Challenges in Plutonium Science

Covers, editorial note, and contents (PDF 219Kb)

Volume I

An Update: Plutonium and Quantum Criticality (PDF 9Kb)

Historical Introduction, Condensed-Matter Physics, and Plutonium Aging

Historical Introduction
Plutonium-A Historical Overview

  • In the Beginning (PDF 712Kb)
  • A Factor of Millions-Why We Made Plutonium (PDF 1.7Mb)
  • Plutonium in Use-From Single Atoms to Multiton Amounts (PDF 1.2Mb)
  • Plutonium-An Element at Odds with Itself (PDF 861Kb)
  • The Plutonium Challenge-Stockpile Stewardship (PDF 690Kb)
  • The Plutonium Challenge-Avoiding Nuclear Weapons Proliferation (PDF 876Kb)
  • The Plutonium Challenge-Environmental Issues (PDF 1.3Mb)
    The Taming of "49"-Big Science in Little Time (PDF 591Kb)
    Reflections on the Legacy of a Legend-Glenn T. Seaborg (1912-1999) (PDF 549Kb)
    From Alchemy to Atoms-The Making of Plutonium (PDF 1.0Mb)
    Plutonium and Health-How Great Is the Risk? (PDF 889Kb)

    Plutonium Condensed-Matter Physics
    Plutonium Condensed-Matter Physics-A Survey of Theory and Experiment (PDF 969Kb)
    Actinide Ground-State Properties-Theoretical Predictions (PDF 851Kb)

  • Basics of the Density Functional Theory (DFT) Approach (PDF 36Kb)
  • Electronic Structure of Alpha and Delta Plutonium-Theory vs Experiment (PDF 57Kb)
    A Possible Model for Delta Plutonium-Self-Induced Anderson Localization, Delta-Phase Stability, and the Melting Temperature of Plutonium (PDF368Kb)
    Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Alpha and Delta Plutonium (PDF 709Kb)
  • Laser-Plasma Light Source-Design and Operation (PDF 171Kb)
  • Actinide Photoemission Measurements at the Advanced Light Source (PDF 276Kb)
    Atomic Vibrations and Melting in Plutonium (PDF 713Kb)
  • Equations of State-Theoretical Formalism (PDF 19Kb)
  • Microstrain in Delta Prime Plutonium (PDF 32Kb)
    Vibrational Softening in Alpha Uranium (PDF 204Kb)
    Elasticity, Entropy, and the Phase Stability of Plutonium (PDF 816Kb)
    Preparing Single Crystals of Gallium-Stabilized Plutonium (PDF 611Kb)
  • A Single-Crystal Saga (PDF 500Kb)

    Plutonium Aging
    Aging of Plutonium and Its Alloys (PDF 246Kb)
    A Tale of Two Diagrams (PDF 342Kb)
    Surface and Corrosion Chemistry of Plutonium (PDF 754Kb)

  • Catalyzed Corrosion of Plutonium: Hazards and Applications (PDF 236Kb)
    Radiation Effects in Plutonium-What Is Known? Where Should We Go from Here? (PDF 556Kb)
    Transmission Electron Microscopy of Plutonium Alloys (PDF 574Kb)

    Volume II Plutonium Metallurgy, Actinide Chemistry and the Environment, and the Yucca Mountain Project

    Plutonium Metallurgy
    Plutonium and Its Alloys-From Atoms to Microstructure (PDF 2.2Mb)
    Mechanical Behavior of Plutonium and Its Alloy (PDF 1.0Mb)
    Where Is the Gallium?-Searching the Plutonium Lattice with XAFS (PDF 618Kb)

    Actinide Chemistry and the Environment
    The Chemical Complexities of Plutonium (PDF 1.2Mb)
    Computational Studies of Actinide Chemistry (PDF 404Kb)
    The Chemical Interactions of Actinides in the Environment (PDF 1.3Mb)

  • Spectroscopies for Environmental Studies of Actinide Species (PDF 229Kb)
  • Siderophore-Mediated Chemistry and Microbial Uptake of Plutonium (PDF 79Kb)
    Characterizing the Plutonium Aquo Ions by XAFS Spectroscopy (PDF158Kb)
    XAFS—A Technique to Probe Local Structure (PDF 18Kb)
    A Vision for Environmentally Conscious Plutonium Processing (PDF 2.1Mb)
  • Salt Distillation (PDF 67Kb)
  • Hydrothermal Processing (PDF 57Kb)
  • Enhanced Pyrolysis for Converting Polystyrene or Cellulose Polymers (PDF 57Kb)
  • Treatment of Liquid Wastes (PDF 18Kb)
  • Electrochemical Decontamination of Metallic Waste (PDF 137Kb)
    Molecularly Engineered Resins for Plutonium Recovery (PDF 646Kb)

    The Yucca Mountain Project
    Yucca Mountain-Looking Ten Thousand Years into the Future (PDF 3.0M)

  • Mesh Generation for Yucca Mountain (PDF 185Kb)
  • Colloids-Carriers of Actinides into the Environment (PDF 24Kb)
  • Analyzing Volcanic Hazards at Yucca Mountain (PDF 138Kb)
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