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Arms Control and Nonproliferation Technologies

The purpose of Arms Control and Nonproliferation Technologies -- formerly published by the Department of Energy -- was to enhance communication between the technologists in the DOE community who develop means to verify compliance with agreements and the policy makers who negotiate agreements.

Technology R&D for Arms Control, Spring 2001

Partnering with Law Enforcement: Forensic R&D, Summer 1999

AMPS [Airborne Multisensor Pod System] Mission to Kazakhstan, First Quarter, 1998

Cooperative Remote Monitoring, Fourth Quarter, 1995

Developing Effluent Analysis Technologies to Support Nonproliferation Initiatives, Third Quarter, 1995

Airborne Multisensor Pod System (AMPS), Second Quarter, 1995

Small Business Innovation Research, First Quarter, 1995

Technology Options and Associated Measures for Monitoring a Comprehensive Test Ban, Second Quarter, 1994

The Non-Proliferation Experiment, First Quarter, 1994

Detection Technologies, Third/Fourth Quarter, 1993

Tags and Seals for Controlling Nuclear Materials, Second Quarter, 1993

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