Message from NASA Headquarters - Communicating With the Public

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005
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From: Centerwide Announcement
Subject: Message from NASA Headquarters - Communicating With the Public

Message from NASA Headquarters
Point of Contact: Teresa Grimes, Office of Public Affairs,

Communicating With the Public

To ensure a responsive public communications program and enhance public perception of NASA, each Center has designated a Public Inquiries Officer for managing communications, including letters, e-mails, faxes and telephone inquiries, from the general public. In accordance with the President's Management Agenda E-Gov Initiatives, NASA is also participating in the Government-wide Misdirected E-mail Initiative. This initiative is specifically designed to further enhance the public's ease and access to government services, products and information.

Here is how the E-Gov Initiative works. Effective immediately, if you receive an e-mail from a member of the public, promptly forward it to the designated e-mail address for your Center, listed at If you receive an e-mail that you believe does not fall under NASA's purview for response, simply forward the communication to E-mails sent to this account will be reviewed and then redirected to the proper agency for appropriate disposition. Remember, never open any e-mail with an attachment from an unknown source.

In both cases, no follow up is necessary. You will not receive a reply that the e-mail has been successfully accepted, nor will you receive a copy of the response. Once you have forwarded the e-mail to your Center's public inquiries address or to, you are finished.

Please direct any questions to your respective Center's Public Inquiries Officer.

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