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approved at PDCC meeting 7/9/97

1. Mission and functions: The Public Disclosure Coordination Committee will facilitate Intelligence Community declassification review efforts and the public release of such information. The PDCC will ensure that: inter-agency equities are identified and communicated; disclosure risks are appropriately assessed; policy judgments are reached based upon a full consideration of the issues and risks; and appropriate declassification guidance is provided to those charged with reviewing and declassifying the information in question.

2. Composition and Organization:

a. Membership of the PDCC will include representatives from: the Central Intelligence Agency; the Defense Intelligence Agency; the Department of Defense; the Department of Energy; the Department of State; the Department of the Treasury; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the National Imagery and Mapping Agency; the National Reconnaissance Office; and the National Security Agency.

b. The Chair shall be designated by the DPMC.

c. The PDCC shall meet as part of each DPMC meeting, or more frequently at the call of the Chair at the request of any member to discuss a matter that requires priority consideration.

d. Subgroups may be formed and will report to the PDCC.

3. Procedures:

a. Each participant Intelligence Community agency shall identify to the PDCC large collections to be declassified that likely will implicate equities of other agencies. Sufficient detail about the collection and the declassification requirement also will be provided to enable other agencies to determine if their equities are affected.

b. Participant agencies notified by the PDCC shall promptly identify categories of information that should be examined with particular care or be withheld. These agencies also shall identify one or more focal point experts able to provide authoritative declassification guidance to the requesting agency with respect to the collection at issue.

c. A PDCC subcommittee may be formed to coordinate work on each Special Search, reporting back to the PDCC on any issues that cannot be resolved by the subcommittee.

d. The requesting agency shall issue declassification and referral guidance to declassifiers based upon the guidance received through the PDCC.

e. If the requesting agency disagrees with the declassification guidance it has received, the matter shall be referred, through the PDCC, to the agency providing the guidance. If agreement cannot be reached between the agencies, the PDCC shall prepare the matter for Intelligence Community Executive Committee (IC EXCOM) review and decision.

f. Revised declassification guidance shall be issued based upon agreement worked out by the agencies, or IC EXCOM decision.

Source: CIA hardcopy
Approved for release: August 2000

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