Table 16. Plutonium In Waste Inventory

Location kg Pu Description
Savannah River Site Burial Ground 193 Solid waste stored in containers. Waste consists of many forms when packaged - nitrates, fluorides, oxides, and oxalates. Over time, the oxidizing conditions force the chemistry of the metals to their most stable form. At this time, the primary form of material in the containers is an oxide or a complex form involving oxygen.
382 Liquid waste in high level waste tanks. This material will eventually be converted to a glass form for long term storage.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Burial Ground 610 Solid waste in various forms.
Nevada Test Site Burial Ground 16 Solid waste received from Rocky Flats Plant and Pantex Plant is stored in retrievable land burial or in above ground containers.
Argonne National Laboratory-West 2 Plutonium embedded in irradiated reactor test loops and reactor blanket assemblies stored in dry storage tubes underground.
Hanford Site 455 High level waste in the tank farms.
875 Solid waste in burial grounds.
192 Waste in cribs, trenches and ponds.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory 41 Particulate waste, as sediment in a settling basin, dry solids and oxides in above and below surface burial grounds, and solution and sludge in storage tanks.
Idaho, Waste Management 1,026 Solid waste in drums and boxes received primarily from Rocky Flats Plant is stored in above ground pads covered with earthen berms.
Idaho, Idaho Chemical Processing Plant Waste Farm 8 Solutions stored in tank farms.
72 Calcined waste stored in bins.
Rocky Flats - Awaiting Disposition 47 Solid waste packaged in drums and crates awaiting shipment to a burial site.
Total 3,919