Source: Missouri News


Senator Bond concerned by online posting of civilian nuke sites

Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 3:28 PM
By Steve Walsh
The inadvertent online posting of U.S. civilian nuclear sites has Missouri's senior U.S. Senator very much concerned about this lapse in security. Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond (R-MO) says this is the kind of thing that can only aid terrorists.

"That is unbelievable - that is a treasure map for terrorists," said Bond during his weekly radio conference call. "Communities have a right to prevent terrorists from using government information to target and attack facilities in their backyard."

The 267-page document that was posted on Monday is a draft declaration of U.S. nuclear facilities to the International Atomic Energy Agency - the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency. It includes the locations of facilities that storing enriched uranium and other materials used to make nuclear weapons. The emergence of the document was first disclosed by an official with a group known as the Federation of American Scientists, which Bond considers a far Left organization.

"There's a group called the Federation of American Scientists - a far Left-wing fringe group that wants to disclose all our vulnerabilities," said Bond. "I don't know what their motives are but I think they are very dangerous to our security."

Bond says authorities are still trying to determine whether this information was released intentionally or by mistake.