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September 16, 1997


SUBJECT: Policies on Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and Reciprocity for Facilities

The President has approved the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Policy and the Policy for Reciprocity of Use and Inspections of Facilities, as revised. You are requested to promulgate these policy papers, copies of which are attached.

In the next annual report, you should include observations on the implementation of these policies. Should problems be detected, appropriate recommendations and/or actions taken should also be included.

While these policy documents do not specifically mention the related subject of Special Access Programs (SAP), SAP managers should be aware that the policy of this Administration is to support the greatest possible efficiency, while maintaining the necessary level of security. It is no longer affordable for government to use different standards for substantially equivalent security levels. We will be providing you separate guidance seeking a common security policy for these programs.

Samuel R. Berger
Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

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