Federal Register: December 12, 2001 (Volume 66, Number 239)
Presidential Documents              
Page 64345-64347

Order of December 10, 2001--Designation Under Executive Order 12958

                        Presidential Documents 


Title 3--
The President

[[Page 64347]]

                Order of December 10, 2001

                Designation Under Executive Order 12958

                Pursuant to the provisions of section 1.4 of Executive 
                Order 12958 of April 17, 1995, entitled ``Classified 
                National Security Information,'' I hereby designate the 
                Secretary of Health and Human Services to classify 
                information originally as ``Secret.''

                Any delegation of this authority shall be in accordance 
                with section 1.4(c) of Executive Order 12958.

                This order shall be published in the Federal Register.

                    [signed:] George W. Bush

                THE WHITE HOUSE,

                     December 10, 2001.