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WASHINGTON, D. C. 20301-2000




Over the past few years, international cooperative efforts have moved from the "Good Idea" column to the one labeled "Mission Essential." In this era of down-sizing and sharply curtailed resources in the Defense establishment, close cooperation with other nations may well be the only way we can continue to provide our military forces with the high-quality, state-of-the-art systems and equipment they deserve. And recent experiences such as Desert Storm have clearly demonstrated both the necessity and the value of being able to act in consort with others to accomplish our foreign policy goals.


As international cooperation becomes more and more a fact of our everyday life, providing high-quality security for sensitive information and technologies involved in these programs will be a real and growing challenge. Security management of international programs isn't easy. The issues involved are often difficult and subtle. The potential consequences for our national security are significant. And the laws and policy documents which set the requirements we must meet are many and complex.


This Handbook is intended to help security professionals and others involved in international programs make quality security a reality in the international programs environment. We hope you will find it of real value as you work to accomplish this vital aspect of your mission.


Your comments for improving this Handbook are always appreciated.


Linton Wells II

Deputy to the Under Secretary

of Defense (Policy) for Policy Support