FAS Note: The Los Alamos Technical Reports and Publications listed below were formerly made available by Los Alamos National Laboratory on its web site. Before Los Alamos blocked online access to these documents, most of them were acquired and preserved in the public domain by Gregory Walker and Carey Sublette.

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LA-10038 Estimation methods for process holdup of special nuclear materials 6.4MB Local PDF
LA-10042-MS Plasma energy deposition from the nuclear elastic scattering of tritons on tritons 844KB Local PDF
LA-10049-M-Rev.1 User's guide for TWODANT : a code package for two-dimensional, diffusion-accelerated, neutral-particle transport 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-10049-M User's guide for TWODANT : a code package for two-dimensional, diffusion-accelerated, neutral-particle transport 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-10069-PR Applied nuclear data research and development semiannual progress report : April 1, 1983 - September 30, 1983 5.1MB Local PDF
LA-10111-MS Thermal equilibrium population of the first few nuclear excited states (Ac, Th, Pa, U, Np, Pu, Am, Cm, Bk, and Cf isotopes) 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-10152-MS Evaluation of the fundamental research on explosives (FRE) program 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-10173-MS Nonprimary-explosive, hot-wire detonator 477KB Local PDF
LA-10181-MS The observed rate of tropospheric diffusion 971KB Local PDF
LA-10197-MS Long-term exposure of pressed plutonium oxide heat sources to aquatic environments 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-101 Statistical fluctuations in the water boiler and the dispersion of neutrons emitted per fission 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-10203-MS The three-dimensional hydrodynamic hot-spot model applied to PETN, HMX, TATB, and NQ 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-10228-Del. Hydrodynamically driven two-phase flow, a theory of hydrodynamically driven dynamic mix 596KB Local PDF
LA-10241-MS A simple EOS for linear polytetradeuteroethylene 659KB Local PDF
LA-10248-MS PRECO-D2 : program for calculating preequilibrium and direct reaction double differential cross sections 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-10270-MS A model for computing late detonations initiated in propellants by impact (XDT reactions) 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-10276 Development of new ammonium nitrate composite explosives : final report, October 1982-January 1984 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-10288-PR Applied nuclear science research and development semiannual progress report : October 1, 1983 - May 31, 1984 4.6MB Local PDF
LA-10294-MS A guide to radiological accident considerations for siting and design of DOE nonreactor nuclear facilities 5.7MB Local PDF
LA-10300-M Spectrochemical determination of metallic impurities in plutonium materials 65KB Local PDF
LA-103 The ratio of the fission cross sections of 49 and 25 for thermal neutrons and the ration [1 + [alpha](49)]/[1 + [alpha](25)] 730KB Local PDF
LA-10401-MS Summary of efficiency testing of standard and high-capacity high-efficiency particulate air filters subjected to simulated tornado depressurization and explosive shock waves 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-10414-MS An assessment of the important radionuclides in nuclear waste 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-10420-MS TATB - strong basic reactions provide soluble derivatives for simple qualitative high explosive spot test 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-10435-M TORAC user's manual : a computer code for analyzing tornado-induced flow and material transport in nuclear facilities 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-10444-MS Differential cross sections of 3H(p,n)3He and of 6Li(n,t)4He by using triton beams between 5.95 and 19.15 MeV and a reevaluation of the p-T neutron production cross sections up to 12 MeV 634KB Local PDF
LA-10447-MS Summary of the financial and ratepayer impacts of nuclear power plant regulatory reform 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-10457 Recovery of plutonium by pyroredox processing 676KB Local PDF
LA-10461-MS Leaching behavior of particulate plutonium oxide 780KB Local PDF
LA-10498-MS Behavior of plutonium oxide particulates in a simulated Florida environment 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-10499-MS Computer simulation of the sequential probability ratio test for nuclear safeguards 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-104 Neutrons per fission from 49 compared with 25 : slightly delayed neutron from 49 and 25 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-10500-MS Compact reversed-field pinch reactors (CRFPR) : fusion-power-core integration study 11.5MB Local PDF
LA-10513-PR Applied nuclear science research and development progress report, June 1, 1984-May 31, 1985 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-10587-MS Integrated gradients : a derivation of some difference forms for the equation of motion for compressible flow in two-dimensional Lagrangian hydrodynamics, using integration of pressures over surfaces 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-10588-MS Derivation of the equations of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy of compressible fluid mechanics in both Lagrangian and Eulerian forms from an integral viewpoint 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-1061 Neutron diffusion theory; the transport approximation 588KB Local PDF
LA-10628-MS Liquid plutonium reaction with titanium 892KB Local PDF
LA-10635-MS Technical assessment of critical plasma-materials interaction (PMI) and high heat flux (HHF) issues for alternative fusion concepts (AFCs) 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-10640-MS Three-energy gamma-ray absorptiometer (TEGA) for nondestructive assay of plutonium and uranium in solution 958KB Local PDF
LA-10657-MS Bistatic phase sounding in the ionosphere above the Minor Scale explosion 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-10678-M FIRAC user's manual : a computer code to simulate fire accidents in nuclear facilities 12.1MB Local PDF
LA-10681 The Preparation of fused chloride salts for use in pyrochemical plutonium recovery operations at Los Alamos 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-10689-PR Applied nuclear science research and development progress report : June 1, 1985-November 30, 1985 6.4MB Local PDF
LA-10697-MS General-Purpose Heat Source development : Safety Verification Test Program : explosion overpressure test series 3.6MB Local PDF
LA-1079 Quantatitative separation of americium and plutonium using cupferron 727KB Local PDF
LA-1082 Comparison of direct evaporation and lanthanum fluoride methods for plutonium radiochemical analysis 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-10906 Improved recovery and purification of plutonium at Los Alamos using macroporous anion exchange resin 858KB Local PDF
LA-10921 Plutonium process control using an advanced on-line gamma monitor for uranium, plutonium and americium 971KB Local PDF
LA-10975 An improved, computer-based, on-line gamma monitor for plutonium anion exchange process control 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-10983-MS Transport calculations for nuclear analyses : theory and guidelines for effective use of transport codes 8.1MB Local PDF
LA-10990 The influence of plutonium concentration and solution flow rate on the effective capacity of macroporous anion exchange resin 961KB Local PDF
LA-10999 The effect of fluoride and aluminum on the anion exchange of plutonium from nitric acid 562KB Local PDF
LA-10 The exponential shock and rarefaction waves 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-11058-MS SESAME equation of state number 7411, Al2O3 502KB Local PDF
LA-11078-MS Preliminary measurement of the 235U(n,f) cross section up to 750 MeV 526KB Local PDF
LA-11083-MS Incommensurate/commensurate charge-density-wave states as a source for plutonium metal behavior 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-11089-MS Computer code simulations of explosions in flow networks and comparison with experiments 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-11104-MS SESAME equation of state number 7100, dry sand 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-11122-MS Physics and chemistry of late time fireball simulations without the geomagnetic field 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-11132-MS Generalized equations for emittance and field energy of high-current beams in periodic focusing 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-11142-MS A procedure for estimating the crystal densities of organic explosives 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-11148-MS The use of optical fibers for shock pressure and timing measurements at high pressures 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-11151-MS Background radiation from fission pulses 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-11152-T Effects of electric fields on the photodetachment cross section of the H- ion near threshold 4.9MB Local PDF
LA-11158-M NF85 : a three-dimensional, air-dynamics computer code for analyzing explosions in structures 5.3MB Local PDF
LA-11199-MS Improvements to SOIL (an Eulerian hydrodynamics code) 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-11233-T Theoretical and experimental cross sections for neutron reactions on 64zinc 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-11239-MS Numerical modeling of the effect of particle size of explosives on shock initiation properties 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-11253-MS SESAME equation of state number 7530, basalt 913KB Local PDF
LA-11256 The chlorination of plutonium dioxide 868KB Local PDF
LA-1126 Thermal effects of atomic bomb explosions on soils at Trinity and Eniwetok 794KB Local PDF
LA-11278 Monitoring space weaponry : detection and verification issues 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-11279-MS The nuclear future : political and social considerations 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-11288-MS Total and differential electron collision cross sections for O2 and N2 914KB Local PDF
LA-1128 A new micro combustion method for carbon in plutonium 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-11294-MS Numerical simulation of the simultaneous detonation of two identical, fully contained explosions 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-11297-MS Use of multivariate calibration for plutonium quantitation by the Pu(III) spectrophotometric method 702KB Local PDF
LA-11298 Determining cerium in plutonium by anion exchange and X-ray fluorescence 449KB Local PDF
LA-112 The preparation of plutonium trichloride 854KB Local PDF
LA-11314-MS Emerging nuclear suppliers 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-11318-MS The role of the DOE weapons laboratories in a changing national security environment 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-11319-MS DOE weapons laboratories' contributions to the nation's defense technology base 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-11352-MS Initiation and detonation of heterogeneous high explosives : a unified model 859KB Local PDF
LA-1136 K-factor fission chamber 386KB Local PDF
LA-11381-MS Ventilation system history of a plutonium analytical chemistry laboratory 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-11399-MS The future of nuclear weapons : the next three decades : conference summary 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-11435 Determining gallium from plutonium using anion exchange and X-ray fluorescence 714KB Local PDF
LA-11436-M Theoretical atomic physics code development (v.1) 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-11441-T Field and theoretical aspects of explosive volcanic transport processes 6.9MB Local PDF
LA-11456-MS Equilibrium pressure measurements in the beta region of palladium protide and palladium deuteride 825KB Local PDF
LA-11488-MS Sesame equation of state number 7386, fused quartz 444KB Local PDF
LA-11490 Evaluation of a new, macroporous polyvinylpyridine resin for processing plutonium using nitrate anion exchange 893KB Local PDF
LA-11502-MS Parameterization of pion production and reaction cross sections at LAMPF energies 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1151 Distribution and excretion of plutonium administered intravenously to man 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-116 The preparation of plutonium tribromide 376KB Local PDF
LA-11703-MS Recovery of plutonium from plutonium-beryllium neutron sources 736KB Local PDF
LA-11716-MS Scaling of nonnuclear kinetic-energy antisatellites 995KB Local PDF
LA-1171 Behavior of high explosives in machining operations 763KB Local PDF
LA-11720-MS FRAM : a versatile code for analyzing the isotopic composition of plutonium from gamma-ray pulse height spectra 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-11726-MS Method of obtaining SESAME equations of state for porous materials : application to garnet sand 552KB Local PDF
LA-11729-MS Evaluation of high-resolution gamma-ray methods for determination of solid plutonium holdup in high-throughput bulk-processing equipment 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-11744-M Using the FRAM plutonium isotopic system for 242Pu isotopic verification 368KB Local PDF
LA-11747 A Small-scale study on the dissolution and anion-exchange recovery of plutonium from Rocky Flats Plant incinerator ash 692KB Local PDF
LA-11789-MS High explosives skid impact initiation study 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-11795-MS Transport of plutonium in snowmelt run-off 741KKB Local PDF
LA-117 Capture cross section of gold as a function of neutron energy 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-11827-MS Determination of plutonium concentration and isotopic compositions by isotope dilution gamma-ray spectroscopy on resin beads 635KB Local PDF
LA-11846 A systems approach to chemical weapons verification 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-11849-MS Isotope geochemistry, a critical component of energy research 835KB Local PDF
LA-11903-MS Transition state theory applying to the study of reaction processes in detonation 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-11909-MS Test of pre-ENDF/B-VI decay data and fission yields 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-11911-MS A conceptual framework for verifying the multinational chemical weapons convention 913KB Local PDF
LA-11918-MS New multiphase equation of state for polycrystalline quartz 737KB Local PDF
LA-11931 Weathering of explosives for twenty years 378KB Local PDF
LA-1193 Optical and x-ray data on a group of isostructural uranium and plutonium compounds 904KB Local PDF
LA-11980-MS Prompt air fluorescence induced by a high-altitude nuclear explosion 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-11981-MS THIEF : version 1.0, an interactive simulation of nuclear materials safeguards and security 803KB Local PDF
LA-1198 The Spectrophotometric determination of gallium in plutonium 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-11998 Reexamining nuclear policy in a changing world 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-12003-MS A generic model for the ionic contribution to the equation of state 323KB Local PDF
LA-12006-MS Field trial results for pre-flight non-nuclear verification in Air Force NELA flight tests 454KB Local PDF
LA-12014-MS Survey of hazardous materials used in nuclear testing 712KB Local PDF
LA-12020 Structure of shocks in solids and liquids : six reprints with an introduction 4.6MB Local PDF
LA-12060-T Measurement of intensity-dependent rates of above-threshold ionization (ATI) of atomic hydrogen at 248 nm 8.2MB Local PDF
LA-12067-MS The Status of nuclear power plants in the People's Republic of China 992KB Local PDF
LA-12068-MS The DataShoP : a database of weak-shock constitutive data 5.5MB Local PDF
LA-12071-MS Field spot-test kit for explosives 386KB Local PDF
LA-12102 An Investigation of dual-mode operation of a nuclear-thermal rocket engine 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-12120-MS SESAME equation of state number 7740 : polycarbonate 184KB Local PDF
LA-12125-MS Augmentation of ENDF/B fission product gamma-ray spectra by calculated spectra 7.7MB Local PDF
LA-12135-MS The X6XS.0 cross section library for MCNP-4 3.6MB Local PDF
LA-12173-MS Vacuum thermal stability of explosives monitored electronically 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1218 The body absorption, distribution, and excretion of tritium in man and animals 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-12214-M THIEF : an interactive simulation of nuclear materials safeguards and security 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-12216-MS Design and operational parameters of transportable supercritical water oxidation waste destruction unit 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-12235-MS DSD technology : a detonation reactive Huygens code 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-12238-C The Future of nuclear weapons in Europe : workshop summary 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-12241-MS A survey of infrared technology for special nuclear materials control and accounting 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-12246 Evaluation of chloride-ion-specific electrodes as in situ chemical sensors for monitoring total chloride concentration in aqueous solutions generated during the recovery of plutonium from molten salts used in plutonium electrorefining operations 643KB Local PDF
LA-12250-MS Application of high precision band structure calculations to the equation of state for beryllium oxide : SESAME equation of state number 7612 309KB Local PDF
LA-12255-MS Alternative solvents for cleaning plutonium : thermodynamic and kinetic considerations 824KB Local PDF
LA-12274 Calculation of a shaped charge jet using MESA-2D and MESA-3D hydrodynamic computer codes 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-122 Vapor pressure of plutonium trichloride 404KB Local PDF
LA-12303-MS Turbulence transport equations for variable-density turbulence and their relationship to two-field models 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-12312-MS TRANSX 2 : a code for interfacing MATXS cross-section libraries to nuclear transport codes 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-12320-MS Material science experience gained from the space nuclear rocket program : insulators 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-12327-T The design of high-resolution upwind shock-capturing methods 15.2MB Local PDF
LA-12343-MS Comprehensive nuclear model calculations : introduction to the theory and use of the GNASH code 7.8MB Local PDF
LA-12386-M Nuclear criticality safety : 2-day training course 6.9MB Local PDF
LA-12388-M Nuclear criticality safety : 5-day training course 8.3MB Local PDF
LA-12485-M PFPF canister counter for foreign plutonium (PCAS-3) hardware operations and procedures manual 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-124 The preparation of plutonium metal on the one-gram scale by means of the graphite centrifuge 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-12507-MS Two tests for explosive countermine studies 787KB Local PDF
LA-12516-MS Automated software analysis of nuclear core discharge data 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-12533-T Partial cross sections in H- photodetachment 5.2MB Local PDF
LA-12541-MS SESAME equation of state number 8010 : boron loaded silicone potting material 323KB Local PDF
LA-12562-MS Measured solubilities and speciations of neptunium, plutonium, and americium in a typical groundwater (J-13) from the Yucca Mountain Region, Milestone Report 3010-WBS 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-12563-MS Measured solubilities and speciations from oversaturation experiments of neptunium, plutonium, and americium in UE-25p #1 well water from the Yucca Mountain Region, Milestone Report 3329-WBS1. 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-12589-MS Evaluation of ferrocyanide/nitrate explosive hazard 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-12608-M NNS computing facility manual, P-17 neutron and nuclear science 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-12627-MS Measurement and analysis of neutron energy spectra from fission sources 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-12631-MS The synthesis of plutonium trichloride by chlorination of plutonium dioxide with phosgene 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-12633-MS Directional measurements for sources of fission neutrons 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-12651-T Elastic scattering of pions from tritium and [sup 3]He in the backward hemisphere in the region of the [delta sub 33] (1232) resonance 6.0MB Local PDF
LA-12659-MS Minimum critical mass analytical studies 343KB Local PDF
LA-12669-MS Constitutive equations for annealed metals under compression at high strain rates and high temperatures 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-12671-MS Two-point correlation equations for variable density turbulence 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-12683 Forecast of criticality experiments and experimental programs needed to support nuclear operations in the United States of America : 1994-1999 6.1MB Local PDF
LA-12684-MS SESAME equation of state number 8020: polyetheretherketone (PEEK) 438KB Local PDF
LA-12716-T Reactivity effects of void formations in a solution critical assembly 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-12724-T Magnetohydrodynamic simulation of solid-deuterium-initiated Z-pinch experiments 6.7MB Local PDF
LA-12728-MS Acoustic emission sensing of tool-bit contact with plutonium during machining composite structures 409KB Local PDF
LA-12740-M The NJOY nuclear data processing system. Version 91 26.9MB Local PDF
LA-12751-MS Waste minimization and the goal of an environmentally benign plutonium processing facility : a strategic plan 211KB Local PDF
LA-12752-MS An Assessment of high-energy explosives and metal contamination in soil at TA-67 (12), L-Site, and TA-14, Q-Site 942KB Local PDF
LA-12753-MS High explosive spot test analyses of samples from Operable Unit (OU) 1111 738KB Local PDF
LA-12755-MS SESAME equation of state for epoxy 312KB Local PDF
LA-12758-T Conceptual design of a digital control system for nuclear criticality experiments 4.3MB Local PDF
LA-12765 Spetrophotometric determination of plutonium-239 based on the spectrum of plutonium(III) chloride 771KB Local PDF
LA-12774-MS The use of curium neutrons to verify plutonium in spent fuel and reprocessing wastes 202KB Local PDF
LA-12776-MS Prototype explosives-detection system based on nuclear-resonance absorption in nitrogen 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-12791-T Lie group invariant finite difference schemes for the neutron diffusion equation 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-12794-MS Engineering models of deflagration-to-detonation transition 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-12797-T Leaks in nuclear grade high efficiency aerosol filters 13.0MB Local PDF
LA-1279 Total cross sections for 14-MeV neutrons 311KB Local PDF
LA-12808 Nuclear criticality safety guide (p. i-xii, 1-22) 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-12815-MS Evaluation of the total-evaporation method for mass spectrometric analysis of uranium and plutonium safeguards samples : report of phase I 562KB Local PDF
LA-12841-MS Global equation of state for a glassy material : fused silica 666KB Local PDF
LA-12869-MS Influence of the hysteretic phase change in granite on seismic and hydrodynamic coupling of nuclear explosions 241KB Local PDF
LA-12870-MS Far-field fast-neutron energy spectra from an unshielded fission reactor 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-1287 Criteria of stability for the numerical solution of partial differential equations 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-12896 Computational and experimental studies of hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulent mixing 11.1MB Local PDF
LA-12898-MS Hydrolysis of plutonium : corrosion kinetics in DMSO solutions containing simulated high explosive and water 670KB Local PDF
LA-128 Absolute values of the fission cross sections of 25 and 28 from 0.28 to 2.50 Mev 4.9MB Local PDF
LA-12920-MS Application of electrodialysis to the recovery of spent electrorefining salts : plutonium recovery and waste minimization 908KB Local PDF
LA-12925-MS The NMT-5 criticality database 237KB Local PDF
LA-12942-MS Comparison of chemical and nuclear explosions: numerical simulations of the Non-Proliferation Experiment 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-12949-MS Discriminators for the accelerator-based conversion (ABC) concept using a subcritical, molten salt system 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-12952-MS Determination of plutonium activity levels and [sup 240]Pu/[sup 239]Pu isotope ratios in bone collected from nonoccupationally-exposed individuals living in Colorado 817KB Local PDF
LA-12956-MS Radionuclide sorption in Yucca Mountain tuffs with J-13 well water : neptunium, uranium and plutonium 385KB Local PDF
LA-12962-MS Atmosphereic transport of neutrons and gamma rays from a high-altitude nuclear detonation 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-12967-MS Ecological surveys of the proposed high explosives wastewater treatment facility region 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-12969-M DANTSYS : A diffusion accelerated neutral particle transport code system 33.9MB Local PDF
LA-12-R The Range of deuterons in heavy water and of proton in hydrogen 811KB Local PDF
LA-13003 Chemical destruction of HMX-based explosives with ammonium hydroxide 521KB Local PDF
LA-13006-MS Hugoniot equation of state of polymers 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-13014-H The insensitive high explosive triaminotrinitrobenzene (TATB) : development and characterization - 1888 to 1994 7.7MB Local PDF
LA-13028-MS Baseline radionuclide concentrations in soils and vegetation around the proposed weapons engineering tritium facility and the Weapons Subsystems Laboratory at TA-16 114KB Local PDF
LA-13032 Studies of parallel algorithms for the solution of a Fokker-Planck equation 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-13034-MS The thermal expansion behavior of unalloyed plutonium 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1304 The Nickel-plutonium system 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-13052-T Iterative acceleration methods for Monte Carlo and deterministic criticality calculations 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-13054-MS Measurement and accounting of the minor actinides produced in nuclear power reactors 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-13058-MS Technology survey for real-time monitoring of plutonium in a vitrifier off-gas system 78KB Local PDF
LA-13095-MS Knowledge fusion : an approach to time series model selection followed by pattern recognition 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-1309 The relative physiological and toxicological properties of americium and plutonium 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-13114-MS Deflagration in stainless steel storage containers containing plutonium dioxide 212KB Local PDF
LA-13127 A model for shear-band formation and high-explosive initiation in a hydrodynamics code 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-13164-MS PBX 9501 high explosive violent response/low amplitude insult project : phase 1 (p. i-vii, 1-9 ) 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-13168-MS Disposition of excess weapon plutonium in deep boreholes : site selection handbook 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-13172-T Modeling fabrication of nuclear components : an integrative approach 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-13188-T A kinetic study of plutonium dioxide dissolution in hydrochloric acid using iron (II) as an electron transfer catalyst (p. i-xx, 1-51) 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-13209-MS Estimation of feasible unreported plutonium production in thermal research reactors in the potential nuclear weapon states 128KB Local PDF
LA-13211-MS Estimated feasible plutonium production in North Korea's Research Reactor, IRK-DPRK 188KB Local PDF
LA-13219 Radiation exposure estimations for the Los Alamos plutonium stabilization and packaging projects 82KB Local PDF
LA-13236-MS White paper on possible inclusion of mixed plutonium-uranium oxides in DOE-STD-3013-96 446KB Local PDF
LA-13237-MS Optimization of air-sparged plutonium oxalate/hydroxide precipitators 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-13240-MS Response of a water-filled spherical vessel to an internal explosion 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-13246-MS Materials identification and surveillance project item evaluation : Items: impure plutonium oxide (ATL27960) and pure plutonium oxide (PEOR3258) 232KB Local PDF
LA-1325 The Crystal structure of gamma plutonium 470KB Local PDF
LA-13265 A primer for criticality calculations with DANTSYS (p.i-xiv, 1-1 thru 2-16) 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-13285-MS Application of proposed mutual reciprocal inspection measurement techniques to a weapon component 419KB Local PDF
LA-13295-MS Materials identification and surveillance project item evaluation : Item : impure mixture of plutonium oxide and uranium oxide (PUUOXBC05) 285KB Local PDF
LA-13362-MS HENC performance evaluation and plutonium calibration 981KB Local PDF
LA-13367-MS Integrated nondestructive assay solutions for plutonium measurement problems of the 21st century 356KB Local PDF
LA-13373-MS Solution High-Energy Burst Assembly (SHEBA) results from subprompt critical experiments with uranyl fluoride fuel 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-13379-MS Survey of plutonium and uranium atom ratios and activity levels in Mortandad Canyon 602KB Local PDF
LA-13393-MS Comparisons between digital gamma-ray spectrometer (DSPec) and standard nuclear instrumentation methods (NIM) systems 130KB Local PDF
LA-1339 Inelastic collision and transport cross sections for some light elements 332KB Local PDF
LA-13404-MS Estimate for the maximum compression of single shocks 75KB Local PDF
LA-13406 High explosive programmed burn in the FLAG code 396KB Local PDF
LA-13424-T Viscoplastic model of expanding cylindrical shells subjected to internal explosive detonations (p. i-xii, 1-64) 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-13428-MS Chloride-catalyzed corrosion of plutonium in glovebox atmospheres 935KB Local PDF
LA-13434-MS Report on the suitability of Class 6, U.S. Government Security Repositories for the storage of small quantities of high explosives 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-13447-H Publications resulting from the fundamental research on explosives program 55KB Local PDF
LA-1344 An Improved spectrophotometric method for the determination of boron in plutonium metal 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-13460-T Characterization of the [beta]-phase of the palladium-hydrogen equation of state (p.31-79) 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-13462-MS Hydride-catalyzed corrosion of plutonium by air : initiation by plutonium monoxide monohydride 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-13497 Solutions of the Noh problem for various equations of state using lie groups 949KB Local PDF
LA-13498 Two-dimension diverging shocks in a nonuniform medium 461KB Local PDF
LA-13499 Construction of difference equations using lie groups (p. 1-52) 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-13537-MS Interactions of plutonium dioxide with water and oxygen-hydrogen mixtures 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-13594 Suite of criticality benchmarks for validating nuclear data 403KB Local PDF
LA-1364 Tables of functions associated with the Serber-Wilson method for neutron diffusion calculations in a spherical geometry : Volume 1 8.0MB Local PDF
LA-1365 Tables of functions associated with the Serber-Wilson method for neutron diffusion calculations in a spherical geometry : Volume 2 8.6MB Local PDF
LA-13665-MS Development of a general shocked-materials-response description for simulations (Los Alamos National Laboratory.) 877KB Local PDF
LA-1366 Tables of functions associated with the Serber-Wilson method for neutron diffusion calculations in a spherical geometry : Volume 3 5.6MB Local PDF
LA-13678-MS Improvement in the plutonium parameter files of the FRAM isotopic analysis code 491KB Local PDF
LA-13680-MS Vitrified magnesia dissolution and its impact on plutonium residue processing 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-13721-T The chain-length distribution in subcritical systems 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-13725-MS Radiolysis of salts and long-term storage issues for both pure and impure PuO[sub2] materials in plutonium storage containers 835KB Local PDF
LA-13743-M The epithermal neutron multiplicity counter design and performance manual : more rapid plutonium and uranium inventory verifications by factors of 5-20 415KB Local PDF
LA-13754-MS Inductively coupled plasma--mass spectrometry analysis of plutonium samples 105KB Local PDF
LA-13756-MS Radiochemistry calculations of plutonium and [sup 241]Am using the Rad Calc III program 223KB Local PDF
LA-1399 The fission energy barrier 415KB Local PDF
LA-139 The preparation of plutonium metal by the reduction of the oxide with graphite 228KB Local PDF
LA-1431 Preparation of anhydrous plutonium trichloride 680KB Local PDF
LA-1439 Optical properties of some compounds of uranium, plutonium and related elements 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-1464 The absorption of ingested tritium water and the water dilution volume of man 482KB Local PDF
LA-1467 Incorporation of tritium into the organic components of various tissues of the mouse 778KB Local PDF
LA-1468 The Specific activity of tritium in the organic components of the skin and fat of man following eight months' chronic exposure to HTO in body fluids 355KB Local PDF
LA-1478 The Synthesis of deutero-polythene 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1493 Total neutron cross sections for U[sup 235], normal uranium, Pu[sup 239] 539KB Local PDF
LA-1499 The Distributed multiplication of small plutonium cubes 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-14 Exponential shock and rarefaction waves 698KB Local PDF
LA-1510 Laboratory handbook of nuclear microscopy 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-1544 The Relative biological effectiveness of tritium in depressing iron uptake in rats 725KB Local PDF
LA-154 Some observations on the basic chemistry of plutonium 366KB Local PDF
LA-1560 The Determination of nuclear temperatures by means of the evaporation model 425KB Local PDF
LA-1578 Survey of several of the reactions occurring when lithium and beryllium are bombarded by proton and deuterons of 30-250 KeV 510KB Local PDF
LA-1579 Topsy : a remotely controlled machine for the study of critical assemblies 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-1580 An improved apparatus for the preparation of plutonium hexafluoride 569KB Local PDF
LA-1581 Hydrogen slowing-down method for criticality calculations 868KB Local PDF
LA-158 Further measurements of the fission and absorption cross sections of 25 below 1000 Ev 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-1590 Heat transfer and thermal stresses in nuclear reactor shells 849KB Local PDF
LA-1597 Monitoring of cow's milk for fresh fission products following an atomic detonation 761KB Local PDF
LA-1614 Lady Godiva : an unreflected uranium-235 critical assembly 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-1624 Average fission cross section of U[sup 238] for fission neutrons 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-1641 The Relative biological effectiveness of tritium beta rays in producing splenic and thymic weight loss in mice 571KB Local PDF
LA-1646 A Theoretical consideration of the hazards associated with acute exposure to high concentrations of tritium gas 676KB Local PDF
LA-1655 Survey of average neutron total cross sections from 3 to 13 MeV 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-1656 The Density of alpha-phase plutonium 980KB Local PDF
LA-165 Shock hydrodynamics 6.4MB Local PDF
LA-1669 Collected reports on fission cross section of U[sup 237] in thermal neutron, intermediate neutron, and degraded fission neutron spectra 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-1678 A Portable apparatus for the determination of tritium in liquid samples 751KB Local PDF
LA-1679 The Los Alamos fast plutonium reactor 7.5MB Local PDF
LA-1681 Fission cross section measurements 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-1683 The Calibration of tritium monitoring devices 880KB Local PDF
LA-1693 The Structure of a shock front in argon 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-1697 Determination of the 14-Mev Li[sup 7](n, n[alpha])T cross section from sphere multiplication and transmission measurements 633KB Local PDF
LA-1720 Fabrication of calcium oxide crucibles for melting and casting high purity uranium and plutonium 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-172 Decomposition products of plutonyl nitrate and plutonium oxalate 995KB Local PDF
LA-1734 The Preparation of a primary standard of tritium water 228KB Local PDF
LA-1740 On the interaction of a shock with a constriction 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-179 Capture cross section of U[sup 238] for neutrons of various energies 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-183A Criticality of the water boiler, number of delayed neutrons, and despersion of the neutron emission per fission 737KB Local PDF
LA-183 Criticality of the water boiler, number of delayed neutrons, and dispersion of the neutron emission per fission 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-1843 The polarographic behavior of various metal ions in plutonium solutions 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-1863 Emission probabilities of prompt neutrons from spontaneous and neutron-induced fission 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-1864 The Determination of free acid in plutonium solutions 770KB Local PDF
LA-1865 Equations of state for high explosives based on the Kistiakowsky-Wilson equation of state for the product gases 4.4MB Local PDF
LA-1867 A Method for the numerical solution of transient hydrodynamic shock problems in two space dimensions 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-1869 Some observations on the reactivity of plutonium dioxide 738KB Local PDF
LA-1874 Calculations of the critical mass of UF[sub 6] as a gaseous core, with reflectors of D[sub 2]O, Be and C 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-1883 Electrical resistivity of plutonium metal and of gallium-plutonium alloys over the temperature range of 26[degrees]K to ~773[degrees]K 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1891 Solution of the transport equation by S[sub n] approximations 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-1894 A Portable apparatus for the determination of tritium in body fluids and aqueous solutions 581KB Local PDF
LA-1909 Instruments for the monitoring of tritium in the atmosphere 784KB Local PDF
LA-190 Relative fission cross section of 23 for neutrons in the range .025 to 100 ev 689KB Local PDF
LA-1913 Studies on the preparation, properties, and composition of plutonium peroxide 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-1918 Energy calculations of neutrons and gammas from fission induced by thermal to 14-Mev neutrons 491KB Local PDF
LA-1930 A Numerical method for treating fluid flow in the presence of shocks 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-1939 Inelastic cross sections and [bar nu] for some fissionable isotopes 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-1946 The determination of lanthanum in plutonium metal and in plutonium nitrate solutions 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-1953 Determination of aluminum in plutonium 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-1958 Critical masses of fissionable metals as basic nuclear safety data 973KB Local PDF
LA-1962 Some solutions of the diffusion equation 643KB Local PDF
LA-1982 Calibration of mock fission neutron source by indium resonance mapping of the standard graphite pile 558KB Local PDF
LA-1986 Biological effects of inhalation of high concentrations of tritium gas 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-200 Neutron spectrum for fast fission of 25 667KB Local PDF
LA-201 Compact mock fission neutron sources 552KB Local PDF
LA-2029 Time behavior of Godiva through prompt critical 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-2046 Nonweapons activities of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Part 1. Controlled thermonuclear reactions 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-2050 Some experiments on the precipitation of plutonium compounds from tributyl phosphate solutions 440KB Local PDF
LA-2051 Nonweapons activities of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Part 2. Nuclear rocket propulsion 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-2052 Nonweapons activities of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Part 3. Power reactor experiments 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-2073 On the derivation of difference equations for hydrodynamics 709KB Local PDF
LA-2112 LAMPRE : a molten plutonium fueled reactor concept 601KB Local PDF
LA-2118 Delayed neutrons from fissionable isotopes of uranium, plutonium, and thorium 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-2127 Pu[sup 239] cross sections and their temperature dependence 4.6MB Local PDF
LA-2132 Pyrometallurgy experiments on plutonium-rich reactor fuels 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-2142 Preliminary critical experiments on a mock-up of the Los Alamos molten plutonium reactor 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-2147 Safety considerations for handling plutonium, uranium, thorium, the alkali metals, zirconium, titanium, magnesium and calcium 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-2153 Electrophoretic deposition of plutonium : a feasibility study 657KB Local PDF
LA-2163 Estimation of whole body dose (REM) from tritium in body water 806KB Local PDF
LA-2170 Aqueous decontamination of plutonium from fission product elements : (project status report as of March 31, 1957) 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-2175 Autographic strain-gage dilatometer for plutonium and its alloys 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-2185 High energy neutrons in a collimated beam from the Los Alamos fast plutonium reactor 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-2202 Magnetic compression of shock preheated plasma 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-2218 Pyrometallurgy experiments on plutonium-rich reactor fuels : project status report as of March 31, 1958 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-2230 Hot cells for plutonium reactor fuel research 968KB Local PDF
LA-2232 An implicit, numerical method for solving the two-dimensional heat equation 878KB Local PDF
LA-2234-Rev. An integral experiment to measure the tritium production from [sup 7]Li by 14-MeV neutrons in a lithium deuteride sphere 831KB Local PDF
LA-2267 Theoretical specific impulses of hydrogen and hydrogen-methane nuclear propellant systems 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-2271 Compressibility factors and fugacity coefficients calculated from the Beattie-Bridgeman equation of state for hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, and helium 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-2276 Theoretical specific impulses of lithium-based propellant systems in nuclear and chemical rockets 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-2277 Numerical solution of a spherical blast wave utilizing a completely tabular equation of state 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-2278 PUBCO-I, an IBM 704 code for computing the ideal thermodynamic functions of a polyatomic gas molecule 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-2287 Etching of plutonium and its alloys by cathodic bombardment 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-2289 Tungsten cross sections and their temperature dependence 5.8MB Local PDF
LA-2291 Preparation of high-purity plutonium dioxide and plutonium (III) chloride solution 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-2295 Duration of atomic collisions : a note on recombination rate theory 727KB Local PDF
LA-2301 Two-dimensional hydrodynamic calculations 3.8MB Local PDF
LA-2304 PUBCO-II, an IBM 704 code for computing the ideal thermodynamic functions of a diatomic gas molecule 3.8MB Local PDF
LA-2310 Dosimetry for the Godiva II critical assembly neutron flux and tissue dose measurements 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-2314 Numerical methods for solving linear systems and applications to elliptic difference equations 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-2322 Theory of effective cross sections 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-2327 Los Alamos molten plutonium reactor experiment (LAMPRE) hazard report 4.8MB Local PDF
LA-2327-Prelim. Los Alamos molten plutonium reactor experiment (LAMPRE) hazard report 5.0MB Local PDF
LA-2329 PUQFUA : an IBM-704 Fortran code for determining plutonium body burden from urine assays 975KB Local PDF
LA-232 The fission cross section of 37 790KB Local PDF
LA-2336 The heat of combustion of [delta]-plutonium 445KB Local PDF
LA-2358 Density of liquid plutonium metal 503KB Local PDF
LA-2373 Molybdenum cross sections and their temperature dependence 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-2392 Electrical resistivity of plutonium metal between 1.73[degrees]K and 298[degrees]K 600KB Local PDF
LA-2394 Thermal expansion of plutonium metal below 300[degrees]K 794KB Local PDF
LA-2398 Heat capacity of plutonium metal below 420[degrees]K 963KB Local PDF
LA-2405 Some seismic effects of underground explosions in cavities 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-2414 The bounding of instabilities of the PIC difference equations 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-2424 Charged particle cross sections, neon to chromium 44.1MB Local PDF
LA-2425 Neutron tissue dose survey for the Little Eva critical assembly 557KB Local PDF
LA-2432 Revised neutron flux, spectrum, and tissue dose measurements at the Godiva II critical assembly 773KB Local PDF
LA-2439 Preparation and fabrication of plutonium fuel alloy for Los Alamos molten plutonium reactor experiment no. 1 948KB Local PDF
LA-2459 Single stage nuclear rocket study 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-2468 Dosimetry for the Little Eva critical assembly : neutron flux, spectrum, and tissue dose evaluations 795KB Local PDF
LA-2475 Calculations of the coefficients of viscosity, diffusion, and thermal conductivity for dissociating hydrogen for a range of temperatures and pressures 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-247 Multi-medium critical-mass problem 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-2480 Bottom-pour re-usable melting crucibles for plutonium casting 891KB Local PDF
LA-251 Effect of reaction zone on detonation velocity 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-2525 Thorium cross sections and their temperature dependence 13.6MB Local PDF
LA-253A Short-period delayed gammas from fission of 25 and 49 925KB Local PDF
LA-253 Short-period delayed gammas from fission of 25 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-2560 Multiple scattering corrections to the nuclear optical potential 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-2569 Neutron tissue dose rate survey for the Godiva II critical assembly 583KB Local PDF
LA-256 Total cross sections of U, H and C from 35 to 500 Kev 886KB Local PDF
LA-2590 ASPEN : an aerospace plane with nuclear engines 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-2613 Detonation performance calculations using the Kistiakowsky-Wilson equation of state 683KB Local PDF
LA-2618 Lagrangian hydrodynamic computations and molecular models of matter 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-2644 Mobile fuel plutonium breeders : a study of economic potential 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-2661 Temperature-composition diagrams of pseudo-binary systems containing plutonium (III) halides 426KB Local PDF
LA-266 Absorption and fission cross sections of 49 in the neutron energy range 0.01 ev to 100 ev 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-2671 Study of the diffusion and mixing of tritium gas in air 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-2703 Hydrodynamic hot spot and shock initiation of homogeneous explosives 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-2707 Fast reactor rocket engines : criticality 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-2712 Detonation properties of condensed explosives calculated with an equation of state based on intermolecular potentials 5.3MB Local PDF
LA-2751 Elevated temperature diffusion bonding of tungsten to tungsten under pressure 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-2761 Molten plutonium pump experiment 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-2763 Hafnium cross sections and their temperature dependence 5.7MB Local PDF
LA-2769 Preparation of foils for nuclear particle targets 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-2805 The two-body t-matrix for a free-bound system. Part I, Application to nuclear charge exchange 4.6MB Local PDF
LA-2808 Fast electromagnetic signals produced by nuclear explosions in the troposphere 455KB Local PDF
LA-2811-Add.2 Re-evaluation of optimal parameters for post-fission beta decay 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-2811-Add. Other details of post-fission beta decay 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-2811 Beta decays and delayed gammas from fission fragments 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-2827 Monte Carlo calculations of the equation of state of systems of 12 and 48 hard circles 11.9MB Local PDF
LA-283 100-ton-test : permanent earth movement; earth and air shocks 680KB Local PDF
LA-2838 Processing of plutonium by ion exchange. III, The calculation of fixed-bed column performance 512KB Local PDF
LA-2859 The Effect of gallium on plutonium assay 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-2900 Detonation properties of condensed explosives computed using the Becker-Kistiakowsky-Wilson equation of state 13.2MB Local PDF
LA-2909 A Monte Carlo calculation of neutron heating in a nuclear rocket propellant tank 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-2912 A neutron diffraction examination of alpha plutonium at 23[degrees]K 707KB Local PDF
LA-2921 Spectrophotometric determination of micro quantities of chloride in plutonium metal 581KB Local PDF
LA-292 The motion of earth thrown from small craters by explosive charges 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-2942 A critical review of refractories 9.0MB Local PDF
LA-2980 HUG, a Fortran-FAP code for computing normal shock and detonation wave parameters in gases 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-2981 Operating instructions, procedures, and equipment for the Los Alamos plutonium electrorefining plant 966KB Local PDF
LA-3007 An unconditionally stable implicit difference scheme for the hydrodynamical equations 951KB Local PDF
LA-3029 Large scale electrorefining of plutonium from plutonium - iron alloys 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3040 Processing of plutonium by ion exchange, IV : the separation of plutonium from weakly sorbed impurities 762KB Local PDF
LA-3045 A formulation for numerical solution of the inverse problem of the generalized reactor kinetics equations 369KB Local PDF
LA-309 Summary of known critical masses of 25 and 49 275KB Local PDF
LA-30 Los Alamos project handbook : chemistry of plutonium 52.3MB Local PDF
LA-3141 Comparison of four titrimetric methods for assaying plutonium 525KB Local PDF
LA-3169 A method for estimating fractional yields from low- and medium-energy neutron induced fission 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-3173-MS The alternating current electroetching of plutonium 571KB Local PDF
LA-3186 Discrete ordinates angular quadrature of the neutron transport equation 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-3188 The processing of plutonium by ion exchange V : equilibrium anion-exchange sorption from mixed nitric acid-aluminum nitrate solvents 522KB Local PDF
LA-3191-MS Metallographic preparation and observations of some plutonium-carbon alloys 665KB Local PDF
LA-3202-MS Semi annual status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for period ending October 20, 1964. 5.8MB Local PDF
LA-3204-MS Calculation of retinal dose due to visible radiation from nuclear explosions 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-3205-MS Bibliography of nuclear interactions of He3 with D, N, or P and of D with N, P or T at 3-30 Mev 534KB Local PDF
LA-3206-MS Status of the LASL Monte Carlo intranuclear cascade calculation (1964) 854KB Local PDF
LA-3208-MS Quarterly status report on plutonium reactor fuel development for period ending November 20, 1964. 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-3209-MS Preparation of ternary plutonium alloys for core test facility program 580KB Local PDF
LA-3219-MS Critical assemblies of fissionable materials 688KB Local PDF
LA-3221-MS Reactor minimum critical dimensions 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-3229-MS Proceedings of an advanced nuclear propulsion symposium 15.7MB Local PDF
LA-3229-Suppl. Proceedings of an advanced nuclear propulsion symposium 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-3235 The two-dimensional hydrodynamic hot spot : Volume II 5.9MB Local PDF
LA-3240 An experimental DC electromagnetic pump for a molten plutonium alloy 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3248 The spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of gallium in high-purity plutonium metal 471KB Local PDF
LA-3249 Evaluation of high explosive by pyrolysis 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-3250-MS The compressibility of gaseous mixtures of helium-nitrogen and helium-deuterium at high pressures 825KB Local PDF
LA-3252 The solubilities of selected elements in liquid plutonium, III: tungsten 397KB Local PDF
LA-3253-MS-Rev._Aug. Review of controlled thermonuclear research at Los Alamos, 1965 8.4MB Local PDF
LA-3253-MS Review of controlled thermonuclear research at Los Alamos, 1965 8.7MB Local PDF
LA-3257-MS Optimal control of nuclear reactor processes 4.8MB Local PDF
LA-3258 The x-ray absorption edge determination of plutonium in uranium-plutonium-manganese alloys 534KB Local PDF
LA-3266 The interpretation of nuclear excitation functions at high energy : ericson fluctuations 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3267 Gamleg--a fortran code to produce multigroup cross sections for photon transport calculations 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3268 A quantum-and correlation-corrected Thomas-Fermi-dirac equation with a fortran code 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-3279 Ultra high temperature reactor critical experiment (UCX) safety analysis report 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-3292 A fortran -- version of Nordsieck's scheme for the numerical integration of differential equations 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3294-MS Feasibility study of a pulsed thermonuclear reactor. 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-3303 The solubility of selected elements in liquid plutonium, IV : evaluation of sampling techniques. 284KB Local PDF
LA-3306 Stability of detonations for disturbances of small transverse wavelength 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-3325-MS Kiwi transient nuclear test 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3376 Numerical methods for solution of the integral equations of multi-dimensional radiation transport 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3377 The non-equilibrium diffusion equation. 595KB Local PDF
LA-3383 Fission product yields from fast (approximately equal to 1 MeV) neutron fission of Pu-239. 950KB Local PDF
LA-3384-MS The molten plutonium burnup experiment. 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-3385-MS Neutron blanket calculations for thermonuclear reactors. 534KB Local PDF
LA-3401-MS On frequency discretization and conservative difference equations for radiative transfer 515KB Local PDF
LA-3403 Thermal neutron spectra from an underground nuclear explosion with special consideration of spectral modification due to bomb debris motion 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-3407 A Study of truncation errors in Eulerian hydrodynamics 671KB Local PDF
LA-340 Colorimetric determination of boron in plutonium metal 798KB Local PDF
LA-3412-MS Lectures on nuclear thermionic electric propulsion for space 10.2MB Local PDF
LA-3413 Fission fragment removal of uranium from a fissioning surface: II 485KB Local PDF
LA-3415 Computation of fast neutron penetration in air by the "Sn-method" with special emphasis on the use of "multitable-multigroup cross section sets" 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-3417-MS Air fluorescence excited by high-altitude nuclear explosions 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3420-MS Analysis of underground weapon test effluent samples 575KB Local PDF
LA-3434-MS Semiannual status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for period ending October 31, 1965 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-3437 Spherical harmonic reduction of the Fokker-Planck equation 990KB Local PDF
LA-3439-MS Graphs of calculations of energy deposition and air fluorescence from radiation produced by a nuclear explosion in space 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3445-MS Fuel element and support element fragment study - Kiwi transient nuclear test 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-3446 Gamma dose rate measurements : Kiwi transient nuclear test 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3450 The two-dimensional hydrodynamic hot spot. Volume III 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-3452 The determination of nitride nitrogen in plutonium metal, alloys, and compounds 623KB Local PDF
LA-3455-MS REZONE : a proposal for accomplishing rezoning in two-dimensional Lagrangian hydrodynamics problems 756KB Local PDF
LA-3463-MS Neutron capture cross sections of some rare earth nuclei 755KB Local PDF
LA-3478-pt.1 Time-of-flight neutron cross-section measurements made with neutrons from nuclear explosions 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3478-pt.2 Time-of-flight neutron cross-section measurements using nuclear explosions. Part II 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-3491 Characteristics of the aerosol produced from burning sodium and plutonium 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-3499 Anion-exchange processing of plutonium 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-3507-MS Bibliography on kinetics of the oxidation-reduction reactions of uranium, neptunium, plutonium and americium in aqueous solutions 465KB Local PDF
LA-3518 Solution of the nonlinear reactor kinetics equations by continuous analytic continuation 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-3519-MS Kiwi transient nuclear test dose rate survey 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-351 July 16th nuclear explosion : geophone measurements of earth motion 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-352 July 16th nuclear explosion : sound velocity and excess velocity of the shock wave 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3534 Processing of plutonium by ion exchange. VIII, Self-diffusion studies in anion-exchange resin 343KB Local PDF
LA-3538-MS-v.1 Calculations of neutron cross sections using a local optical potential with average parameters. Volume 1 7.1MB Local PDF
LA-353 July 16th nuclear explosion : total radiation 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-3546-MS The administration of secondary storage in nuclear codes 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-354 July 16th nuclear explosion : box-gauge measurement of blast pressure 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-3551 The Spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of uranium in high-purity plutonium metal 615KB Local PDF
LA-3554 Sealed-tube dissolution method with applications to plutonium-containing materials 934KB Local PDF
LA-3557-MS Irradiation of liquid plutonium fuels in a thermal reactor 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-355 July 16th nuclear explosion : mechanical impulse gauge 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-3562 Distribution of americium between liquid plutonium and a fused salt : evidence for divalent americium 649KB Local PDF
LA-3578 Numerical studies of regular and mach reflection of shocks in aluminum 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-357 July 16th nuclear explosion : meteorological report 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-3586 Fission cross sections from Petrel 12.7MB Local PDF
LA-3588 XEKE : a two-group, two-dimensional, multiregional computer code for examining flux stability in nuclear reactors with [sup 135]Xenon 3.8MB Local PDF
LA-358 July 16th nuclear explosion : soil correction, absorption of neutrons in soil, and time dependence of slow-neutron intensity 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-3597 Improved calculation of the ideal gas thermodynamic functions of selected diatomic molecules 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-3606-MS Gamma-ray energy deposition in the molten plutonium burnup experiment (MPBE) reactor structure 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-3607-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program for period July 1--September 30, 1966 : first report 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-360 July 16th nuclear explosion : micro-barograph pressure measurement 591KB Local PDF
LA-3617 Biorthogonal angular polynomial expansions of the Boltzmann transport equation 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3619 Effective two-group gamma-ray spectra for thermal neutron capture and prompt fission 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-3621 Preparation of a plutonium-0.4 w/o thulium alloy on a multikilogram scale 251KB Local PDF
LA-3628-MS Status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for 12 month period ending October 31, 1966 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-3629-MS 2DE--a two-dimensional Eulderian hydrodynamic code for computing one component reactive hydrodynamic problems 774KB Local PDF
LA-362 July 16th nuclear explosion : neutron measurements with gold-foil detectors 643KB Local PDF
LA-3631 High-temperature environmental testing of liquid plutonium fuels 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3654 Detection of plutonium penetrations through containers at high temperature 601KB Local PDF
LA-3655 Fuel cycle cost implications of liquid plutonium reactor fuel 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-3657 Further tests of dilute solution equations and thermodynamic relationships : the vapor pressure of cadmium over liquid alloys containing small amounts of lead 965KB Local PDF
LA-3668 Hot-wire ignition of secondary explosives in squibs 684KB Local PDF
LA-366 July 16th nuclear explosion : blast measurements with condenser gauges 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-3674 Structure of a magnetically driven plane shock wave in a plasma 771KB Local PDF
LA-3676-MS The [sup 233]U fission and capture cross sections and their analysis at low energies 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-3682-MS Pulsed neutron research for nuclear safeguards : program status report, January-March 1967 490KB Local PDF
LA-3685 Error bounds on numerical solutions of Dirichlet problems for quasilinear elliptic equations 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-369 The disintegration cross section of netrogen for fast neutrons 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3704 Fortran BKW : a code for computing the detonation properties of explosives 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-3707 Fabrication of ceramic components for use in plutonium electrorefining 600KB Local PDF
LA-3725 Theory of a radio-frequency "spin filter" for a metastable hydrogen, deuterim, or tritium atomic beam. 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-3732-MS Pulsed neutron research for nuclear safeguards : program status report, April-June 1967 405KB Local PDF
LA-3735 Cesium magnetohydrodynamic coaxial ARC jet 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3737 Behavior of long-lived fission products in sodium 536KB Local PDF
LA-3740-MS The data of nuclear reactor physics : a bibliography 16.3MB Local PDF
LA-3741 Nondestructive detection, identification, and analysis of fissionable materials 936KB Local PDF
LA-3753 Photon cross sections from 0.001 to 100 MeV fro elements 1 through 100 12.8MB Local PDF
LA-3759 Fabrication of a coaxial shock-sensitive switch 409KB Local PDF
LA-3763 Using nonlinear least-squares methods for quantal response and sensitivity analyses, minimum chi-square estimation, and differential equations 796KB Local PDF
LA-3766-MS Venting experiments with a liquid plutonium alloy 551KB Local PDF
LA-3769 Transparent, lightweight safety shields for small-scale operations involving explosives 449KB Local PDF
LA-376 Determination of plutonium in human feces 490KB Local PDF
LA-3771 The two-dimensional hydrodynamic hot spot. Volume IV 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-3774 Symmetric fission by a two-parameter liquid drop 5.0MB Local PDF
LA-3779-MS Press-formed explosive charges for the BLU-26/B fragmentation bomb 437KB Local PDF
LA-3786 Pipe closure by explosives. 537KB Local PDF
LA-3802-MS Pulsed neutron research for nuclear safeguards : program status report July-September 1967 500KB Local PDF
LA-380 Fabrication of plutonium foil by distillation of the metal 335KB Local PDF
LA-381 Equilibrium constants and heats of reaction for the hydrofluorination of uranium dioxide and plutonium dioxide 955KB Local PDF
LA-3823 Calculation of thermal neutron scattering cross sections for crystalline materials : the TOR program 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-3831-MS-Add. Status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for 12-month period ending October 31, 1967 285KB Local PDF
LA-3831-MS Status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for 12-month period ending October 31, 1967 6.6MB Local PDF
LA-3832 Thermal irradiation of liquid plutonium-alloy fuels 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-3836-SOP Standard operating procedure for plutonium urinalysis sampling 536KB Local PDF
LA-383 Electronic timing methods for use in high-explosive research 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-3841 Variability in the standardization of ceric sulfate solution for the titration of plutonium 334KB Local PDF
LA-384 Pressure, compression, shock and particle-velocity measurements in the neighborhood of one-third megabar : progress report to August 15, 1945 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-3859-MS Pulsed neutron research for nuclear safeguards : program status report, October - December, 1967 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-386 Spectrochemical analysis of plutonium and its compounds. I, the copper spark method 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3871-MS A bibliography on nuclear magnetic resonance of inorganic fluorides 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3873-MS LARCA : a fortran-IV CDC-6600 program for calculating flux-weighted cross sections 827KB Local PDF
LA-3876 Investigation of two methods for measuring free acid in plutonium solutions 516KB Local PDF
LA-3893 Calculations of thermal neutron diffusion length and group cross sections : the Glen program 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-3902 Mass spectrometric studies of plutonium compounds at high temperatures, I : the heats of vaporization of gold and plutonium and the heat of decomposiion of plutonium mononitride 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3909-MS Permeation and diffusion of nitrogen, oxygen, and rare gases through stainless steel : a bibliography 363KB Local PDF
LA-3910 Study of selected criticality-dosimetry methods 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-3916 An investigation of a bubbler tritium sampler 746KB Local PDF
LA-3917-MS A multilevel analysis of the U-235 fission cross section 460KB Local PDF
LA-3921-MS Pulsed neutron research for nuclear safeguards : program status report, January-March 1968 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-3930-MS Semiannual atomic energy commission computer information meeting, May 20-21, 1968 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-3930-MS-Suppl. Semiannual atomic energy commission computer information meeting May 20-21, 1968 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-3937 Encapsulation of plutonium and other radioactive materials in welded containers 773KB Local PDF
LA-3949 Majorana depolarization of hydrogen, deuterium, or tritium atoms. 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-3951 Enthalpies of selected elements in liquid plutonium. 655KB Local PDF
LA-395 Some factors affecting the cupferron extraction procedure for estimation of trace amounts of plutonium 878KB Local PDF
LA-3967-MS Evaluation of ternary eutectic fluoride as an extinguishing agent for plutonium fires 892KB Local PDF
LA-3974-MS Pulsed neutron research for nuclear safeguards : program status report, April-June 1968 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-3992 An application of the lagrangian functional to collapsing reactor cross sections. 951KB Local PDF
LA-404 Chemical research : Building D plutonium purification 4.3MB Local PDF
LA-4059 Equation of state for shocked polyurethane foam 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-405 Purification processes : D-building plutonium purification 5.2MB Local PDF
LA-4062-MS Numerical simulation of proposed surface diffusion experiments 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-4068-MS Quarterly status report on plutonium-238 space electric power fuel development program : July 1 - September 30, 1968 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-406 Building D plutonium purification : (summary of results) 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-4073-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : July 1 to September 30, 1968 5.4MB Local PDF
LA-4075-MS Status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for 12-month period ending October 31, 1968 8.4MB Local PDF
LA-4076 Air monitoring and its evolution at the LASL plutonium facility 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-4089-MS Quarterly status report on plutonium-238 space electric power fuel development program : October 1-December 31, 1968 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-4093-MS Optical instruments for high altitude nuclear tests : the JOWOG-13 optical instrument subwog 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-4095 Neutron flux determination in time-of-flight cross-section measurements using underground nuclear explosions. 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-409 Building D plutonium purification : equipment drawings 11.3MB Local PDF
LA-4103 Differential thermal analysis apparatus for observation of refractory plutonium compounds 638KB Local PDF
LA-4106-TR Tables of atomic wave functions 5.2MB Local PDF
LA-4108-MS Fission cross section of Pu-238 from persimmon 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-4112 Operation of a radio-frequency nuclear spin filter. 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-4114-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : October 1 to December 31, 1968 4.8MB Local PDF
LA-4131-MS Neutron blanket calculations for thermonuclear reactors Part II. 766KB Local PDF
LA-4145 Internal blast loading of scale-model explosive-processing bays. 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-4163-TR Reaction sites in condensed-explosive detonation waves 800KB Local PDF
LA-4165 Measurement of pyrocarbon thermal conductivity by the fission couple method. 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-416-A Chemical and spectrochemical analysis of uranium and plutonium materials : manual of procedures 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-416 Chemical and spectrochemical analysis of uranium and plutonium materials : manual of procedures 11.2MB Local PDF
LA-4172 Flow and thermal characteristics of hydrogen near its critical point in a heated cylindrical tube. 6.0MB Local PDF
LA-4174-TR Identification and nuclear spectroscopy of several short-lived fission products with an on-line mass separator 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-4176-TR Investigation of mass and time distribution of delayed neutrons in the thermal fission of [sup 235]U by an on-line mass separator 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-4186 Curves for predicting stresses in controlled fusion pulsed magnetic field systems. 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-4191 Polarization effects in deuteron-alpha elastic scattering and in the He-3(d,p) He-4 reaction. 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-4193-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : January 1 to March 31, 1969 5.4MB Local PDF
LA-4194-MS Low-compression theta pinch with separated shock heating 954KB Local PDF
LA-4199-TR Detonation of coarse-grained explosives 916KB Local PDF
LA-420 Spiral fission chambers 939KB Local PDF
LA-4218 Calculation and interpretation of the UHTREX critical experiments 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-4225-MS The data of nuclear reactor physics, 1967-1968 : a bibliography 8.2MB Local PDF
LA-4231 PHENIX : a two dimensional diffusion-burnup refueling 5.6MB Local PDF
LA-4250 Proceedings of symposium on engineering problems of fusion research held at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory of the University of California 22.4MB Local PDF
LA-425 Microgravimetric determination of gallium in plutonium-gallium alloys 536KB Local PDF
LA-4273 Safety analysis for the Los Alamos critical-assembly facility. 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-4277 Magnetic recording of neutron cross-section data from an underground nuclear explosive source. 593KB Local PDF
LA-427 Range of 25 fission fragments in photographic emulsion 450KB Local PDF
LA-4284-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : April 1 to June 30, 1969 and third annual report FY 1969 9.2MB Local PDF
LA-4286-TR Solution of a nonlinear integrodifferential equation by the method of upper and lower functions 600KB Local PDF
LA-4292-TR Elastic properties of plutonium in the BCC Epsilon phase 833KB Local PDF
LA-4307-MS Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly progress report, July 1-September 30, 1969 4.5MB Local PDF
LA-430 July 16th nuclear explosion : attempt to obtain gamma-ray kinephotographs 791KB Local PDF
LA-431 July 16th nuclear explosion : measurement of maximum blast pressure near the center 892KB Local PDF
LA-4327 Perturbation transformation of nuclear cross-section parameters between Wigner-Eisenbud and Kapur-Peierls formalisms : the PERTA program 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-4328-MS Quarterly status report on plutonium-238 space electric power fuel development program : July 1 - September 30, 1969 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-4334 Polarization measurements of 16.5 MeV and 22.1-MeV neutrons elastically scattered from liquid tritium and liquid deuterium 5.2MB Local PDF
LA-433 July 16th nuclear explosion : measurement of delayed ionization by distant recording instruments 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-4351-MS LASL controlled thermonuclear research program : status report for 12-month period ending October 1969 7.5MB Local PDF
LA-4352 Proposal for a shock-heated toroidal z-pinch experiment. 913KB Local PDF
LA-435 July 16th nuclear explosion : relay timing 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-4360-TR Determination of the decomposition time of hexogen under the effect of shock waves 710KB Local PDF
LA-4369-TR Angular anisotropy and structure of the fission barrier 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-4372 Fission cross sections of [sup 237]Np from Pommard 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-4373-MS Time reversal in polarization phenomena of nuclear interactions 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-4376-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : October 1 to December 31, 1969 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-4381 Equation of state for shocked copper foam 846KB Local PDF
LA-438 July 16th nuclear explosion : ground vibrations 468KB Local PDF
LA-4392-MS LASL reports related to the effects of atmospheric nuclear detonation, with emphasis on high altitude events : a title listing 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-4396 3DDT : a three-dimensional multigroup diffusion burn-up program 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-4402 Calculation of atomic-energy-level values 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-4419-MS Quarterly status report on plutonium-238 space electric power fuel development program : October 1-December 31, 1969 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-4420 Fission cross sections from Pommard 8.8MB Local PDF
LA-4423 Four computer programs using Green's third formula to numerically solve Laplace's equation in inhomogeneous media 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-4437-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : January 1-March 31, 1970 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-443 Building D plutonium recovery processes 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-444 Measurement of the slow-neutron fission cross section of Pu[sup 240] 318KB Local PDF
LA-445 Fission cross sections by the Be[sup 7] and Mn-bath methods 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-4461-BIB Synthesis methods and variational methods in nuclear reactor theory, physics, and computational methods : a bibliography 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-4465-MS LASL contributions to the 3rd international symposium on polarization phenomena in nuclear reactions, Madison, Wisconsin, August 31-September 4, 1970 5.5MB Local PDF
LA-446 Specific alpha activity of plutonium 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-447 Fission cross section of uranium 235 from 20 to 500 Kev 940KB Local PDF
LA-4483-MS Forward differential cross sections for the reaction p + p yields d + p[sup +] in the range 3.4 to 12.3 GeV/c 4.5MB Local PDF
LA-4484-MS Twenty-five group cross sections used in the Los Alamos rover program 4.8MB Local PDF
LA-4488 MCNA : a computer program to solve the adjoint neutron transport equation by coupled sampling with the Monte Carlo method 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-4494-MS Advanced plutonium fuels program, April 1-June 30, 1970 and fourth annual rport, FY 1970 : quarterly status report 7.1MB Local PDF
LA-4515-MS Improved technique for using the fast fourier transform to solve convolution - type integral equations 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-4517 Differential equations invariant under two-parameter lie groups with applications to nonlinear diffusion 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-4537 Controlled-potential coulometric and potentiometric titrations of uranium and plutonium in ceramic-type materials 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-4543 Energy loss by nuclear elastic scattering 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-4546-MS Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly status report : July 1 - September 30, 1970 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-4547 Preliminary study of the nuclear subterrene 5.4MB Local PDF
LA-4566 Fission and capture cross sections of some curium isotopes from the physics 8 explosion 10.5MB Local PDF
LA-4567 TWOTRAN sphere : a Fortran program to solve the multigroup transport equation in two-dimensional spherical geometry 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-4574 Evaluated nuclear data for hydrogen in the ENDF/B-11 format 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-4585-MS Status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for the 12-month period ending October 1970 5.4MB Local PDF
LA-4595-MS Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly progress report : October 1 - December 31, 1970 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-4615 Measured U-235 and U-238 fissioning neutron fluence distributions in the Phoebus 2A shields : comparisons with Monte Carlo calculations 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-4622 Methods of chemical analysis for FBR uranium-plutonium oxide fuel and source materials 9.0MB Local PDF
LA-463 Oxidation of tracer amounts of plutonium by perchloric acid 283KB Local PDF
LA-4652-MS Compilation of requests for nuclear cross section measurements 6.9MB Local PDF
LA-4655 A generating operator for solutions of certain partial difference and differential equations 511KB Local PDF
LA-4656-MS Controlled thermonuclear research at LASL : present status and future plans for feasibility and reactor experiments 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-466 Electric and thermal behavior of completely ionized deuterium in presence of a magnetic field 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-4674-MS Fission cross section of Pu-238 from persimmon, tabular presentation 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-467 Capture cross sections of several substances for neutrons of various energies 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-4693-MS Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly status report : January 1 to March 31, 1971 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-469 Radioassay of plutonium 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-46 A comparison of boron and 25 fission cross-section for neutrons of energies from thermal to 3 Mev 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-4704 High temperature compressive creep and hot hardness of uranium-plutonium carbides 886KB Local PDF
LA-4709-MS Facility for duplicating 14-MeV neutron effects in fusion power reactors 669KB Local PDF
LA-4725 Evaluation of the neutron and gamma-ray production cross sections for nitrogen 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-4726 Preliminary evaluation of the neutron and photon-production cross sections for aluminum 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-4735-MS Finite-difference solution of axially symmetric nuclear single-particle potentials 523KB Local PDF
LA-473 Preparation of plutonium metal by the bomb method 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-4740-MS Reduction of mesh tangling in two-dimensional lagrangian hydrodynamics codes by the use of viscosity, artificial viscosity, and TTS (Temporary Triangular Subzoning for Long, Thin Zones) 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-4749-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : April 1 to June 30, 1971 and fifth annual report FY 1971 5.0MB Local PDF
LA-4769 Triangular mesh difference schemes for the transport equation 616KB Local PDF
LA-4776 Theoretical equation of state for deuterium 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-4780 Preliminary evaluation of the neutron and photon-production cross sections of oxygen 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-4800 TIMEX : a time-dependent explicit discrete ordinates program for the solution of multigroup transport equations 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-481 Asymptotic method of solving neutron-diffusion problems 6.6MB Local PDF
LA-4823 Numerical solution of the boltzmann equation for energy distributions of electrons with inelastic scattering on molecules 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-4828-MS Parameter study of a long, separated-shock theta pinch with superconducting inductive-energy storage 849KB Local PDF
LA-4836 Correspondence between the time- and criticality- eigenvalue problems for a bare-slab reactor 387KB Local PDF
LA-4841-MS Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : July 1 through September 30, 1971 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-4846 2DE : a two-dimensional continuous eulerian hydrodynamic code for computing multicomponent reactive hydrodynamic problems 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-4849 Determination of [sup 18]O/[sup 16]O atom ratio in plutonium dioxide enriched in [sup 16]O 620KB Local PDF
LA-4851 Be[sup 9](d,n)B[sup 10] cross section in the range of 0 to 2.8 MeV 217KB Local PDF
LA-4855 EVXS : a code to generate multigroup cross sections from the Los Alamos master data file 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-4858-MS Central station power generation by laser driven fusion (v.1) 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-485 Ratio of the thermal fission cross sections of 23 and 25 608KB Local PDF
LA-4864 Group invariance properties of the poisson-boltzmann and other nonlinear field equations 706KB Local PDF
LA-486 Methods for measuring fast decay of a near-critical assembly 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-4887 Hot-hardness testing of uranium-plutonium ceramics 396KB Local PDF
LA-4888-PR Status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for a 12-month period ending October 1971 6.9MB Local PDF
LA-488 Alpha counters as used inradioassay of plutonium 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-4890-MS Preliminary mission studies for a small nuclear engine 859KB Local PDF
LA-4897-Del. DSN, a CDC-7600 FORTRAN program for the calculation of one-dimensional, multigroup neutron transport, worth, and persistent fission chain probability 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-489 Hydrogen peroxide as a reagent in plutonium recovery 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-4901 Evaluated neutron-induced gamma-ray production cross sections for Pu-239 and Pu-240 906KB Local PDF
LA-490 Futher investigation of spontaneous fission in plutonium 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-4913-PR Quarterly status report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : October 1 to December 31, 1971 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-4918 Evaluated neutron-induced gamma-ray production cross sections for [sup 235]U and [sup 238]U 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-491 Average number of neutron emitted per spontaneous fission by Pu[sup 240] 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-4928 Evaluation of the total cross section for tungsten 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-4932 Two-dimensional, continuous, multicomponent eulerian calculations of interactions of shocks with V notches, voids, and rods in water 587KB Local PDF
LA-4938-MS Generalized, finite-differenced, diffusion equation for neutron-transport computations 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-493 Graphical method of obtaining critical masses of water-tamped water boilers 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-4943 Effect of soil and weather on the decomposition of explosives 201KB Local PDF
LA-495 Metallographic preparation and structure of plutonium and some plutonium alloys 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-4962 Two-dimensional detonations 424KB Local PDF
LA-4969-MS Elastic pion-nucleus scattering for studies of the nuclear surface 585KB Local PDF
LA-4977-SR Nuclear safety of an airborne fast reactor : final report of the reactor criticality analysis program 364KB Local PDF
LA-4992 Geometric interpretation of the dirac equation 183KB Local PDF
LA-4993-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly report, January 1 to March 31, 1972 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-5001-MS Parameter study of spall calculations in one-dimensional hydrodynamics codes 387KB Local PDF
LA-5008 History of the plutonium bioassay program at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, 1944-1972 490KB Local PDF
LA-5012-PR Performance of multiple HEPA filter against plutonium aerosols for period March 1 through June 30, 1972 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-5024-MS Capture cross section of Pu-238 from persimmon : tabulation of values 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-5036 Effect of interstitial gases on the shock sensitivity of granular PETN 363KB Local PDF
LA-5042-MS Fission cross section of [sup 249]Cf from physics-8, table of values 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-5043-MS Coupled neutron-gamma ray multigroup cross sections for nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, aluminum, carbon, iron, and hydrogen 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-5048 Gamma-ray production cross sections for 1- and 2-MeV neutron interactions with [sup 235]U and[sup 239]Pu 607KB Local PDF
LA-5050-PR Electroexplosives safety qualifications : July 1 through August 31, 1972 5.0MB Local PDF
LA-5051 Cross sections and analyzing powers in deuteron elastic scattering 281KB Local PDF
LA-5064-SR Analytical methods for fissionable materials in the nuclear fuel cycle : program status report, June 1971-June 1972 721KB Local PDF
LA-5067-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly progress report : April 1 to June 30, 1972 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-5068 Low-temperature equation of state for metals 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-507 Microvolumetric assay of plutonium 851KB Local PDF
LA-5106-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly progress report, July 1-September 30, 1972 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-510 Mass ratios and energy release in the fission of U[sup 235], U[sup 233] and Pu[sup 239] by thermal neutrons 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-511 Determination of the number of fission in two irradiated samples of U[sup 235] 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5121-MS Reference theta pinch reactor (RTPR) : a study of a pulsed high-beta fusion reactor based on the theta pinch 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-512 Capture cross section of U-235 for pile neutrons 608KB Local PDF
LA-5131 Pressure measurements on the shock-induced decomposition of high-density PETN 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-5132-MS Nonlinear diffusion of pulsed magnetic fields in planar and cylindrical plasmas 621KB Local PDF
LA-5134 Gamma-ray production cross sections for 5- to 8-MeV neutron interactions with U-235 247KB Local PDF
LA-5137 Coupled neutron-gamma multigroup-multitable cross sections for 29 materials pertinent to nuclear weapons effect calculations generated by LASL/TD division 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-5138 Direct : a neutron-transport cross section and trial-solution data retrieval system 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5139-MS New laminated bus for the nuclear instrument module system 588KB Local PDF
LA-5140-MS Improved thermal-shock-resistant carbides 454KB Local PDF
LA-5148-MS Twenty-seven year study of selected Los Alamos plutonium workers 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-515 Absolute (n, p) cross section of sulfur 681KB Local PDF
LA-5170-PR Performance of multiple HEPA filters against plutonium aerosols : progress report, July 1-December 31, 1972 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5172 Evaluated neutron-induced cross sections for Pu-239 and Pu-240 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-5175-MS Neutrino disintegration of the deuteron at LAMPF energies. 234KB Local PDF
LA-5193-PR Quarterly progress report on the advanced plutonium fuels program : October 1 to December 31, 1972 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-519 Slugulation during explosion due to Taylor instability 807KB Local PDF
LA-520 Fission cross sections of 02, 23, 25, 28, 49, B[sup 10] and Li[sup 6] 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-5221 Evaluation of the radiative-capture cross section for tungsten 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-5234-MS Regional survey of tritium in surface and ground water in the Los Alamos area, New Mexico, August 1966 - May 1969 513KB Local PDF
LA-5235-MS Continuous crystallization of high explosives 861KB Local PDF
LA-5241-MS Photon emission from gases induced by tritium beta decay 470KB Local PDF
LA-524 The calculation of critical masses including the effects of the distribution of neutron energies 7.7MB Local PDF
LA-5250-PR LASL controlled thermonuclear research program : progress report for a 12-month period ending December 1972 9.3MB Local PDF
LA-5253-MS Compilation of requests for nuclear data 9.5MB Local PDF
LA-5273 Iterative procedure for alignment in underground nuclear testing 617KB Local PDF
LA-5278-MS Decay of overdriven detonations in nitromethane 215KB Local PDF
LA-5280 Polynomial solutions of the Schroedinger equation applied to photon cross sections in atoms 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-5284-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly report, January 1 - March 31, 1973 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-5285-MS Recommended use of SI units in the nuclear rocket engine program 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5286-MS Underground movement of tritium from solid-waste storage shafts 496KB Local PDF
LA-5303-MS Apparatus for the reduction of tritium emissions into the atmosphere 257KB Local PDF
LA-531 July 16th nuclear explosion : space-time relationships 10.1MB Local PDF
LA-5328-MS Heat transfer and chemical stability calculations for controlled thermonuclear reactors (CTR) 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-5329 Measurement of oxygen-to-metal atom ratios in uranium and plutonium oxides 809KB Local PDF
LA-5347-SR Analytical methods for fissionable materials in the nuclear fuel cycle : program status report, June 1972-June 1973 982KB Local PDF
LA-5349-PR Performance of multiple HEPA filter against plutonium aerosols, January 1-June 30, 1973 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5354-MS Systems and cost analysis for a nuclear subterrene tunneling machine a preliminary study 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-5356-T Method of moments applied to an invariant-imbedding solution of a certain class of Fredholm integral equations 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-5364 A unified model of solar system and galaxy formation based on explosive fragmentation 897KB Local PDF
LA-5373-MS Improvements in hot-wire electroexplosive devices 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-5380-MS Relativistic electron pinch thermonuclear device 600KB Local PDF
LA-538 Electrical resistance method of measuring the velocity imparted to metals by high explosives 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5390-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly report, April 1-June 30, 1973 and seventh annual report, FY 1973 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-5398-MS Performance of (U, Zr)C-graphite (composite) and of (U, Zr)C (carbide) fuel in the nuclear furnace 1 test reactor 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-539 Absolute yield of delayed neutrons from plutonium fission, with fast-neutron excitation 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-53-A Methods of treatment of displacement integral equations : recipe book 4.9MB Local PDF
LA-53 Methods of treatment of displacement integral equations 5.5MB Local PDF
LA-5402-PR Joint services explosive program : quarterly progress report June 15 through August 15, 1973 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-5409 The kinetics of an H[sub]2-F[sub]2 explosion as initiated by a pulse of fluorine atoms 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-5411-MS Sensitivity of fusion reactor average cross sections to thermal broadening of the 14-MeV neutron peak 293KB Local PDF
LA-5412-T Polarization transfer in proton-deuteron elastic scattering 6.2MB Local PDF
LA-5427-MS PACER program : a strong explosion in a spherical cavity : two-dimensional evolution 360KB Local PDF
LA-5477-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly report, July 1-September 30, 1973 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-5480-MS FUELPIN : a data retrieval system for nuclear fuel pin information 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-5483-MS Proposed interim standard for plutonium in soils. 6.7MB Local PDF
LA-5490 Spectrophotometric measurement of uranium in plutonium dioxide 350KB Local PDF
LA-5498-MS Analysis of pellet-to-pellet data from nuclear reactor fuel rod scanning systems 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-549 Metabolism of plutonium in the rat 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-5506-PR Preparation and evaluation of medical-grade plutonium-238 fuels, July 1, 1971-June 30, 1973 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-552 Preparation of a mock fission neutron source 787KB Local PDF
LA-5544-PR Performance of multiple HEPA filters against plutonium aerosols : July 1 through December 31, 1973 759KB Local PDF
LA-5546-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : quarterly progress report for the period July 1 through September 30, 1973 608KB Local PDF
LA-5547-MS The invariant decomposition of the equations governing hydrodynamic flow and thermal conductivity 171KB Local PDF
LA-5548-MS Experimental observations of underwater detonations near the water surface 981KB Local PDF
LA-5552 Neutron scattering cross section of [sup 197]Au 10.1MB Local PDF
LA-5568 Improved two-column ion exchange separation of plutonium, uranium, and neodymium in mixed uranium-plutonium fuels for burnup measurement 574KB Local PDF
LA-556 Cloud-chamber and photoplate measurements of the fission-neutron spectrum of 49 981KB Local PDF
LA-5570-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : quarterly progress report : October 1 through December 31, 1973 312KB Local PDF
LA-5582-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly report : October 1 through December 31, 1973 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-5587-MS A Method to estimate the specific fissions in [sup 235]U using a NaI crystal 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-5589-MS Shipping container for plutonium-238 as fissile material class 1 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-558 Directional properties of fission neutrons 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5615-MS Design considerations for a high-pressure, equation-of-state experiment 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5616-PR Quarterly report : joint services explosives program, December 1, 1973, through March 15, 1974 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-561 Isotopic constitution of plutonium : Part 3 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5627 Preparation of working calibration and test materials for intra- and interlaboratory surveillance of nuclear materials measurement methods : plutonium nitrate solution 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-562 Fission cross section of uranium 235 for 25-kilovolt neutrons 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-5651-M Fundamentals of passive nondestructive assay of fissionable material 6.2MB Local PDF
LA-5651-M-Suppl. Fundamentals of passive nondestructive assay of fissionable material : laboratory workbook 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-5655-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : quarterly progress report : January 1 through March 31, 1974 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-5656-PR LASL controlled thermonuclear research program : progress report for a 12-month period ending December 1973 11.2MB Local PDF
LA-5660-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly report, January 1-March 31, 1974. 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-5661 Studies of plutonium, americium, and uranium in environmental matrices 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-5664-MS Potential fatigue problems in first-wall laser-controlled fusion reactors 715KB Local PDF
LA-5679 Preliminary study of plasma nuclear reactor feasibility 915KB Local PDF
LA-5687 PENDF : a library of nuclear data for Monte Carlo calculations derived from data in the ENDF/B format 15.7MB Local PDF
LA-5696-SR Analytical methods for fissionable materials in the nuclear fuel cycle : program status report, June 1973 - June 1974 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-5699-MS Magnetically protected first wall for a laser-induced thermonuclear reaction 397KB Local PDF
LA-5703-SR-Rev. Status report : laser fusion target fabrication : 30 April 1974 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-5704-MS Yokifer : a two-dimensional hydrodynamics and radiation transport program 8.1MB Local PDF
LA-5706-MS Laser fusion for laymen 836KB Local PDF
LA-5711-PR Quarterly report : Joint services explosives program : March 16 through June 30, 1974 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5716-MS Dispersion and movement of tritium in a shallow aquifer in Mortandad canyon at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 647KB Local PDF
LA-5718-MS Laser controlled thermonuclear reactor system studies 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-571 Neutron diffusion : spherical harmonics theory 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-5727-PR Applied nuclear data research and development quarterly progress report : April 1 through June 30, 1974 995KB Local PDF
LA-5732-MS Absolute differential cross sections for neutron production by the H-2(d,n)He-3 reaction with E/sub d/ from 6 to 17 MeV 437KB Local PDF
LA-5748-MS Magnetic energy transfer and storage (METS) program schedules for a fusion test reactor (FTR) 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-574 Gravity waves generated by surface and underwater explosions in shallow water 9.2MB Local PDF
LA-5755 Demolition of building 12, an old plutonium filter facility 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-5760 Modified difference schemes for the transport equation solution 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5781-PR Advanced plutonium fuels program : quarterly report, April 1 through June 30, 1974 and eighth annual report, FY 1974 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-5784-PR Performance of multiple HEPA filters against plutonium aerosols, January 1-June 30, 1974 583KB Local PDF
LA-5791 Flameless atomic absorption apparatus for analyzing alpha-radioactive materials 467KB Local PDF
LA-5794-M Guide to gamma-ray assay for nuclear material accountability 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-5804-PR Applied nuclear data research and development quarterly progress report : July 1 through September 30, 1974 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-5830-T Radiochemical studies of some low- and medium-energy nuclear reactions produced by accelerated tritons, deuterons, and protons 5.0MB Local PDF
LA-5832-MS Heat transfer model for composite first wall materials in a pulsed high-beta controlled thermonuclear reactor (CTR) 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-5842-MS Theory of the scattering of pions by nuclear matter 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-5854-T Pi-meson absorption on the deuteron 5.8MB Local PDF
LA-5876-MS Coprecipitation of uranium and plutonium oxaiates using sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate reduction and diethyl oxalate hydrolysis precipitation 192KB Local PDF
LA-5898-MS Performance of structured laser fusion pellets 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5917-MS Ion tail filling in laser-fusion targets 442KB Local PDF
LA-5923-MS Los Alamos presentation on laser fusion to the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Washington, DC, March 13, 1975 983KB Local PDF
LA-5929-MS FITPI : modifications to the optical model program pirk for parameter searches and total cross sections 568KB Local PDF
LA-5931 Review of fuel element development for nuclear rocket engines 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-5944-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : quarterly progress report : October 1 through December 31, 1974 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-5952 Methods of characteristics for the transport equation solution 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-5980 XPECT : a Monte Carlo program to predict the expected-time-to-next-failure in controlled thermonuclear research systems 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-5987 Consistency among differential nuclear data and integral observations : the alvin code for data adjustment, for sensitivity calculations, and for identification 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-5990-MS Onetran : a discrete ordinates finite element code for the solution of the one-dimensional multigroup transport equation 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-5993-MS Characterization of transuranic solid wastes from a plutonium processing facility 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5994-MS Hadronic atoms and ticklish nuclei : the E2 nuclear resonance effect 515KB Local PDF
LA-5 Integral diffusion problems 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-6016-SOP-Rev.1 Technical specifications for the Pajarito Site critical experiments facility 729KB Local PDF
LA-6016-SOP Technical specifications for the Pajarito Site critical experiments facility 690KB Local PDF
LA-6018-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : January 1-March 31, 1975 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-6021-MS Gamma and beta decay power following U-235 and Pu-239 fission bursts 490KB Local PDF
LA-6023-MS Proprietary, standard, and government-supported nuclear data bases 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-6024 Conceptual design study of a scyllac fusion test reactor 15.6MB Local PDF
LA-6030-C Abstracts of contributed papers : sixth international conference on high-energy physics and nuclear structure, Santa Fe and Los Alamos, NM, June 9-14, 1975 16.8MB Local PDF
LA-6037-MS Review of thermal expansion and density of uranium and plutonium carbides 831KB Local PDF
LA-6039 Accurate determination of impurity concentrations in plutonium metals by statistical evaluation of analytical data 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-603 Neutron diffusion in a space lattice of fissionable and absorbing materials 962KB Local PDF
LA-6044-PR LASL controlled thermonuclear research program : progress report, January-December 1974 15.7MB Local PDF
LA-6045-SR Analytical methods for fissionable materials in the nuclear fuel cycle : covering June 1974-June 1975 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-6052-MS LASL participation in the gas explosive simulation technique experiments 785KB Local PDF
LA-6063 Laser-fusion target fabrication : application of a polymeric ablator coating to a ball-and-disk target design by the physical vapor deposition of polyethylene 142KB Local PDF
LA-6076-MS Lognormal damage function with offset circular normal target and weapon locations : mean and other moments 392KB Local PDF
LA-6096 Electrical and thermal transport properties of uranium and plutonium carbides 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-6097-MS Detonation of high explosives in lagrangian hydrodynamic codes using the programmed burn technique 707KB Local PDF
LA-611 Energy distribution of the fragments resulting from the fission of U[sup 235] by slow and by fast neutrons 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-6123-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : April 1-June 30, 1975 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-6127-MS Effects of neutron streaming and geometric models on molten fuel recritically accidents 874KB Local PDF
LA-6136 Description of collisionless plasmas by classical field equations 317KB Local PDF
LA-6147 Chemical burnup determination based on spectrophotometric measurement of total rare earth fission products, uranium, and plutonium 686KB Local PDF
LA-6154-MS Theoretical simulations of the gas explosive simulation technique (GEST) experiments 450KB Local PDF
LA-6164-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : July 1-September 30, 1975 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-6167-MS Reliability studies for the nuclear-powered artificial heart program 934KB Local PDF
LA-6188 [sup]4He(t,t)[sup]4He elastic scattering : analyzing powers and differential cross sections 813KB Local PDF
LA-6201-MS TIMEX : a time-dependent explicit discrete ordinates program for the solution of multigroup transport equations with delayed neutrons 3.6MB Local PDF
LA-6207 Laser-fusion target fabrication : application of organic coatings to metallic and nonmetallic micropellets by the glow-discharge polymerization of P-xylene 361KB Local PDF
LA-6245-PR Laser fusion program : progress report, 1 July-31 December-1975 7.9MB Local PDF
LA-6250 The MES code : chemical-equilibrium detonation-product states of condensed explosives 4.3MB Local PDF
LA-6257 Double-differential beryllium neutron cross sections at incident neutron energies of 5.9, 10.1, and 14.2 MeV 849KB Local PDF
LA-6259 Two-dimensional homogeneous and heterogeneous detonation wave porpagation 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-6260-MS LIB-IV, a library of group constants for nuclear reactor calculations 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-6261-M YAQUI user's manual for fireball calculations 10.3MB Local PDF
LA-6262-MS Absolute differential cross sections over the entire angular range for the reaction [sup 3]H(d,n)[sup 4]He at 7.0 and 10.0 MeV 207KB Local PDF
LA-626 Nuclear explosion 16 July 1945 : health physics report on radioactive contamination throughout New Mexico following the nuclear explosion 7.5MB Local PDF
LA-6287-MS CINX : collapsed interpretation of nuclear x sections 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-6292 Application of transmission electron microscopy to splat-cooled plutonium alloys 329KB Local PDF
LA-6298-MS Numerical rate equation model for the HE-CS charge exchange laser 649KB Local PDF
LA-629 Half-life of tritium 981KB Local PDF
LA-630 Neutron absorption cross sections of radioactive La[sup 140], Ba[sup 140], and two stable C[sub 0] isotopes 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-631-Del. Preparation and operational plan of medical group (TR-7) for nuclear explosion 16 July 1945 14.5MB Local PDF
LA-6333-MS Program to solve the multigroup discrete ordinates transport equation in (x, y, z) geometry 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-6360 Numerical simulation of multiconstituent diffusion and helium release characteristics of the [sup 238]PuO[sub 2] heat source used in radioisotopic thermoelectric generators 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-6362-MS Lithium flow on the inside of a spherical fusion-reactor cavity 592KB Local PDF
LA-637 Neutron cross sections of U[sup 235] and Pu[sup 239] at low energies 746KB Local PDF
LA-638 Nuclear explosion 16 July 1945 : health physics report on radioactive contamination throughout New Mexico. Part B: biological effects 6.1MB Local PDF
LA-63 Ultramicrochemical investigation of the solubilities of some plutonium compounds 327KB Local PDF
LA-6402-P A proposed 10-mj fast discharging homopolar machine for fusion reactor systems 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-6430-MS The influence of pairing on the distribution of independent yield strengths in neutron-induced fission 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-6444 Uranium daughter growth must not be neglected when adjusting plutonium materials for assay and isotopic contents 760KB Local PDF
LA-6454 Accuracy of the conventional lagrangian scheme for one-dimensional hydrodynamics 4.3MB Local PDF
LA-6458-P A proposal for a tritium systems test facility at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 5.2MB Local PDF
LA-6460-MS Appraisal of available information on uptake by plants of transplutonium elements and neptunium 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-6472-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : January 1-March 31, 1976 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-64 Stopping power of various substances for fission fragments 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-6510-PR Laser fusion program : January 1-June 30, 1976 8.9MB Local PDF
LA-6518-MS Light element standard cross sections for ENDF/B : version IV 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-6560-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : April 1-June 30, 1976 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-6566-MS Sodium iodide and plastic scintillator doorway monitor response to shielded reactor grade plutonium 678KB Local PDF
LA-656 Thermodynamic functions for tritium and tritium hydride : the equilibrium of tritium and hydrogen with tritium hydride : the dissociation of tritium and tritium hydride. 801KB Local PDF
LA-6574 Measurement reliability for nuclear material assay 4.9MB Local PDF
LA-6577-PR Analytical methods for fissionable materials in the nuclear fuel cycle : progress report, July 1, 1975-September 30, 1976 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-6582-PR LASL controlled thermonuclear research program : progress report, January-December 1975 13.4MB Local PDF
LA-6583 Electroless or autocatalytic coating of microparticles for laser fusion targets 245KB Local PDF
LA-6584 Electrolytic coating of microparticles for laser fusion targets 268KB Local PDF
LA-6585-MS Effects of cosolidfying MAN/AN and QMAN/AN on the performance of a nonideal explosive 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-6595-MS Distribution of independent fission-product yields to isomeric states 854KB Local PDF
LA-659 Ranges in air and mass identification of plutonium fission fragments 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-6615 Photoionization cross sections and radiative recombination rate coefficients for positive ions of carbon and gold 820KB Local PDF
LA-6616-PR LASL laser fusion program : progress report, July 1-September 31, 1976 5.4MB Local PDF
LA-6621-MS Commercial application of thermionic conversion using a fusion reactor energy source : a preliminary assessment 598KB Local PDF
LA-6628-MS New concept for deep-penetration transport calculations and two new forms of the neutron transport equation 587KB Local PDF
LA-6633-MS Sputtering erosion of fusion reactor cavity walls 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-663 Integral diffusion kernel for a cylinder 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-6684-MS Approximations to summation calculations of delayed energy and spectra from fission products 671KB Local PDF
LA-6694-MS Preliminary evaluation of the potential for plutonium release from burial grounds at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-6706-MS Ceramic materials for nuclear thermionic converters 582KB Local PDF
LA-6711-MS Hazard classification test of mixed-load 30-mm GAU-8 ammunition by bonfire cookoff and sympathetic detonation testing 758KB Local PDF
LA-6721-PR Conversion of plutonium nitrate solution to oxide : part 1. progress report, November 1-December 31, 1976. 443KB Local PDF
LA-6723-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : July 1-September 30, 1976 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-6741-MS Examination of the pathways from soil to man for plutonium 5.0MB Local PDF
LA-6754-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : October 1-December 31, 1976 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-6764-MS Evidence that alpha-phase plutonium is a 9R martensite 539KB Local PDF
LA-6783-MS Light ternary fission products : probabilities and charge distributions 710KB Local PDF
LA-6787-MS Seismic qualification of equipment for the TA-55 plutonium processing facility 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-6791-MS Elastic scattering of polarized tritons by [sup 9]Be and [sup 12]C : analyzing powers and differential cross sections 426KB Local PDF
LA-6799-MS HP-25 program for solving the strong shock algorithm for yield and origin-shift 134KB Local PDF
LA-6813-MS Bayesian zero-failure (BAZE) reliability demonstration testing procedure for components of nuclear reactor safety systems 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-6821-MS Heating of D[sub]2gas targets by intense tritium ion beams 429KB Local PDF
LA-6824 System of nonlinear partial differential equations describing cylindrical plasma collapse 849KB Local PDF
LA-6827-MS One-dimensional computer simulations of the implosion of simple-shell targets with the Los Alamos two-beam CO[sub]2 611KB Local PDF
LA-6833-MS Numerical code for the three-dimensional parabolic wave equation 796KB Local PDF
LA-6834-PR Laser fusion porgram : progress report, October 1-December 31, 1976 7.7MB Local PDF
LA-6838-PR Commercial applications of inertial confinement fusion 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-6850-C Fifth annual conference of the international nuclear target development society 7.5MB Local PDF
LA-6878-MS LAMPF : a nuclear research facility 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-6885-MS Automated heuristic stability analysis for nonlinear equations 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-6893-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : progress report, January 1,-March 31, 1977 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-6923 Nondestructive assay methods for irradiated nuclear fuels 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-6926-C Lectures from the LAMPF summer school on nuclear structure with pions and protons 9.8MB Local PDF
LA-6947 GNASH : a preequilibrium, statistical nuclear-model code for calculation of cross sections and emission spectra 5.5MB Local PDF
LA-6949-MS-Rev. EXPLO : explosives thermal analysis computer code 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-6971-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : April 1-June 30, 1977 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-6982-PR Laser fusion program at LASL : progress report, January 1-June 30, 1977 11.1MB Local PDF
LA-6986-MS Structured pellet design for laser fusion : a numerical determination of the optimum mass ration 207KB Local PDF
LA-701 Thermodynamic functions for tritium deuteride : dissociation of tritium deuteride : equilibria among the isotopic hydrogen molecules 578KB Local PDF
LA-7082-PR LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program : January-December 1976 15.4MB Local PDF
LA-7089-MS Liner-concrete heat transfer study for nuclear power plant containments 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-710 Neutron fission cross secion of U[sup 238] in the region of neutron energy between 6 and 9 Mev 5.2MB Local PDF
LA-7114-TR High-energy, twelve-channel laser facility (DELFIN) for spherical irradiation of thermonuclear targets 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-7123-MS Safe-stationary detonation train for Army ordnance 340KB Local PDF
LA-7140 Characterization of two commercial explosives 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-7170-MS Experimental criticality specifications : an annotated bibliography through 1977 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-7170-MS-Suppl. Experimental criticality specifications, update through 1979 : informal report 264KB Local PDF
LA-7173-MS The U.S. defense problem as it pertains to battlefield nuclear weapons 818KB Local PDF
LA-7174-MS Multigroup and few-group cross sections for ENDF/B-IV fission products. The TOAFEW collapsing code and data file of 154-group fission-product cross sections 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-718 Energy spectrum of neutrons from fissions induced by thermal neutrons 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-719 The fission cross section of U[sup 238] for 14 Mev neutrons 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-7200-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : October 1-December 31, 1977 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-7209-MS The extraction of tritium from helium streams using La[sub 5.25]Ni 480KB Local PDF
LA-7216-MS Sorption-desorption studies of nuclear test debris 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-721 The total cross section of the He[sub 3] nucleus for slow neutrons 951KB Local PDF
LA-723 The Conservation of energy and momentum in nuclear reactions 16.8MB Local PDF
LA-7253 Three-dimensional shock-change relations for reactive fluids 879KB Local PDF
LA-7260 Preparation of working calibration and test materials : plutonium oxide 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-726 Relative photofission cross sections of several fissionable materials 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-7301-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : January 1--March 31, 1978 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-7313-MS IONEOS : a fast, analytic, ion equation-of-state routine 425KB Local PDF
LA-7315 Concepts for inventory verification in critical facilities 6.7MB Local PDF
LA-731 The determination of equation of state data from measurements in shocks 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-7328-PR Laser fusion program at LASL : progess report, July 1-December 31, 1977 12.8MB Local PDF
LA-7358-MS Ignition and initiation of potassium picrate and potassium picrate/explosives mixtures : nonprimary hot-wire detonators 607KB Local PDF
LA-7373 Determination of uranium and neptunium in plutonium by x-ray fluorescence 345KB Local PDF
LA-7379-MS Movement of fluids and plutonium from shafts at Los Alamos, New Mexico 459KB Local PDF
LA-7382-MS The costs of electronuclear fuel production 551KB Local PDF
LA-7403-H History of PUQFUA : plutonium body burden (Q) from urine assays 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-7410-MS Hybrid method for the numerical solution of the electron transport equation : the reduced source method 518KB Local PDF
LA-7413-MS Ventilation system pressure transients : proposed experiments and shock tube conceptual design 565KB Local PDF
LA-7452-MS Calorimetric fission product decay heat measurements for [sup 239]Pu, [sup 233]U, and [sup 235]U 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-7454 Interaction of explosive-driven air shocks with water and plexiglas 981KB Local PDF
LA-745 Optical and morphological crystallography of plutonium compounds 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-7474-PR LASL : controlled thermonuclear research program : progress report, January-December 1977 12.7MB Local PDF
LA-7477-MS Injection of laser fusion pellets : Part 1. Accuracy required, acceleration, and residual gas deflections. 770KB Local PDF
LA-747 Angular distribution of 10.8 Mev deuterons scattered by deuterons 460KB Local PDF
LA-7482-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : April 1-June 30, 1978 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-7483-MS Application of library of processed ENDF/B-IV fission-product aggregate decay in the calculations of decay-energy spectra 6.8MB Local PDF
LA-7521 Coordinated safeguards for materials management in a uranium-plutonium nitrate-to-oxide coconversion facility : coprecal 8.4MB Local PDF
LA-7534-MS Analysis of laser fusion targets using monochromatic x-ray microradiographs 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-753 Portable fast-neutron fission-chamber monitor 810KB Local PDF
LA-7553-PR Analytical methods for fissionable material determinations in the nuclear fuel cycle 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-755 Fission cross section of U[sup 238] in the neighborhood of 7 Mev 764KB Local PDF
LA-7571-MS Analysis of nuclear facilities for tornado-induced flow and reentrainment 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-7587-PR Inertial fusion program : progress report, January 1-June 30, 1978 14.0MB Local PDF
LA-7589-MS Polarized proton neutron total cross sections from proton-deuteron data 395KB Local PDF
LA-7592-MS Production of synthetic gas from nuclear energy sources 16.0MB Local PDF
LA-7596-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : July 1-September 30, 1978 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-7619-P Advanced laser fusion target fabrication research and development proposal 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-7627-MS Methane generated from graphite-tritium interaction 288KB Local PDF
LA-7645-MS Passive neutron assay of irradiated nuclear fuels 889KB Local PDF
LA-7663-MS Summary documentation of LASL nuclear data evaluations for ENDF/B-V 5.7MB Local PDF
LA-7686-MS A conceptual design of the fast-liner reactor (FLR) for fusion power 5.9MB Local PDF
LA-7695-MS Existence and lifetime of laser fusion pellets containing tritium 561KB Local PDF
LA-7709-T Thermal-hydraulic analysis techniques for axisymmetric pebble bed nuclear reactor cores 6.7MB Local PDF
LA-7714-MS-v.1 A proposed NATO force based on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons. I, Methodology and guidelines, NATO central front 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-7716 Quantitative determination of tritium in metals and oxides 367KB Local PDF
LA-7722-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : October 1-December 31, 1978 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-7726-MS Ventilation system pressure transients : small-scale shock tube results 618KB Local PDF
LA-7728-MS Verification station for Sandia/Rockwell plutonium protection system 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-7755-PR Inertial fusion program 9.4MB Local PDF
LA-7760-MS Estimation of the density of organic explosives from their structural formulas 985KB Local PDF
LA-7793-MS DASH : a multicomponent time-dependent concentration diffusion with radioactive decay program 3.6MB Local PDF
LA-7802-MS Production of iron nuclides in thermal, fission, and 14.1-MeV neutron sources 224KB Local PDF
LA-7808-MS Coupled neutron and photon cross sections for transport calculations 490KB Local PDF
LA-7817-MS-v.2 M-3 series on detonation science, II : one-dimensional flow 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-7819 Steady-wave analysis of the effect of porosity on viscous and inviscid detonations by use of a reactive-porous analog. 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-7843-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : January 1-March 31, 1979 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-7870-MS Block relaxation techniques for finite-element elliptic equations : an example 416KB Local PDF
LA-7879-MS SNEX : Semianalytic solution of the one-dimensional discrete ordinates (S/sub n/) transport equations with diamond differenced angular fluxes 841KB Local PDF
LA-7887-M User's manual for LASL shock hugoniot data file 536KB Local PDF
LA-7897-MS All secondary explosive hot-wire devices 427KB Local PDF
LA-7929 Theory of explosions in anisotropic media 460KB Local PDF
LA-7941-MS X-ray diodes for laser fusion plasma diagnostics 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-7961-MS FISPRO : a simplified computer program for general fission product formation and decay calculations 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-7964-MS Analysis of ventilation systems subjected to explosive transients : initial analysis and proposed approach 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-7974-PR Research and development related to Nevada nuclear waste storage investigations 603KB Local PDF
LA-7989 Numerical modeling of sympathetic detonation 819KB Local PDF
LA-8000-C Proceedings of the impact fusion workshop 18.1MB Local PDF
LA-8019-MS Economic analysis of nuclear power reactor dissemination to less developed nations with implications for nuclear proliferation 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-8034-MS Specific heat and thermal conductivity of explosives, mixtures, and plastic-bonded explosives determined experimentally 534KB Local PDF
LA-8036-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : April 1-June 30, 1979 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-8041-MS-Rev. TMI-2 decay power : LASL fission-product and actinide decay power calculations for the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island 11.5MB Local PDF
LA-8041-MS TMI-2 decay power : LASL fission-product and actinide decay power calculations for the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island 10.7MB Local PDF
LA-8047-T Statistical model investigation of nuclear fission 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-8049-MS Preliminary concepts : materials management in an internationally safeguarded nuclear waste 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-8062 Theoretical equations of state for the rare gases 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-8064-MS Normal ionizing shock as a theta pinch preionizer 734KB Local PDF
LA-8082 Response of containment vessels to explosive blast loading 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-8087 Low-energy nuclear fusion data and their relation to magnetic and laser fusion 771KB Local PDF
LA-8115-MS Development of AFX-511 and AFX-521, two new thermally stable explosives 422KB Local PDF
LA-8131-PR Analytical methods for fissionable material determinations in the nuclear fuel cycle 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-8141-MS Model of burning and detonation in rocket motors 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-8145 Modified titrimetric determination of plutonium using photometric end-point detection 643KB Local PDF
LA-8157-PR Applied nuclear data research development : progress report, July 1-September 30, 1979 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-8186-MS Dense z-pinch (DZP) as a fusion power reactor : preliminary scaling calculations and systems energy balance 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-8204-MS Developmental studies of constitutive models for plastic-bonded explosives 530KB Local PDF
LA-8207-MS Report of the heavy-ion fusion task group 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-8209 HYDSES : a subroutine package for using SESAME in hydrodynamic codes 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-8215-MS [sup 3]H(P,N) [sup 3]He differential cross sections below 5 MEV and the n-[sup 3]He cross Se sections 564KB Local PDF
LA-8267-MS Electron excitation collision strengths for positive atomic ions 6.9MB Local PDF
LA-8277-MS FITPULS : a code for obtaining analytic fits to aggregate fission-product decay-energy spectra 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-8286-MS First wall magnetic protection in a inertially confined thermonuclear reactor 846KB Local PDF
LA-8291-MS Comparative assessment of nuclear fuel cycles light-water reactor once-through, classical fast breeder reactor, and symbiotic fast breeder reactor cycles 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-8298-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : October 1-December 31, 1979 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-82 Fission cross section of 25 for 0.01 to 1000 eV neutrons 4.8MB Local PDF
LA-8322-MS Investigation of pressure transients in nuclear filtration systems : construction details of a large shock tube 595KB Local PDF
LA-8332 Thermal response of spherical explosive charges subjected to external heating 588KB Local PDF
LA-8333-MS Comprehensive neutron cross-section and secondary energy distribution uncertainty analysis for a fusion reactor 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-8336-MS Criticality calculations and criticality monitoring studies of the slagging pyrolysis incinerator facility 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-8348 Preparation of working reference materials : Calcined waste recovery products containing uranium or plutonium 788KB Local PDF
LA-8365-MS PEFPYD : a library of aggregate fission-product decay data derived from ENDF/B-IV 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-8377-T Measurement of the doubly differential cross section for [pi minus]p --> [pi minus pi plus]n near threshold 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-8399 Separation of trace uranium from plutonium for subsequent analysis 212KB Local PDF
LA-8410-MS Thickening of a shock front by the grain structure of a solid 793KB Local PDF
LA-8418-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : January 1-March 31, 1980 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-8452-MS SOLA-STAR : one-dimensional ICED-ALE hydrodynamics program for spherically symmetric flows 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-8498-MS SENSIT : a cross section and design sensitivity and uncertainty analysis code 5.1MB Local PDF
LA-8502-M EOSMOD : a subroutine package for calculating equations of state and opacities 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-8503-MS Fusion-fission hybrid as an alternative to the fast breeder reactor 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-8511-PR Inertial fusion program : July 1-December 31, 1979 12.0MB Local PDF
LA-8524-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : progress report, April 1-June 30, 1980. 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-8532 Improved evaluation of the differential cross sections of the [sup 3]H(d,n) [sup 4]He reaction for deuteron energies between 3 and 7 MeV 296KB Local PDF
LA-8538 [sup 2]H(d,n) [sup 3]He differential cross sections for deuteron energies between 20 and 40 MeV 261KB Local PDF
LA-8551-MS Storage stability of X-0298 : a rubber-bonded HMX-based explosive 379KB Local PDF
LA-8552-MS Microquake activity associated with underground nuclear testing at the Nevada test site 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-8554-MS Model for ground motion and atmospheric overpressure due to underground nuclear explosion 647KB Local PDF
LA-8557 Models and analyses for inertial-confinement fusion-reactor studies 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-8567-MS Melting under shock compression 280KB Local PDF
LA-8591-MS Investigating explosive and material properties by use of the plate dent test 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-8600-MS Edge envelope equation for a ballistically focused neutralized ion beam 298KB Local PDF
LA-8616-MS Computationally efficient expression for the zero-temperature isotherm in equations of state 486KB Local PDF
LA-8626-MS Evaluated neutron-induced cross sections for [sup 54,56]Fe to 40 MeV 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-8630-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : July 1-September 30, 1980 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-8642-M HYDROX : a one-dimensional lagrangian hydrodynamics code 9.7MB Local PDF
LA-8655 Three-dimensional modeling of triple-wave initiation of insensitive explosives 434KB Local PDF
LA-8667-MS Horizontal diffusion in the atmosphere : a lagrangian-dynamical theory 867KB Local PDF
LA-8671 K-components for the [approx.]1.4-, [approx.]1.6-, and [approx.] 1.7-MeV structures in the fission of [sup 232]Th + n 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-8692-MS Strategic trends and critical choices 7.2MB Local PDF
LA-8695-MS Preliminary toxicological study of pyx explosive : [2.6-bis(picrylamino)-3.5-dinitropyridine] 290KB Local PDF
LA-8715-PR Space nuclear safety and fuels program : progress report, October 1980 888KB Local PDF
LA-8717-PR Chemistry-nuclear chemistry division : progress report, October 1979-September 1980 12.5MB Local PDF
LA-8735-PR Space nuclear safety and fuels program : progress report, November 1980. 880KB Local PDF
LA-8737-MS EOSSCAN : a program to display equation-of-state data 469KB Local PDF
LA-8749-PR Space nuclear safety and fuels program : progress report, December 1980 997KB Local PDF
LA-8757-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : progress report, October 1 - December 31, 1980 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-8772-MS Scale-model study of the seismic response of a nuclear reactor core 856KB Local PDF
LA-8776-MS Radiological criteria for underground nuclear tests 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-8786 Vacuum ultraviolet light production by nuclear irradiation of liquid and gaseous xenon 866KB Local PDF
LA-8790 Numerical model study of burning and detonation in small PETN-loaded assemblies 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-8799-MS Nuclear accident dosimetry : Los Alamos measurements at the seventeenth nuclear accident dosimetry intercomparison study at the Oak Ridge National Lab 760KB Local PDF
LA-87 Long range alpha particles emitted in connection with fission : preliminary report, May 18, 1944 964KB Local PDF
LA-8809-MS Materials measurement and accounting in an operating plutonium conversion and purification process 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-8833-M User's manual for PANDA : a computer code for calculating equations of state 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-8848-MS Los Alamos personnel and area criticality dosimeter systems 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-8869-MS Neutron production from ([alpha], n) reactions and spontaneous fission in ThO[sub 2], UO[sub2], and (U, Pu)O[sub 2] fuels 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-8874-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : progress report, January 1-March 31, 1981 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-8898-MS Some issues related to possible power generation as a by-product of special nuclear materials production 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-8899-MS Analysis of nuclear power economics 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-8908-MS ORBEOS : a spherical, fully multidimensional flux-corrected transport-hydrodynamics code 965KB Local PDF
LA-8927-MS Numerical methods for nonlinear differential equations 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-8930-MS Computer modeling of an all-secondary explosive hot-wire device 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-8937-T Inclusive proton spectra and total reaction cross sections for proton-nucleus scattering at 800 MeV 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-8965-MS Attempt to identify an explosive after highly confined detonation 536KB Local PDF
LA-8985-T Numerical solutions of the Fokker-Planck charged-particle-transport equation 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-8 Integral treatment of neutron diffusion 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9040 Model calculations for the explosive generator-driven dense plasma focus 481KB Local PDF
LA-9042-PR Space nuclear safety and fuels program : progress report, May 1981 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-9054-MS Numerical modeling of gun experiments with impact velocities less than SDT threshold : thermal explosion initiated by friction heat 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9056-MS Decommissioning of a tritium-contaminated laboratory 757KB Local PDF
LA-9060-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : progress report, April 1-June 30, 1981 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-9077-MS Decommissioning of the TA-42 plutonium contaminated incinerator facility 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9086-PR Inertial fusion program : progress report, January-December 1980 20.2MB Local PDF
LA-9090-MS Integral data testing of ENDF/B fission-product data and comparisons of ENDF/B with other fission product data files 4.9MB Local PDF
LA-9094-MS Analysis of ventilation system subjected to explosive transients : far-field analysis 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-9107-MS Shipping containers for small samples of high explosives 739KB Local PDF
LA-9108-MS Neutron monitoring of plutonium at the ZPPR storage vault 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-9124-MS Test and evaluation of the in-line plutonium solution K-absorption-edge densitometer at the Savannah River Plant 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-9127 POPCYCLE : a computer code for calculating nuclear and fossil plant levelized life-cycle power costs 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-9129-MS Differential cross sections of the reaction [sup 4]He(t,n)[sup 6]Li between 8.5 and 16.5 MeV and the n-[sup 6]Li cross-section standard 705KB Local PDF
LA-9139-MS Advanced-fuel reversed-field pinch fusion reactor (DD/RFPR) : preliminary considerations 4.6MB Local PDF
LA-9171-MS Effects of accelerating the construction of nuclear power plants on oil and gas use 945KB Local PDF
LA-9172 Spectrophotometric determination of plutonium with chlorophosphonazo III in n-pentanol 526KB Local PDF
LA-9174-PR Effects of long-term exposure of tuffs to high-level nuclear waste-repository conditions 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9182-T Laser shock-wave generation, propagation and interactions in low pressure air 6.8MB Local PDF
LA-9184-M-Rev. Revised user's manual for ONEDANT : a code package for one-dimensional, diffusion-accelerated, neutral-particle transport 9.7MB Local PDF
LA-9184-M User's manual for ONEDANT : a code package for one-dimensional, diffusion-accelerated, neutral-particle transport 7.6MB Local PDF
LA-9199-MS Uranium immobilization and nuclear waste 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-9210-MS Response of standard and high-capacity HEPA filters to simulated tornado and explosive transients 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-9232-T Two-dimensional cross-section sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for fusion reactor blankets 6.3MB Local PDF
LA-9254-MS Effects of fission products on demonstrated X-ray and gamma-ray NDA techniques applied to nuclear materials accounting in reprocessing 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-9262-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : progress report, July 1-September 30, 1981 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-9267 Investigation of the physical and explosives properties of the eutectic explosive ammonium nitrate/ammonium 3,5-dinitro-1,2,4-triazolate 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9271-MS High-explosives test facility 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-9288-MS Passive/active coincidence collar for total plutonium measurement of MOX fuel assemblies 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9303-M-v.1 The NJOY nuclear data processing system. Volume 1, User's manual 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-9303-M-v.2 The NJOY nuclear data processing system. Volume 2, The NJOY, RECONR, BROADR, HEATR, and THERMR modules 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-9303-M-v.3 The NJOY nuclear data processing system. Volume III, The GROUPR, GAMINR, and MODER modules 5.2MB Local PDF
LA-9303-M-v.4 The NJOY nuclear data processing system. Volume IV, The ERRORR and COVR modules 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-9312-PR Inertial fusion program, January - December 1981 10.1MB Local PDF
LA-9330-MS Effects of long-term exposure of tuffs to high-level nuclear waste repository conditions : final report 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-9340-MS Numerical and experimental investigation of simulated explosions inside a flow network 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-9362-MS Application of adjusted data in calculating fission-product decay energies and spectra 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-9382-MS Tritium monitor for fusion reactors 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9395-MS Overview assessment of nuclear waste management 8.5MB Local PDF
LA-9396-MS Evaluation of research and development for terminal isolation of nuclear wastes 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-9397-MS Evaluation of environmental control technologies for commercial nuclear fuel conversion (UF6) facilities 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-9398-MS Evaluation of environmental control technologies for commercial uranium nuclear fuel fabrication facilities 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-93 Gold cross section for neutrons from 0.01 to 0.3 eV 487KB Local PDF
LA-9401-MS Current diffusion in rail-gun conductors 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9408-T Multiplicity and correlated energy of gamma rays emitted in the spontaneous fission of californium-252 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-9440-MS In-plant measurements of gamma-ray transmissions for precise K-edge and passive assay of plutonium concentration and isotopic fractions in product solutions 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-9459-MS COGAP, a nuclear power plant containment hydrogen control system evaluation code 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9462-MS Quality control activities in support of the plutonium workers study : assessment of coding consistency for data collected at Rocky Flats 653KB Local PDF
LA-9468-PR Applied nuclear data research and development : semiannual progress report, October 1, 1981-March 31, 1982 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-9471-MS Theoretical and experimental determination of matrix diffusion and related solute transport properties of fractured tuffs from the Nevada Test Site 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-9483-MS Drill-pipe severing tool with high-temperature explosive 669KB Local PDF
LA-9510-MS Evaluation of geochemical properties used in area-to-location screening for a nuclear waste repository at the Nevada Test Site 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-9514-MS Monitoring tritium in air containing other radioactive gases 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-9519-MS Quantitative analysis of nuclear power plant licensing reform 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-9552 Anion exchange X-ray fluorescence determination of uranium in plutonium 732KB Local PDF
LA-9583-MS The random-force method applied to calculating short-range atmospheric diffusion 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-9624-M EVENT user's manual : a computer code for analyzing explosion-induced gas-dynamic transients in flow networks 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-9628-MS A toxicological study of the high explosive formulation X-0298 599KB Local PDF
LA-9642 Background-subtract adjustment for plutonium continuous alpha air monitors using 252Cf 681KB Local PDF
LA-9647-PR Applied nuclear data research and development, April 1, 1982 - September 30, 1982 5.8MB Local PDF
LA-9655-MS Pyrochemical recovery of plutonium fluoride reduction slag 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9657-MS Production of tritium in low-pellet-gain ICF facilities 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-9658 Operational experience with two tritium effluent monitoring systems 904KB Local PDF
LA-9669-MS Calculation of UF[sub 6] gas density, temperature, pressure, and Mach number changes across a normal shock in a gas centrifuge environment 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-9702-MS Modeling of high-explosive-driven plasma opening switches 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-9710 A new program for the least squares calculation of atomic energy levels 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-9725-MS Function-time measurements and calculations in an all-secondary explosive hot-wire device 825KB Local PDF
LA-9729-MS A comparison of methods for uncertainty analysis of nuclear power plant safety system fault tree models 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-9754-MS Nucleonic analysis of the fusion engineering device conceptual inboard configuration 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-9756-MS High-resolution measurements and R-matrix analysis of the total and fission cross sections of [sup 237]Np + n from 1 to 600 eV 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-9789-MS In-plant experience with automated gamma-ray spectroscopy systems for plutonium isotopic composition measurements 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-9802-MS An analysis of physical and chemical explosions inside a flow pathway 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9824-MS A real-time inventory system for special nuclear material in storage 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9841-PR Applied nuclear data research and development semiannual progress report : October 1, 1982 - March 31, 1983 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-9861-M MIXPAC : a subroutine package for calculating equations of state for equilibrium mixtures of materials 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9873-MS Evaluation of n + [sup 239]Pu nuclear data for revision 2 of ENDF/B-V 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-9879-MS The assay of plutonium metal by gamma spectrometry and calorimetry 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-9910-MS-v.1 Reference materials for nondestructive assay of special nuclear material. Volume 1, Uranium oxide plus graphite powder 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9910-MS-v.2 Reference materials for nondestructive assay of special nuclear material. Volume 2, Thin metal foils of highly enriched uranium 845KB Local PDF
LA-9913-MS Material transport analysis for accident-induced flow in nuclear facilities 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-9956-MS-pt.1 Losses in magnetic flux compression generators. Part 1, Linear diffusion 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-9961-T Scale up of high explosive 5,7-Dinitro-1-Picrylbenzotriazole 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-9962-MS Plutonium release from pressed plutonium oxide fuel pellets in aquatic environments 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9965-MS Development of plutonium transmission electron microscopy 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9973-MS Eutectic explosives containing ammonium nitrate : final report-October 1979 through September 1981 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9987 Recommendations for plutonium colloid size determination 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-9999-MS A toxicological study of the high-explosive formulation imidazo(4,5-d)imidazole-2,5(1H,3H)-dione, tetrahydro-1,4-dinitro 680KB Local PDF
LA-CP-93-232 Fiber optic diagnostics for high explosives 655KB Local PDF
LALP-82-13 Training for nuclear criticality safety 159KB Local PDF
LALP-83-64 Toward new explosive molecules. 237KB Local PDF
LALP-84-15 Hand-held search monitor for special nuclear materials : user's manual 3.1MB Local PDF
LALP-84-47 A typical Los Alamos National Laboratory underground nuclear test 324KB Local PDF
LALP-85-15 Image analysis for dynamic weapons sytems. 341KB Local PDF
LALP-85-28 The Los Alamos contribution to the Nevada nuclear waste storage investigations 371KB Local PDF
LALP-88-34 Future roles for nuclear weapons 4.5MB Local PDF
LALP-91-025 Destroying nuclear wastes : combining new technology with an old concept to reduce the storage life of radioactive wastes 480KB Local PDF
LALP-91-48 The weapons neutron research facility : providing unique opportunites in nuclear science 501KB Local PDF
LALP-91-72 Inertial confinement fusion technical review. Volume 1, January 1992 2.1MB Local PDF
LALP-92-41 Nuclear materials technology : weapons complex 21 reconfiguration : annual report 1992 8.0MB Local PDF
LALP-92-79 User's manual for the PRM-470A hand-held special nuclear material monitor 1.5MB Local PDF
LALP-92-84 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 4, January 1992 492KB Local PDF
LALP-92-85 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 5, July 1992 532KB Local PDF
LALP-93-2_v.1 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 1, January 1993 575KB Local PDF
LALP-93-2_v.2 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 2, March 1993 582KB Local PDF
LALP-93-2_v.3 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 3, May 1993 606KB Local PDF
LALP-93-2_v.4 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 4, July 1993 696KB Local PDF
LALP-93-2_v.5 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 5, September 1993 725KB Local PDF
LALP-93-2_v.6 Facility safety & news : nuclear materials technology bulletin : Volume 6, Nov./Dec. 1993 496KB Local PDF
LALP-93-30 Inertial confinement fusion technical review. Volume 2, January 1993 3.4MB Local PDF
LALP-93-57 Countering the spread of weapons of mass destruction : the Los Alamos National Laboratory FY94 Nonproliferation and Arms Control Integrated Program Plan 4.4MB Local PDF
LALP-93-69 Nuclear Material Handler Awareness Program : your responsibilities for safeguarding nuclear materials 957KB Local PDF
LALP-93-86 FRAM plutonium isotopic analysis system 298KB Local PDF
LALP-93-92 Pollution prevention technologies for plutonium processing : nuclear materials technology 1994 3.6MB Local PDF
LALP-94-50 Robot for dispensing solutions of underground nuclear test samples 385KB Local PDF
LALP-95-012-110 An experimental investigation of shock-accelerated heavy gas layers 778KB Local PDF
LALP-95-106 Accelerator production of tritium : an assured source for nuclear deterrence 378KB Local PDF
LALP-95-106-Rev. Accelerator production of tritium : an assured source for nuclear deterrence 168KB Local PDF
LALP-95-131 Working together to control nuclear material : the US-Russian Laboratory-to-Laboratory Nuclear Materials Protection, Control, and Accounting Program 546KB Local PDF
LALP-95-158 The role of symmetry in indirect-drive laser fusion 101KB Local PDF
LALP-97-153 Physics-based modeling of hydrodynamic ram phenomena : 96KB Local PDF

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