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Public Diplomacy and Covert Propaganda:
The Declassified Record of Ambassador Otto Juan Reich


The Bush administration has floated the name of Otto Juan Reich for possible nomination as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs (see Al Kamen, “In the Loop,” The Washington Post, 15 February 2001). Mr. Reich’s tenure at the State Department's Office of Public Diplomacy from 1983-1986 generated major controversy during the exposure of the Iran-contra scandal, and left an extensive document trail, some of the highlights of which are included in this Briefing Book. For example:

The briefing book also includes the full text of Ambassador Reich's 122-page deposition before the Iran/Contra committees, a detailed “public diplomacy action plan” written by one of Reich's assistants, and documents related to Reich's efforts to obtain staff for his office by getting them detailed from various U.S. military units engaged in “psychological operations."

These and many other documents are available here:

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