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Polygraph Policy

Polygraph testing is widely used in the intelligence community to screen employees, to establish eligibility for access to classified intelligence information, and for general counterintelligence purposes. It is also used as a tool in the investigation of unauthorized disclosures of classified information and other offenses.

Growing awareness of the limitations of polygraph testing, coupled with official efforts to expand its application, have produced a new degree of controversy over this technology.

Public Summary: Review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Response to Unresolved Results in Polygraph Examinations, Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General, March 2018

Special Review of the NRO Polygraph Program, NRO Office of Inspector General, 31 March 2014

Department of Defense Polygraph Program Process and Compliance Study, prepared for Office of Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence), December 19, 2011

Court Rejects Legal Challenge to Polygraph Testing, memorandum opinion in Croddy, et al, v. FBI, October 2, 2006

Dept of Energy Counterintelligence Polygraph Policy, Federal Register, September 29, 2006. "The question of whether and to what extent DOE should use the polygraph as a tool for screening individuals for access to our most sensitive information is the latest manifestation of this perennial struggle."

Use of Polygraph Examinations in the Department of Justice, DoJ Office of Inspector General, September 2006. "In this report, we provide a detailed description of how polygraphs are used throughout the Department."

Hearing on Department of Energy Polygraph Program
04 September 2003 -- Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Department of Defense Polygraph Program

Polygraph Studies and Related Commentary

Polygraph Hearing

Polygraph Legislation, Rules and Regulations

Old Polygraph News


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