Celebrating Sixty Years

Preface G. Peter Nanos, Laboratory Director


People of the Hill—The Early Days Harris Mayer (12.2 MB)

THE LABORATORY TODAY: Nuclear Stewardship in the 21st Century

Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship—An Overview Raymond J. Juzaitis

How Archival Test Data Contribute to Certification Fred N. Mortensen, John M. Scott, and Stirling A. Colgate (3 MB)

QMU and Nuclear Weapons Certification—What’s under the Hood? David H. Sharp and Merri M. Wood-Schultz

Weapon Certification—A Personal View Donald R. McCoy (1.3 MB)

The Pit Production Story Douglas D. Kautz, David B. Mann, Richard G. Castro, Lawrence E. Lucero, and Steven M. Dinehart (2.6 MB)

Strategy for Small-Lot Manufacturing—In-Process Monitoring and Control Vivek R. Davé, Daniel A. Hartman, William H. King, Mark J. Cola, and Rajendra U. Vaidya

The New World of the Nevada Test Site Ghazar R. Papazian, Robert E. Reinovsky, and Jerry N. Beatty (6.9 MB)

The Development of Flash Radiography Gregory S. Cunningham and Christopher Morris (4.5 MB)

The DARHT Camera Scott A. Watson (2.3 MB)

High-Explosives Performance—Understanding the Effects of a Finite-Length Reaction Zone John B. Bdzil with Tariq D. Aslam, Rudolph Henninger, and James J. Quirk (4.2 MB)

Damage Evolution in Ductile Metals—Developing a Quantitative and Predictive Understanding Anna K. Zurek, W. Rich Thissell, Carl P. Trujillo, Davis L. Tonks, Benjamin L. Henrie, and Rhonald K. Keinigs (2.4 MB)

Shock Compression Techniques for Developing Multiphase Equations of State Robert S. Hixson, George T. Gray III, and Dennis B. Hayes (3.0 MB)

ASCI—Big Engineering in the Field of Scientific Computing James S. Peery (3.0 MB)

Massively Parallel Multiphysics Code Development Jim E. Morel (2.5 MB)

High-Resolution Methods for Hydrodynamics William J. Rider (1.2 MB)

A Vision of Hidden Worlds Robert J. Kares (1.8 MB)

The LANSCE National User Facility Thomas Wangler and Paul W. Lisowski (1.3 MB)


Threat Reduction and Homeland Security
Developing Strategies and Tools for Protecting Our Nation and the World

Six Decades of Reducing Threats and Allaying Fears Houston T. Hawkins (2.5 MB)

Eyes in Space—Sensors for Treaty Verification and Basic Research William C. Priedhorsky, Richard D. Belian, Steven P. Brumby, D. Roussel-Dupre, David J. Lawrence, Edward E. Fenimore, Maya Gokhale, John T. Gosling, Cheng Ho, Stephen O. Knox, Geoffrey D. Reeves, David M. Suszcynsky, W. Thomas Vestrand, and Jay A. Schecker (5.8 MB)

    The Little Satellite That Could Diane Roussel-Dupré

    Gotcha! You Blinked! W. Thomas Vestrand

    Near Space and ENA Imaging John T. Gosling and Geoffrey D. Reeves

Geochemical Studies of the Moon and Planets William C. Feldman (1.3 MB)

Reducing the Biological Threat -- Detection, Characterization, and Response Paul J. Jackson and Jill Trewhella (1.8 MB)

National Health Security I. Gary Resnick

Fluorobodies—Mixing Antibodies and the Green Fluorescent Protein to Unravel the Genomic Revolution Andrew M. Bradbury, Geoffrey S. Waldo, and Ahmet Zeytun (2.3 MB)

Analyzing Pathogen DNA Sequences Thomas S. Brettin

Understanding Why -- Dissecting Radical Islamist Terrorism with Agent-Based Simulation Edward P. MacKerrow (1.5 MB)

The Los Alamos Center for Homeland Security Thomas W. Meyer, J. Wiley Davidson, I. Gary Resnick, Ray C. Gordon III, Brian W. Bush, Cetin Unal, Gaspar L. Toole, L. Jonathan Dowell, and Sara C. Scott (2.4 MB)

Strategic Investments

Strategic Research at Los Alamos Rajan Gupta and David E. Watkins (3.8 MB)

    Resolving the Solar Neutrino Problem Andrew Hime

    A New Source of Ultracold Neutrons Chen-Yu Liu, Steve K. Lamoreaux, Thomas J. Bowles, and Christopher Morris

    The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory -- A User Facility Alex H. Lacerda and Gregory S. Boebinger

    EpiSims Stephen Eubank

    The Magnetized Universe Hui Li and Stirling A. Colgate

Computational Tools to Battle HIV Bette T. M. Korber and Alan S. Perelson (2.2 MB)

Nanocrystal Quantum Dots -- From Fundamental Photophysics to Multicolor Lasing Victor I. Klimov (1.2 MB)

Nanoscience and the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies Don Merrill Parkin

Eddy-Resolving Ocean Modeling Robert C. Malone, Richard D. Smith, Mathew E. Maltrud, and Matthew W. Hecht (2.0 MB)

Virtual Watershed -- Simulating the Water Balance of the Rio Grande Basin Larry Winter and Everett P. Springer (2.8 MB)

Water for Energy -- A Critical Piece of the Energy Sustainability Puzzle Anthony Mancino and Charryl L. Berger

Toward a Sustainable Energy Future -- Fuel Cell Research at Los Alamos Kenneth R. Stroh (1.0 MB)

Highlights of the Laboratory’s Anniversary Celebration Written and designed by Dennis J. Erickson and Andrea M. Gaskey (4.6 MB)

Los Alamos National Laboratory