The Human Genome Project

Cover page and front matter (PDF 539Kb)
The Los Alamos Center for Human Genome Studies (PDF 217Kb)
Contents (102Kb)
Understanding Inheritance: An Introduction to Classical and Molecular Genetics (PDF 3.8MB) Part 2 (PDF 2.9MB)
Mapping the Genome: The Vision, the Science, the Implementation (PDF 1.2Mb)
The Mapping of Chromosome 16 (PDF 2.8MB) Part 2 (PDF 2.2Mb)
DNA Libraries: Recombinant Clones for Mapping and Sequencing (PDF 3.2Mb)
Computation and the Genome Project (PDF 3.4Mb) Part 2 (PDF 1.7Mb)
Rapid DNA Sequencing Based on Single-Molecule Detection(PDF 2.6Mb)
Members of the Human Genome Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory (PDF 1.1 Mb)
ELSI: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (PDF 3.4Mb)
An Invitation to Genetics in the 21st Century (PDF 3.0Mb)
Glossary (PDF 1.1 Mb)

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