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An Initial Analysis of Approaches for Monitoring Warhead Dismantlement

Prepared by:
The Department of Energy
Office of Arms Control and Nonproliferation

May 19, 1997

Official Use Only

Front Matter
Executive Summary
I. Overview
II. Context
III. Description of the U.S. Dismantlement Process
IV. Monitoring Activities and Technologies
V. Warhead Dismantlement Monitoring Options
VI. Evaluation of Options
VII. Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix A - List of Participants
Appendix B - Text of the Helsinki Summit Statement
Appendix C - Detailed Summary of Previous Dismantlement Studies
Appendix D - Detailed Description of the Dismantlement Process
Appendix E - Interim Technical Report on Radiation Signatures for Monitoring Nuclear Warhead Dismantlement
Appendix F - Cost Analysis
Appendix G - Implementation Plan for the Dismantlement Study Group

Full Text in a Single File (25 MB PDF)

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