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Volume 2017, Issue No. 19
March 15, 2017

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The National Security Agency is proposing to expand and modernize its headquarters site at Fort Meade, Maryland.

"For NSA/CSS to continue leading the Intelligence Community into the next 50 years with state-of-the-art technologies and productivity, its mission elements require new, centralized facilities and infrastructure," according to a newly released Final Environmental Impact Statement for the site.

Under the proposed action, "The NSA would consolidate mission elements, which would enable grouping services and support services across the NSA Campus based on function; facilitate a more collaborative environment and optimal adjacencies; and provide administrative capacity for up to 13,300 personnel, including 6,100 personnel who currently work on the existing NSA Campus and 7,200 personnel currently located off site."

The proposal envisions the construction and operation of "approximately 2,880,000 square feet of operational complex and headquarters space consisting of five buildings." If approved, construction would take place "over a period of approximately 10 years (FY 2019 to 2029)."

See Final Environmental Impact Statement for the East Campus Integration Program, Fort Meade, Maryland, March 2017 (large pdf):


A new report from the Congressional Research Service examines the judicial record of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil M. Gorsuch in advance of his Senate confirmation hearing.

"The report begins by discussing the nominee's views on two cross-cutting issues -- the role of the judiciary and statutory interpretation. It then addresses fourteen separate areas of law, arranged in alphabetical order, from 'administrative law' to 'takings'" and including civil rights, freedom of speech and separation of powers.

See Judge Neil M. Gorsuch: His Jurisprudence and Potential Impact on the Supreme Court, March 8, 2017:

Other new and updated reports from the Congressional Research Service include the following.

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings for Supreme Court Nominations: Historical Overview and Data, CRS Insight, March 13, 2017:

Taxpayers with Zero Income Tax Liability: Trends Over Time and Across Income Levels, CRS Insight, March 10, 2017:

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Dark Web, updated March 10, 2017:

Major Disaster Declarations for Snow Assistance and Severe Winter Storms: An Overview, updated March 13, 2017:

U.S. Senate Vacancies: Contemporary Developments and Perspectives, March 10, 2017:

Colombia's Changing Approach to Drug Policy, March 10, 2017:

The Marijuana Policy Gap and the Path Forward, March 10, 2017:

Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity, updated March 10, 2017:

A Change in Direction for Seoul? The Impeachment of South Korea's President, CRS Insight, March 10, 2017:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Visits President Trump, CRS Insight, March 13, 2017:

U.S. World War I (1917-1918) Centennial, CRS Insight, March 13, 2017:


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