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Serial: N5P/020/96
22 July 1996
Reply to Attn of: N5P
Subject: Declassification of the Fact of Overhead SIGINT -- Action Memorandum

1. In keeping with the intent of E.O. 12958 for classification and declassification, we are revisiting the classification of ''the fact of" SIGINT association with counterintelligence, international drug trafficking, international organized crime and alien smuggling. The NSA association with these targets is now in the public domain (E. O. 12333) and also appears in the Director's NCS 21 Strategy document. We have been advised by the OGC that should these targets appear in litigation cases "the fact of" could not be protected. The Deputy, DCN has stated he supports this declassification issue.

2. (U) Based on the above, request you review the classification of these targets and provide a harm statement if it is determined that this classification should remain as a minimum of CONFIDENTIAL. Request your response by 6 August 1996.

3. (FOUO) Should you have questions, my point of contact for this request is [name deleted] Smith, 963-4582s.

Chief, Office of Policy

Derived From: NSA/CSS 123-2, Dated 3 Sep 91
Declassify On: Source Marked "OADR"
Date of source: 3 Sep 91

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