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Note: The following list does not include citations for several hundred classified reports and documents provided to the PFIAB by CIA, FBI, DOE, NSA, DOD, and DOJ.

Boyer, Paul, By the Bomb’s Early Light: American Thought and Culture at the Dawn of the Atomic Age. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1985.

Department of State memorandum, “China Arms Control Exchange Workshops," undated

DOE chronology, April 13, 1999

DOE Field Fact Book, May 1998

DOE, “Annual Report to the President on the Status of Safeguards and Security at Domestic Nuclear Weapons Facilities," June 1995

DOE, “Annual Report to the President on the Status of Safeguards and Security at Domestic Nuclear Weapons Facilities," September 1996

DOE, “Department of Energy First Tier Organizations, Terms of Office," undated

DOE, Office of Counterintelligence, “The Foreign Intelligence Threat to Department of Energy Personnel, Facilities and Research, Summary Report," August 1990

DOE, “Office of Safeguards and Security Inspection Report on Albuquerque Area Office, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, and Rocky Flats Plant," September 1982

DOE, “Office of Safeguards and Security, Report to the Secretary: Status of Safeguards and Security," February 1993

DOE, “Office of Safeguards and Security, Status of Safeguards and Security, Fiscal Year 1993," January 1994

DOE, “Office of Safeguards and Security, Status of Safeguards and Security, Fiscal Year 1994," January 1995

DOE, “Office of Safeguards and Security, Status of Safeguards and Security, Fiscal Year 1995," January 1996

DOE, “Office of Security Affairs: Report to the Secretary on the Status of the DOE Safeguards and Security Program," November 1997

DOE, “Office of Security Evaluations Annual Report: Safeguards and Security Oversight During Fiscal Year 1992," November 1992

DOE, “Office of Security Evaluations: Inspection Report on DOE Headquarters," January 1987

DOE, Office of Security Affairs, “Report on the Status of the Department of Energy’s Safeguards and Security Program, October 1997," November 6, 1997

DOE, “Plutonium: The First 50 Years. United States Plutonium Production, Acquisition, and Utilization from 1944 Through 1994

DOE, Robert Daniel memorandum to Secretary Watkins, January 12, 1993

DOE, Special Project Team, “Operation Cerberus Report," December 1986

DOE/IG/198AL001, “Improper Export of Software," 1998

DOE/IG/CR-L-989-02, “FMFIA 1997," December 1997

DOE/IG/CR-L-99-01, “FMFIA 1998," February 1999

DOE/IG/INS-L-92-02, “Control of Classified Documents at DOE Savannah River Operations Office," May 1992

DOE/IG/INS-L-95-07, “Inspection of Los Alamos National Laboratory: Alleged TA-55 Security Violation," May 1995

DOE/IG/INS-O-94-05, “Inspection of Physical Security Operations at Los Alamos TA-18 Site," August 1994

DOE/IG/S941S012, “Albuquerque Vault Classification," March 1995

DOE/IG/S9IJS010, “Personnel Security Clearance Suspensions and Revocations at the DOE Albuquerque Field Office, Based Upon Security Infractions/Violations," August 1993

DOE/IG/WR-B-91-01, “Richland Operations Office of Management and Operating Contractor Personnel Security Clearances," November 1991

DOE/IG/WR-B-91-08, “Review of Contractor’s Personnel Security Clearances at DOE Field Office, Albuquerque," September 1991

DOE/IG/WR-O-90-02, “Nevada Operations Office Oversight of Management and Operating Contractor Security Clearances," March 1990

DOE/IG/WR-V92-06, “Audit of Internal Controls That Assure FY 1991 Costs Claimed by and Reimbursed to Los Alamos National Laboratory Are Allowable Under DOE Contract #W-7405-ENG-36," December 1991

DOE/IG-228, “Retention of Security Clearances at DOE Headquarters," July 1986

DOE/IG-238, “Selected Aspects of DOE’s Personnel Security Program," May 1987

DOE/IG-255, “Timeliness in Processing DOE Headquarters Security Clearances," April 1988

DOE/IG-281, “Inspection of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Drug-Free Workplace Program," April 1990

DOE/IG-296, “Department-Wide Audit of the Visibility Over the Status of Nuclear Materials," August 1991

DOE/IG-310, “General Management Inspection of the Department of Energy’s Nevada Field Office," May 1992

DOE/IG-319, “Administration of Conflict of Interest Relating to Technology Transfer at Los Alamos National Laboratory," January 1993

DOE/IG-323, “Review of DOE’s Personnel Security Program," March 1993

DOE/IG-385, “Special Audit Report on the Department of Energy’s Arms and Military-Type Equipment," February 1, 1996

DOE, “Response to the Cox Commission Report: The Benefits of Department of Energy International Scientific and Technical Exchange Programs," April 1999

GAO/Key Factors Underlying Security Problems at DOE Facilities," (Statement of Victor S. Rezendes, Director, Energy, Resources and Science Issues, Resources, Community, and Economic Development Division, GAO, in testimony before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Commerce, House of Representatives), April 20, 1999

GAO/AIMD-95-165, “Department of Energy: Poor Management of Nuclear Materials Tracking Capabilities Are Limited," August 3, 1995

GAO/EMD-79-109, “DOE’s Erroneous Declassification of Nuclear Weapons Design Document," September 21, 1979

GAO/EMD-80-38, “Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing and the Problems of Safeguarding Against the Spread of Nuclear Weapons," March 18,1980

GAO/RCED-86-144, “Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE Has Insufficient Control Over Nuclear Technology Exports," May 1, 1986

GAO/RCED-87-150, “Nuclear Nonproliferation: Department of Energy Needs Tighter Controls Over Reprocessing Information," August 17, 1987

GAO/RCED-87-72, “Nuclear Security: DOE’s Reinvestigation of Employees Has Not Been Timely," March 10, 1987

GAO/RCED-88-28, “Nuclear Security: DOE Needs a More Accurate and Efficient Security Clearance Program," December 29, 1987

GAO/RCED-89-116, “Nuclear Nonproliferation: Better Controls Needed Over Weapons-Related Information and Technology," June 19, 1989

GAO/RCED-89-31, “Major Weaknesses in Foreign Visitor Controls at Weapons Laboratories," October 11, 1988

GAO/RCED-89-34, “Nuclear Security: DOE Actions to Improve the Personnel Clearance Program," November 9, 1988

GAO/RCED-90-122, “Nuclear Security: DOE Oversight of Livermore’s Property Management System is Inadequate," April 18, 1990

GAO/RCED-91-12, “Nuclear Safety: Potential Security Weaknesses at Los Alamos and Other DOE Facilities," October 1990

GAO/RCED-91-183, “Nuclear Security: DOE Original Classification Authority Has Been Improperly Delegated," July 5, 1991

GAO/RCED-91-65, “Nuclear Security: Accountability for Livermore’s Secret Classified Documents Is Inadequate," February 8, 1991

GAO/RCED-91-83, “Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE Needs Better Controls to Identify Contractors Having Foreign Interests," March 25, 1991

GAO/RCED-91-141, “Nuclear Security: Property Control Problems at DOE’s Livermore Laboratory Continue," May 16, 1991.

GAO/RCED-92-146, “Nuclear Security: Weak Internal Controls Hamper Oversight of DOE’s Security Program," June 29, 1992

GAO/RCED-92-39, “Nuclear Security: Safeguards and Security Weaknesses at DOE’s Weapons Facilities," December 13, 1991

GAO/RCED-93-10, “Nuclear Security: Improving Correction of Security deficiencies at DOE’s Weapons Facilities," November 16, 1992

GAO/RCED-93-14, “Nuclear Security: Safeguards and Security Planning at DOE Facilities Incomplete," October 30, 1992

GAO/RCED-93-183, “Nuclear Security: DOE’s Progress on Reducing Its Security Clearance Work Load," August 12, 1993

GAO/RCED-93-23, “Personnel Security: Efforts by DOD and DOE to Eliminate Duplicative Background Investigations," May 10, 1993

GAO/RCED/AIMD-95-5, “Nuclear Nonproliferation: U.S. International Nuclear Materials Tracking Capabilities are Limited," December 27, 1994

GAO/T-RCED-96-260, DOE Security: Information on Foreign Visitors to the Weapons Laboratories, undated

GAO/RCED-97-128R, “Department of Energy: Information on the Distribution of Funds for Counterintelligence Programs and the Resulting Expansion of These Programs," April 25, 1997

GAO/RCED-97-229, “Department of Energy: DOE Needs to Improve Controls Over Foreign Visitors to Weapons Laboratories," September 25, 1997

GAO/RCED-99-19, “Department of Energy: Problems in DOE’s Foreign Visitor Program Persist, October 6, 1998

GAO/RCED-99-54, “Nuclear Nonproliferation: Concerns With DOE’s Efforts to Reduce the Risks Posed by Russia’s Unemployed Weapons Scientists," February 19, 1999

Hewlett, Richard G. and Francis Duncan, Atomic Shield: A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission. May 1969

Los Alamos National Laboratory, “Draft Chronology,” undated

New York Times, “Abstract," August 5, 1977

Representative John Dingell letter to the President of the United States, January 28, 1986

Representative John Dingell letter to Warren Rudman, March 24, 1999

Senate Armed Services Committee, Transcript of Committee Hearing, April 12, 1999

US Congress, “DOE, and Congressional Committee Jurisdiction,” June 3, 1999

US Nuclear Command and Control System Support Staff, “Assessment Report: Department of Energy Nuclear Weapons-Related Security Oversight Process," March 1998 (FOUO)

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