Army Officials Up in Arms Over FAS Web Site

FAS Note: An Army team that monitors military web sites to ensure that their contents comply with Army regulations became alarmed about the presence of Army publications on the web site of the Federation of American Scientists. Their concerns were detailed in the following sequence of email messages on February 4, 2004:

FAS Note: Following up on this alert, an Army security officer called for immediate intervention to see that "all Army publications" are removed from the FAS web site.

FAS Note: Another alert Army official advised that the sender of the previous message "stand down."

FAS Note: The Federation of American Scientists rejected the suggestion that "all Army documents" or even the particular document on Foreign Material Exploitation be removed from the FAS web site.

FAS Note: In the final message, the Army official retreated somewhat, withdrawing the claim that a classified Army document was posted on the FAS web site, but pledged continued review of the Army publications on our web site.