12 May 1988 MISWG DOCUMENT Number 3

(amended 25 June 1993)




Secure government communications facilities and channels, if and where available, will be used for the electronic and electro-magnetic transmission of classified information across international borders.


However, National Security Authorities may authorize the installation and use of approved cryptographic systems at the facilities of both government and contractor organizations participating in a Multinational Cooperative Defence Programme to permit the secure transmission of classified information among the participants.


Use of such equipment will be authorized on a case-by-case basis and then only when there is a compelling requirement. The decision to authorize such use of the above capability rests with each government's national communication security authorities. Other requirements are:


a. There must be written agreement among the communications security authorities of participants.


b. Equipments and procedures to be used for each Multinational Cooperative Defence Programme shall be agreed by the communications security authorities of the participants.


c. Costs will be shared by the participants.


d. Written standard operating procedures must be developed and their implementation enforced by each authorizing country.


e. The company security officer will be responsible for the communications area, the communications security and information processing equipment and its use, and for compliance with specified security procedures.


When a determination has been made that it is in the best interests of the Governments to use an approved cryptographic system to transmit classified information electronically among participants in a Multinational Cooperative Defence Programme, the installation and use of equipment shall be in compliance with the national security regulations of the Governments. However, such regulations must result in a degree protection at least equivalent to the minimum standards specified in the following references:

a. AMSG 293, Subject: NATO Cryptographic Instructions.


b. AMSG 505, Subject: NATO Distribution and Accounting Manual.


c. AMSG 719, Subject: Installation of Electrical Equipment for the Processing of Classified Information.


d. Appropriate Operational Doctrine for the equipment to be used.