Note: This directive has been superseded by MD 11042.1, January 5, 2005

Department of Homeland Security
Management Directive System
MD Number: 11042
Issue Date: 5/11/2004


1. Purpose

This directive establishes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy regarding the identification and safeguarding of sensitive but unclassified information originated within DHS. It also applies to other sensitive but unclassified information received by DHS from other government and non-governmental activities.

2. Scope

This directive is applicable to all DHS Headquarters, components, organizational elements, contractors, consultants, and others to whom access to information covered by this directive is granted.

3. Authorities

Homeland Security Act of 2002.

4. Definitions

5. Responsibilities

A. The DHS Office of Security will:

B. Heads of DHS Organizational Elements will:

C. The organizational element's Security Officer/Security Liaison will:

D. DHS employees, contractors, consultants and others to whom access is granted will:

E. Supervisors and managers will:

6. Policy and Procedures

A. General

B. For Official Use Only

C. Information Designated as FOUO

D. Designation Authority

E. Duration of Designation

F. Marking

G. General Handling Procedures

H. Dissemination and Access

I. Storage

J. Transmission

K. Destruction

L. Incident Reporting