problem of Secrecy

Steven Aftergood

Steven Garfinkel

David Garrow

Morton Halperin

William Leary

Mike Lostumbo

Kate Martin

Roslyn Mazer

Page Putnam Miller

Mary Ronan

Britt Snyder

Evan Thomas

Witnesses at Public Hearings of the Assassination Records Review Board

Washington, D.C., October 11, 1994

Daniel Alcorn

Martin Barkley

Max Holland

John Judge

William Kelly

James Lesar

Harrison Livingstone

Page Putnam Miller

John Newman

Charles Sanders

Peter Dale Scott

Daryll Weatherly

Mark Zaid

Dallas, Texas, November 18, 1994

Gary Aguilar

Adele E.U. Edisen

Gary Mack

Jim Marrs

Beverly Oliver Massegee

John McLaughlin

Wallace Milam

David Murrah

Steve Osborn

Roy Schaeffer

Martin Shackelford

Kenneth Smith

Philip Tenbrink

Robert Vernon

Thomas Wilson

Boston, Massachusetts, March 24, 1995

George Michael Evica

Priscilla Johnson McMillan

Philip Melanson

Dick Russell

Edgar Tatro

Steve Tilley

Richard Trask

New Orleans, Louisiana, June 28, 1995

The Honorable Lindy Boggs

The Honorable Harry F. Connick, Sr.

Wayne Everard

Michael Kurtz

Steve Tilley

Stephen Tyler

Cynthia Anne Wegmann

Washington, D.C., August 6, 1996

Barry Harrelson

John Pereira

Steve Tilley

Los Angeles, California, September 17, 1996

David Belin

James DiEugenio

Eric Hamburg

Wesley Liebeler

David Lifton

James Rankin

Robert Tanenbaum

Steve Tilley

Washington D.C., Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Robert Brauneis

Debra Conway

James Lesar

Art Simon

Josiah Thompson

Richard Trask

Moses Weitzman

The Review Board would also like to thank the many private citizens with whom it maintained contact throughout its tenure. We thank you for your interest, your suggestions, and your support.