The White House

November 1, 2001

Dear Dr. Brown:

Thank you for conveying the concerns of the Council on the Future of Technology and Public Policy regarding export controls and fundamental research. On behalf of the President, I would like to respond to your comments on this matter.

The key to maintaining U.S. technological preeminence is to encourage open and collaborative basic research. The linkage between the free exchange of ideas and scientific innovation, prosperity, and U.S. national security is undeniable. This linkage is especially true as our armed forces depend less and less on internal research and development for the innovations they need to maintain the military superiority of the United States. In the context of broad-based review of our technology transfer controls that will begin this year, this Administration will review and update as appropriate the export control policies that affect basic research in the United States. In the interim, the policy on the transfer of scientific, technical, and engineering information set forth in NSDD-189 shall remain in effect, and we will ensure that this policy is followed.

Again, thank you for your views on this important matter. I hope that we will be able to draw upon the Council's expertise as we review this issue in the coming months.

Dr. Harold Brown
Center for Strategic & International Studies
1800 K Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006