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Wideband Gapfiller Request for Proposal
RFP Draft 4.0 - 27 Mar 00



FOUO is a government generated protective marking. The Government is solely responsible for marking documents “FOUO” in accordance with the protection Guidance Matrix. The contractor is responsible for handling and protection of FOUO markings only when generated and disseminated by the Government, and is required to apply FOUO markings only when extracting FOUO information from such material. Will comply with Government protective markings e.g: (FOUO) identified in the DSCS SCG, dated April 1995 GBS SPG, and the WideBand Gapfiller System, SPG (Strawman). UCI is unclassified information that required protection for any number of reason. This category encompasses both “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY” (FOUO) and “Sensitive Information” (as defined in the Computer Security Act of 1987). The Government will mark all UCI information/material as ‘FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY” (FOUO). This category identifies information that is exempt from mandatory release under the provision of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). FOUO is not a security classification, it is protective marking /caveat. It is not classified according to Executive Order, but is exempt from disclosure to the public under exemptions 2 through 9 of the FOIA. Do not consider or mark any other material FOUO. The FOUO caveat is not authorized as a form of classification to protect national security interest.

NOTE: Instructions on how the contractor will handle FOUO is provided in the below paragraph entitled, “How to Apply FOUO Marking."

Distribution Statement:

The distribution of UCI/FOUO must be assured. To ensure the FOUO is protected accordingly, the distributor/information provider must verify the identity of the recipient. This verification can be accomplished either by introductions, by a return phone call, or similar means.

How to Apply FOUO Markings:

The following guidance represents the Government’s methods in marking FOUO material and should be followed when responding with FOUO material. NOTE: Portion (paragraph) marking is not required for Non-Classified documents. The originator may mark individual paragraphs that contain FOUO information to alert the users and assist in the review process.

Mark all unclassified material containing UCI information as “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" conspicuously on the bottom of the front cover, the title page and the outside of the back cover.

Mark an individual paragraph in classified document that contains FOUO information, but no classified information, by placing “FOUO)" at the beginning of the paragraph.

Mark an individual page in a classified document that had both FOUO and classified information at the top and bottom with highest security classification of information Classified information, “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" at the bottom of the page.

Mark other material, such as computer printouts, photographs, films, tape, or slides, “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" or “FOUO" in a way that ensures the recipient or viewer know the material contains FOUO Information.

Procedures for releasing, Disseminating, and Transmitting FOUO Material:

UCI/FOUO information may be sent within authorized DoD components and DoD contractors, consultants, and grantees to conduct associated official business. Inform recipients of the status of such information, and send the material in a way that prevents unauthorized public disclosure. Make sure documents that transmit UCI/FOUO material call attention to any UCI/FOUO attachments. After verifying the identity of the recipient, the distributor/information provider may distribute UCI/FOUO by unclassified fax. UCI/FOUO may be distributed via e-mail only after permission of the organization that controls the unauthorized disclosure, consider such factors as attaching cover sheets, location of sending and receiving machines, and availability of authorized to receive the UCI/FOUO information.

Sending FOUO Information by United States Postal Services:

Sending material containing UCI/FOUO information in a way that will not disclose their contents. When not mixed with classified information, individuals may send UCI/FOUO Information by First Class Mail or Parcel Post.

Electronically Transmitted Messages:

UCI/FOUO may be distributed via e-mail only after permission of the organization that controls the information is granted and identity of the recipient is verified. Mark conspicuously each part of an electronically transmitted message that contains UCI/FOUO information.

Safeguarding FOUO/UCI Information:

During Duty Hours. Reasonable steps must be taken to minimize the risk of access by unauthorized personnel.

During Non-duty Hours. Store locked containers, desks, or file cabinets, bookcases, or similar.

The Disposal and Unauthorized Disclosure of FOUO:

Disposal of FOUO Material. Handle, protect and dispose of FOUO information in the same manner as Company Proprietary, or in a way that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the material (i.e. tear in quarters).

Unauthorized Disclosure. The unauthorized disclosure of UCI/FOUO material is not an unauthorized disclosure of classified information. However, Air Force and DoD contractor personnel have a duty to take reasonable actions to protect UCI/FOUO material under their control from unauthorized disclosure. Appropriate administrative actions should be taken to fix responsibility for such disclosures of FOUO information protected by the Privacy Act (PA) may also result in civil or criminal sanction against the Air Force. Tell the originating organization about disclosure of it material.

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