FAS Note: Darlene Druyun, author of the following email message, is the Air Force's principal deputy assistant secretary for acquisition, management and logistics. See related story here.

From: Druyun, Darleen, SAF/AQ

Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 7:28 PM

To: 'kostel@eglin.af.mil'; Reynolds, Richard, LtGen, ASC/CC; Kenne,
Leslie, LtGen, ESC/CC; Bergren, Scott, MGen, OOALC/CC; Haines, Dennis,
MGen, WRALC/CC; Johnson, Charles, MGen, OCALC/CC; Chedister, Robert
W., AFPEO/AT; Riemer, Jeff, BGen, AFPEO/C2&CS; Mushala, Michael C., Maj
Gen, AFPEO/FB; Reiners, Rockford J, Lt Col, AFPEO/WP; Hough, Michael A.,
MGen, JSF Program

Subject: FW: Suggested E-Mail to DACs - Communications Regarding Programs

Importance: High

I expect you, as a Program Executive Officer or Designated Acquisition
Commander, to exercise caution and sound judgment when communicating any
information pertaining to acquisition programs within your portfolio.
Clearly, we have shifted to a wartime footing and we must be extremely
careful with any information potential adversaries could exploit.

As Mr Aldridge pointed out in a recent letter to industry leaders
addressing this topic, "statistical, production, contracting and delivery
information can convey a tremendous amount of information that hostile
intelligence organizations might find relevant."

Effective immediately , I do not want anyone within the Air Force
acquisition community discussing any of our programs with the media (on or
off the record).  This includes presenting program briefings in any forums
at which the media may be present.

I ask each of you to scrutinize the agendas and participants for any
planned government - industry symposia or other forums involving your
organizations.  I am particularly concerned with any forums attended by
foreign nationals.  I leave it up to you to determine if these engagements
can still be held while complying with our need to strictly control public
disclosure of sensitive acquisition program information.

Ultimately, you must be responsible for implementing information security
measures within your organization.  When in doubt, please err on the side
of caution.

Darleen Druyun