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Appendix H

Acronyms and Abbreviations

AEA 		Atomic Energy Act
AIA 		Aerospace Industries Association
CAPOC 		Controlled Access Program Oversight Committee
CIA 		Central Intelligence Agency
DARPA 		Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DCI 		Director of Central Intelligence
DES 		Data Encryption Standard
DIA 		Defense Intelligence Agency
DIS 		Defense Investigative Service
DoD 		Department of Defense
DoDPI 		Department of Defense Polygraph Institute
DoE 		Department of Energy
EAP 		Employee Assistance Program
EFOIA 		Electronic Freedom of Information Act
FBI 		Federal Bureau of Investigation
FOIA 		Freedom of Information Act
FRD 		Formerly Restricted Data
GAO 		General Accounting Office
GII 		Global Information Infrastructure
HUMINT 		Human Intelligence
IMINT 		Imagery Intelligence
ISOO 		Information Security Oversight Office
ISPAC 		Interagency Security Policy Advisory Council
JCS 		Joint Chiefs of Staff
JSC 		Joint Security Commission
MASINT 		Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MASS 		Military Applicant Screening System
NAC 		National Agency Check
NACI 		National Agency Check with Inquiries
NII 		National Information Infrastructure
NISP 		National Industrial Security Program
NISPOM 		National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
NIST 		National Institute of Standards and Technology
NPR 		National Performance Review
NRO 		National Reconnaissance Office
NSA 		National Security Agency
NSC 		National Security Council
NSD 		National Security Directive
OADR 		Originating Agency's Determination Required
OCA 		Original Classification Authority
OMB 		Office of Management and Budget
OPM 		Office of Personnel Management
OSD 		Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSS 		Office of Strategic Services
PFIAB 		President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PDD 		Presidential Decision Directive
PERSEREC 	Personnel Security Research Center
PN 		Public Network
POW/MIA 	Prisoner of War/Missing In Action
RD 		Restricted Data
SAP 		Special Access Program
SAPOC 		Special Access Program Oversight Committee
SCI 		Sensitive Compartmented Information
SIGINT 		Signals Intelligence
SPB 		Security Policy Board
SSBI 		Single Scope Background Investigation

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