From: Steven Aftergood []
Date: Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 1:27 PM
Subject: suggestion for the third NAP

Dear OSTP OpenGov program:

This is a proposal for the third Open Government Partnership (OGP)
National Action Plan (NAP).

We propose a new initiative to promote public access to unclassified 
intelligence products.

Specifically, we propose that the Office of the Director of National 
Intelligence (ODNI) Open Source Center (OSC) be directed to 
systematically publish open source analytical products that are 
unclassified and non-copyrighted.

The justifications for this proposal include the following:

*    Release of unclassified open source intelligence analyses would 
enrich the public sphere, helping to inform the interested public on 
matters of current policy interest.

*    Public access to open source intelligence can foster improved 
government performance by enabling improved participation by and 
collaboration with independent, non-governmental experts.

*    At a time of widespread public cynicism concerning U.S. intelligence 
agencies, a regular program of publishing quality open source intelligence 
reports would promote a new appreciation for the role of intelligence.

The proposal is consistent with the OGP guidance for creating National 
Action Plans.

It is ambitious, exceeding current policy and practice, but it is also 
achievable. It would not require the production of any new analytical 
products. Instead, all that would be needed is a commitment to release 
existing reports that are unclassified and non-copyrighted. The marginal 
costs involved should be small or negligible.

It is relevant, as all intelligence is relevant to public and national 
interests. And in many cases, such open source analyses are potentially 
responsive to public demand. As a point of reference, the CIA World 
Factbook is among the most popular government documents ever published.

It is specific, requiring prescribed actions by the ODNI Open Source 
Center that are applicable to a particular subset of intelligence records.

And it is measurable. OSC generates a steady stream of unclassified 
analyses that would be subject to the proposal. Their publication, and 
their subsequent utilization by the press and by researchers, will be 

Thank you for your consideration.


Steven Aftergood
Federation of American Scientists
1725 DeSales Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC  20036