Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

September 13, 2002

To: Associate Directors
From: Michael R. Anastasio

Subject: Response to Information Requests

The Laboratory already has had inquiries and could be deluged by requests from the news media, Congress, and other interested parties for information on the status of weapons-of-mass-destruction programs in Iraq and other countries of proliferation concern, on the implications for the threat of catastrophic terrorism worldwide, and on Laboratory involvement and capabilities in particular. Per DOE Office of Intelligence (IN) and DOE/NNSA, please handle all such requests as follows:

This applies to all LLNL employees, not just those in the Field Intelligence Element or holding SCI clearances. Many Laboratory employees are known by name or personally to reporters, consultants, and Congressional staffers and thus may receive direct inquiries. Please caution your employees to be vigilant in referring all such inquiries as indicated above and to be rigorous in refraining from comment even in “informal” or “confidential” situations.

Z Division, in collaboration with Q Division, will host an invitation-only Senior Executive Intelligence Briefing on issues surrounding Iraq and U.S. response options the week after the 50th celebration, if possible. Please direct any questions to Melanie Elder at extension 3-1444.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. National security is truly at stake.