FAS Note: The Los Alamos Technical Reports and Publications listed below were formerly made available by Los Alamos National Laboratory on its web site. Before Los Alamos blocked online access to these documents, most of them were acquired and preserved in the public domain by Gregory Walker and Carey Sublette.

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Listing of Technical Reports

ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 1995, Zircon 230kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 1996, Plutonium, Cassini, Waste 111kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 1997, Plutonium Conference 504kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 1997, Plutonium Conference 439kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 1998, Plutonium Levitation 238kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 1999, Plutonium Analysis Tools 476kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 2000, Plutonium 685kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Fall 2001, Plutonium 271kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Spring 1995, Plutonium, Oralloy 160kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Spring 1996, Plutonium Disposition, Neutron Source 857kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Spring 1997, Three Year Review 476kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Spring 1998, Plutonium 590kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Spring 1999, Plutonium Phases 537kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Spring 2000, Plutonium 705kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Spring 2001, Plutonium 2.6MB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Summer 1995, Plutonium 201kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Summer 1996, Plutonium 250kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Summer 1997, Actinide Concept, Plutonium, Space Missions 406kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Summer 1998, Plutonium Separation 246kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Summer 1999, Plutonium Magnetic Separation 836kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Summer 2001, Plutonium 349kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Winter 1996, Plutonium, Waste 553kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Winter 1997, Plutonium, Fullerenes 1.3MB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Winter 1998, Plutonium-231 353kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Winter 1999, Plutonium Aging, Nuclear Literacy 398kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Winter 2000, Plutonium 2.9MB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Winter 2001, Plutonium 308kB Local PDF
ARQ Actinide Research Quarterly, Winter 94-95, Processing 291kB Local PDF
Article Comments on Reactor Safety from Leaders of the Manhattan Project 132kB Local PDF
Article Deviations from Thermal Equilibrium in Shock Waves 6.1MB Local PDF
Article Editorial: The Risk of a Reactor Accident 17kB Local PDF
Article Nerve Gas, Disussion, Summary, References 2.9MB Local PDF
Article Shock Waves, Investigation of the Three Conditions 2.5MB Local PDF
Article Straight Man for Nonlinearity: An Interview with Alwyn Scott 795kB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 1 3.1MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 2 and 3 3.6MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 4 2.0MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 5, Waves, Shocks, and Winds 2.8MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 5, part 2, Waves, Shocks, and Winds 4.2MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 6, Radiation and Radiative Transfer 1.7MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 6, part 2, Radiation and Radiative Transfer 3.6MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 7, The Equations of Radiation Hydrodynamics 2.4MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 7, part 2, The Equations of Radiation Hydrodynamics 2.8MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 8, Radiating Flows 2.3MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 8, part 2, Radiating Flows 3.3MB Local PDF
BOOK Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Chpt 8, part 3, Appendix 5.4MB Local PDF
Book Gamma-Ray Detection 1.3MB Local PDF
Book Gamma-Ray Interactions with Matter 799kB Local PDF
Book General Topics in Passive Gamma-Ray Assay 3.2MB Local PDF
BOOK Hand-written Derivations, Chapters 1 and 3 2.1MB Local PDF
BOOK Hand-written Derivations, Chapters 4 and 7 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-13577-T Igniting the light elements : the Los Alamos Thermonuclear Weapon Project, 1942-1952, (p. i-xi, 1-45) 3.4MB Local PDF
Book Igniting the Light Elements, Ch 2-3, The Super and Postwar Computing 4.2MB Local PDF
Book Igniting the Light Elements, Ch 2, The Fission Bomb Had to Come First 2.6MB Local PDF
Book Igniting the Light Elements, Ch 4, Making Light of the Light Elements 4.3MB Local PDF
Book Igniting the Light Elements, Ch 5, Fission before Fusion and the Rarity of Atoms 3.3MB Local PDF
Book Igniting the Light Elements, Ch 6, Conclusion: The Super, The System, and Its Critical Problems 2.8MB Local PDF
Book Instrumentation for Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy 2.3MB Local PDF
Book Irradiated Fuel Measurements 2.3MB Local PDF
BOOK LASL Explosive Property Data 21MB Local PDF
BOOK LASL Phermex Data, Volume 1 26MB Local PDF
BOOK LASL Phermex Data, Volume 2 20MB Local PDF
BOOK LASL Phermex Data, Volume 3 17MB Local PDF
BOOK LASL Shock Hugoniot Data 25MB Local PDF
BOOK Los Alamos Explosives Performance Data 23MB Local PDF
BOOK Los Alamos Shock Wave Profile Data 15MB Local PDF
Book Neutron Detectors 2.0MB Local PDF
Book Neutron Interactions with Matter 1.3MB Local PDF
Book Origin of Gamma-Rays 1.3MB Local PDF
Book Perimeter Radiation Monitors 2.5MB Local PDF
Book Plutonium Isotopic Composition by Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy 3.4MB Local PDF
Book Radiation Measurement, Attenuation Correction Procedures 2.3MB Local PDF
Book Radiation Measurement, Densitometry 3.1MB Local PDF
Book The Measurement of Uranium Enrichment 1.9MB Local PDF
Book The Origin of Neutron Radiation 1.2MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Aluminum and Gallium 1.5MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Americium and Curium 2.5MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Beryllium 2.4MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Cesium 2.4MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Neptunium 6.8MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Plutonium 7.5MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Polonium 2.1MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Protactinium 3.3MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Protactinium 2.5MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Radium 6.0MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Technetium 1.9MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of the Rare Gases 3.5MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Thorium 3.0MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Uranium 12MB Local PDF
BOOK The Radiochemistry of Uranium, Neptunium and Plutonium -- An Updating 2.9MB Local PDF
Book X-Ray Fluorescence 1.3MB Local PDF
Comput Examining ASCI Computing Models 2.2MB Local PDF
Comput Parallel Programs from Constraint Specifications 1.4MB Local PDF
Conf Plutonium Futures Conference Transactions 3.1MB Local PDF
DatelineLA ACE in Space, Wildlands Inventory, MrSID 562kB Local PDF
DatelineLA Counterfeit Currency, Electric Car 1.3MB Local PDF
DatelineLA LANL, A Proud Past, An Exciting Future 3.4MB Local PDF
DatelineLA Multi-Chip Module, E-Print Archives, Supercomputer, Superconductivity 1.4MB Local PDF
DatelineLA R&D Awards, Recycle, Microsensor, Polymer Filtration 816kB Local PDF
DK289 .P54 1990 The Soviet Union : political and military trends 1.3MB Local PDF
History Appendices, Los Alamos, Groves-Conant Letter 2.5MB Local PDF
History Ch 4, Los Alamos: TECHNICAL REVIEW TO AUGUST 1944 5.5MB Local PDF
History ch 7, Los Alamos: CHEMISTRY AND METALLURGY 5.1MB Local PDF
History Ch XV, Los Alamos: Weapon Physics Division 4.8MB Local PDF
History Harold Agnew Speaks Out 250kB Local PDF
History The New World, They Built the Bomb, Santa Fe New Mexican, After Trinity 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-1000 Alloys of plutonium with aluminum 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-1003 Los Alamos technical series. Volume I, Experimental techniques. Part II. Ionization chambers and counters. Section A 7.9MB Local PDF
LA-1004 Los Alamos technical series. Volume I, Experimental techniques. Part II. Ionization chambers and counters. Section B 8.1MB Local PDF
LA-10062-H Experience Gained from the Space Nuclear Rocket Program (Rover) 5MB Local PDF
LA-10065-MS Compton scattering of photons from electrons in thermal (Maxwellian) motion : electron heating 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-100 Fission and radiative capture cross section of 25 for thermal neutrons 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-10114-PR Radiation transport : October 1, 1982-March 31, 1983 4.6MB Local PDF
LA-10160-MS-v.1C T-4 handbook of material properties data bases. Vol. Ic, Equations of state 4.8MB Local PDF
LA-10172-MS High-temperature-stable detonators 398kB Local PDF
LA-1018 Los Alamos technical series. Volume 8, Chemistry of uranium and plutonium. Section B 11.7MB Local PDF
LA-10192-MS Plane-wave born collision strengths for electron-ion excitation : comparison with other theoretical methods 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-10202-MS The thermal conductivity of an arbitrarily dense plasma 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-10213-MS GNAT, an infrared homing antipersonnel micromissile 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-1021 Blast wave. Part 2, Chapters 5 through 10 12.8MB Local PDF
LA-10221-MS Implications of reduced NATO nuclear stockpiles 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-10244-M User's manual for GRIZZLY 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-10256-MS Radiological survey and evaluation of the fallout area from the Trinity test : Chupadera Mesa and White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico 7.4MB Local PDF
LA-1025 Trinity : appendix 49 25.8MB Local PDF
LA-10284-MS A review of the literature on bi-level mathematical programming 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-102 Number of neutrons per fission for 25 and 49 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-10300-M,103 Spectrochemical determination of metallic impurities in plutonium materials 65KB Local PDF
LA-10302-MS A less sensitive explosive 540KB Local PDF
LA-10311-MS "Where is everybody?" : an account of Fermi's question 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-10428-MS Nevada Test Site field trip guidebook 1984 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-10432-MS Data acquisition interfaces for the IBM personal computer 979KB Local PDF
LA-10437-MS Binder study for HMX/TATB explosives 701kB Local PDF
LA-10446-MS Radiation monitor for surveillance of moving vehicles 974KB Local PDF
LA-10453-MS The BDD II : an improved electron dosimeter for the global positioning system 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-10492-MS Can mathematics explain natural intelligence? 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-10506-MS Reanalysis of tritium production in a sphere of 6LiD irradiated by 14-MeV neutrons 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-10525-MS Charged-particle production in a sphere of 6LiD irradiated by 14-MeV neutrons 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-10566-MS Kingfish striations and the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability : part 1 840kB Local PDF
LA-10586-MS Design of pulse transformers for isolation protection and higher speeds in the remote firing of bridge wires 992kB Local PDF
LA-1058 Los Alamos technical series. Volume 2, Numerical methods. Part 2 8.0MB Local PDF
LA-10604-MS Measurement of the high-energy leakage neutron spectrum from the Little Boy mockup 680kB Local PDF
LA-10605-MS Fallout forecasting--1945 through 1962 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-1060 The total neutron cross section of normal uranium in the energy range from 20 to 1600 Kev 730kB Local PDF
LA-10633-MS An applications guide to pedestrian special nuclear material monitors 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-1064 Electroanalysis of cobalt, nickel, and copper in plutonium solutions with a mercury cathode 970KB Local PDF
LA-10702-MS Foundations of decision analysis : a simplified exposition 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-1078 The fission neutron spectrum of plutonium 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-10860-MS Critical dimensions of systems containing [sup 235]U, [sup 239]Pu, and [sup 233]U : 1986 revision 7.9MB Local PDF
LA-10891-MS Direct oxide reduction (DOR) solvent salt recycle in pyrochemical plutonium recovery operations 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-10902-MS Hydronuclear experiments 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1096 Acute radiation syndrome : study of ten cases and review of the problems 6.4MB Local PDF
LA-11060-MS Electromagnetic pulse EMP from surface bursts 815KB Local PDF
LA-1106 Plutonium electropolishing cell 635kB Local PDF
LA-11080-MS Lofting of dust by very large explosions 779kB Local PDF
LA-110 Lead sphere integral experiment 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-11110 Analysis of tritium production in concentric spheres of oralloy and 6LiD irradiated by 14-MeV neutrons 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-111 Energy spectrum of Po-Be neutrons 422kB Local PDF
LA-11207-MS Gas shutter closure for sealing LOS pipes 532KB Local PDF
LA-11218-MS Arms control and Soviet grand strategy 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-1122 Rotating mirror camera design 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-1129 The use of uranium as a pump for hydrogen 881kB Local PDF
LA-11315-MS Lessons of Chernobyl 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-11338-MS Sesame equation of state number 2293, Li 467kB Local PDF
LA-1133 Production of crucibles for melting and casting plutonium and uranium-235 676kB Local PDF
LA-11367-MS Cross sections for neutron-producing reactions induced by 14.1 MeV neutrons incident on 6Li, 7Li, 10B, 11B, and carbon 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-1137 Scaling of a blast from one medium to another 467kB Local PDF
LA-1138 The reaction of tritium and stopcock grease 328kB Local PDF
LA-1139 Removal of iron from plutonium solution by basic acetate precipitation 549KB Local PDF
LA-11414-MS Measurements of detonation-wave spreading and local particle velocity at the surface of 17-mm LX-07 hemispherical boosters 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-1142 Inelastic collision cross sections of Be, B, C, N, Al, Fe, Cu, Cd, Au, Pb, Bi and U for 14 Mev neutrons 308kB Local PDF
LA-1152 Penetration of radiation into cold material, II. 369kB Local PDF
LA-1155 Oralloy shape factor measurements 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-1156 Lithium isotope separation by electrolysis 869kB Local PDF
LA-1159 Oralloy hydride critical assemblies 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-1163 Modification of the Los Alamos fast plutonium reactor 898KB Local PDF
LA-1168 Plutonium hexafluoride : second report on the preparation and properties 828kB Local PDF
LA-11751 The future of nuclear weapons : final study report 5.5MB Local PDF
LA-11768-MS SESAME equation of state number 7611, beryllium oxide 205kB Local PDF
LA-11773-MS Neutral particle beam discrimination and lethality 635kB Local PDF
LA-11794-MS Plutonium deposition and distribution from worldwide fallout in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado 660kB Local PDF
LA-11809-MS Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility : 1989 program review 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-11816-MS Bidirectional slapper detonators in spherical explosion systems 541kB Local PDF
LA-11855-MS Suppression of space-based interceptors by neutral particle beams 848kB Local PDF
LA-11864-MS An HEU confirmatory measurement instrument 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-1188 Short period [gamma]-rays from U[sup 235] fission products 867KB Local PDF
LA-1191 The fabrication of lithium 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-11956-MS A simple plane-wave explosive lens 971kB Local PDF
LA-1196 The spectrophotometric determination of plutonium in solutions containing large amounts of aluminum, calcium, and magnesium 890KB Local PDF
LA-1197 Spectrophotometric determination of multimicrogram amounts of plutonium 903KB Local PDF
LA-11 Los Alamos handbook of nuclear physics 7.2MB Local PDF
LA-1201 Measurement of the average fission cross sections of Pu[sup 240] and Pu[sup241] in the fast reactor neutron spectrum 435KB Local PDF
LA-120 The equation of state of hydrogen from one to a million atmospheres pressure 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-12115-MS Portable radiography for arms control verification 893KB Local PDF
LA-1214 Rate of growth of atomic fireballs 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-12189-MS Some new ideas for nuclear explosive spacecraft propulsion 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-12198-MS The leadership of philosopher kings 349kB Local PDF
LA-1221 Notes on the resolving power and speed of photgraphic emulsions 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-1222 Characteristics of commercial optical glass 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-1224 The Densities of liquid tritium, 20.6[degree] to 29[degree]K 328kB Local PDF
LA-1228 Gamma radiation exposure as a function of distance : Operation Ranger 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-12294-MS Stability of large offensive force reductions 549kB Local PDF
LA-12295-MS Evolution in strategic forces and doctrine 795kB Local PDF
LA-12296-MS Miss distances in tactical missile intercepts 517kB Local PDF
LA-12299-MS Technical issues in theater missile defense 484kB Local PDF
LA-12315-MS Evaluation of source-term data for plutonium aerosolization 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-1231 Radiologic hazards predicted for a given height burst of an atomic bomb 828kB Local PDF
LA-12326-MS The State of computing at Los Alamos National Laboratory FY 1991 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-12348 Advanced high-explosive flux compression generator development : the CN-III series 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-12364 The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and its verification 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-12368-MS The potential of die casting for the production of near net shape uranium parts 680kB Local PDF
LA-12369-MS The potential of investment casting for the production of near net shape uranium parts 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1236 Metallurgy and ceramics : Volume 10, Metallurgy. Chapter 3, Beryllium oxide 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-12370-MS The potential of centrifugal casting for the production of near net shape uranium parts 934kB Local PDF
LA-12371-MS The potential of squeeze casting for the production of near net shape uranium parts 467kB Local PDF
LA-12415 MCNP: Criticality Safety Benchmark Problems 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-12430-MS Nuclear weapon proliferation indicators and observables 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-1244 Forming of uranium in the gamma phase temperature range 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-12482-MS Advanced magnetic flux compression generator development issues : a comparison of coaxial and disk generators 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-12490-MS Simulation, computing, information, and future warfare 410kB Local PDF
LA-1249 Polarographic determination of uranium in the presence of plutonium 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-1250 The average fission cross section of U[sup 233], U[sup 234], and U[sup 236] in the fast reactor neutron spectrum 254KB Local PDF
LA-12524-MS LRAD surface monitors 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-1258 The neutron induced fission cross section of U[sup 236] as a function of energy 467KB Local PDF
LA-12641 Deviatoric stresses and plastic strain rates in strong shock waves for six metals 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-12643-H Total Quality Management and nuclear weapons : a historian's perspective 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-12662-MS Dosimetry at the Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility : past, present, and future 639KB Local PDF
LA-12683 Forecast of Criticality Experiments and Experimental Programs Needed to Support Nuclear Operations in the U.S.: 1994-1999 6.2MB Local PDF
LA-126 Radiation hazards connected with the controlled hydride explosion 357kB Local PDF
LA-1270 Continuous tritium monitor 861KB Local PDF
LA-1272 Three-velocity neutron diffusion calculations for an untamped oralloy sphere 611kB Local PDF
LA-1273 A note on the calculation of neutron multiplication 705kB Local PDF
LA-12773 Generation of ultra-high magnetic fields for AGEX 844kB Local PDF
LA-1278 The inhour equation for the tuballoy tamped oralloy sphere 820kB Local PDF
LA-12796-MS The Stockpile Monitor Program 562kB Local PDF
LA-127 The consolidation of boron 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-12808 Nuclear criticality safety guide p. 23-60 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-12808 Nuclear criticality safety guide p. 61-96 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-12808 Nuclear criticality safety guide p. 97-126 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-1289 A study of an accidental radiation burst 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-12988-MA RADFLO Physics and Algorithms 932KB Local PDF
LA-1299 Elements in region of tungsten formed by fusion in a fission bomb 946KB Local PDF
LA-12 The Range of deuterons in heavy water and of proton in hydrogen 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-13001 White paper on the proposed design, development, and implementation of a monitored retrievable storage module and the siting criteria for spent nuclear fuel 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-13011 The Radiological hazard of plutonium isotopes and specific plutonium mixtures George Heindel ... [et al.]. 386kB Local PDF
LA-1305 Oralloy cylindrical shape factor and critical mass measurements in graphite, paraffin, and water tampers 996KB Local PDF
LA-13069-MS Reactions of plutonium and uranium with water : kinetics and potential hazards 226kB Local PDF
LA-13075-MS Knowledge fusion : time series modeling followed by pattern recognition applied to unusual sections of background data 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-13076-MS Knowledge fusion : comparison of fuzzy curve smoothers to statistically motivated curve smoothers 959kB Local PDF
LA-1307 The Theoretical x-ray absorption of baratol 76 and composition B in the 22 Mev betratron spectrum 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-1308 The Radiation dose to be expected from aerial penetration of an atomic cloud 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-13099-MS Atmospheric transport of neutrons and gamma rays from near-horizon nuclear detonations 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-13106-MS Predictive method for weapon storage environments 103kB Local PDF
LA-13137-MS General features of Hugoniots 242kB Local PDF
LA-13163-MS Recent papers from DX-1, Detonation Science and Technology 13MB Local PDF
LA-13178 Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction Systems (Aries) : preconceptual design report 225KB Local PDF
LA-13183-MS Martensitic nature of [delta][yields][gamma] allotropic transformation in plutonium 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-13196-MS Inventory extension at the Nuclear Materials Storage Facility 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-13217-MS General features of hugoniots--II 160kB Local PDF
LA-1321 Taylor instability on cylinders and spheres in the small amplitude approximation 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-13227 KISMET tungsten dispersal experiment 749KB Local PDF
LA-13244-MS-2 Visual inspection for CTBT verification, p. 20-37 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-13244-MS Visual inspection for CTBT verification 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-13245-MS A Comparison of standard evasion scenarios at near regional distances 197kB Local PDF
LA-13252-MS Determination of locational error associated with global positioning system (GPS) radio collars in relation to vegetation and topography in North-Central New Mexico 444KB Local PDF
LA-13254 Problems encountered during impact calculations using analytic equations of state 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-13267-MS Quantitative analysis of hydrogen isotopes in the metal hydride of the neutron tube target 115kB Local PDF
LA-13277-C Proceedings of the Nuclear Criticality Technology Safety Project : Williamsburg, Virginia, May 10-11, 1994 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-13279-MS Evaluation of habitat use by Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) in North-Central New Mexico using global positioning system (GPS) radio collars 533KB Local PDF
LA-13296-MS Oxidation of delta-phase plutonium alloy : corrosion kinetics in dry and humid air at 35[degrees]C 541kB Local PDF
LA-13316-MS Frequency estimates for aircraft crashes into nuclear facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) 2MB Local PDF
LA-13341-C Proceedings from the Conference on High Speed Computing : High Speed Computing and National Security, April 21-24, 1997 926kB Local PDF
LA-1334 Note on the shock compression of a [gamma]-law gas 365kB Local PDF
LA-1336 The Fission cross section of U[sup 235]from 0.4 to 1.6 Mev 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-13387-MS Evaluation of the integrated holdup measurement system with the M[sup 3]CA for assay of uranium and plutonium holdup 723KB Local PDF
LA-13389-MS Sensitivity of once-shocked, weathered high explosives 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-13412-MS Plausible inference and the interpretation of quantitative data 345kB Local PDF
LA-13426-MS Plane impact response of PBX 9501 and its components below 2 GPa 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-13430-T Feed-out process: Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities in thin, laser-driven foils 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-1343 Corrosion of uranium in moist air 623kB Local PDF
LA-13442-MS W-76 PBX 9501 cylinder tests 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-13474-C Proceedings from the Conference on High Speed Computing : the art of High Speed Computing, April 20-23, 1998, Salishan Lodge, Gleneden Beach, Oregon 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-1348 Measurement of plutonium liquid density 729KB Local PDF
LA-1349 A Method of cleaning plutonium metal samples for analysis 664KB Local PDF
LA-13501-MS Pathways for the oxidation of sarin in urban atmospheres 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-1350 The Determination of oxygen in plutonium by the capillary trap method 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-13511 Analytical benchmark test set for criticality code verification 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-13515 Institutional strain and precarious values in meeting furture nuclear challenges 282KB Local PDF
LA-1354 A modified cupferron extraction and spectrographic method for the determination of trace impurity elements in plutonium 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-13574-M The underwater coincidence counter for plutonium measurements in mixed-oside fuel assemblies 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-13597-MS Kinetics of reaction between plutonium dioxide and water at 25[degrees]C to 350[degrees]C : Formation and properties of the PuO[sub2+x] phase 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-13600 Evaluation of the 17 June 1997 criticality accident at Arzamas-16 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-13610-MS Natural analogue for thermal hydological-chemical coupled processes at the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-13625-T Using direct sub-level entity access to improve nuclear stockpile simulation modeling (p. i-x, 1-43) 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-13638 A review of criticality accidents : 2000 revision (p.i-xix, 1-67) 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-13639-MS SOURCES 4A : a code for calculating ([alpha],n) spontaneous fission, and delayed neutron sources and spectra (p. i-vi, 1-61) Local PDF
LA-13641-MS PBX 9501 high explosive violent reaction : phase II baseline and aged experiment 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-13653 Comparison among five hydrodynamic codes with a diverging-converging nozzle experiment 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-13673-MS Initial characterization of a highly contaminated high explosives outfall in preparation for "In Situ" bioremediation 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-13675 Spectral measurements incritical assemblies : MCNP specifications and calculated results (p. Cover thru A-6) 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-13681-MS New Sesame equation of state for tantalum 361KB Local PDF
LA-13685-T An implicit smooth particle hydrodynamic code (p. i-ix, 1-50) 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-1369 Microdetermination of fluoride in plutonium metal 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-1371 (n,2n) cross section of Be[sup 9] 283kB Local PDF
LA-1375 Application of a new type crucible to the preparation of uranium and plutonium metal by the stationary bomb method 869kB Local PDF
LA-137 Plutonium hydride and deuteride 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-1390 A determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion of alpha plutonium 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1391 Multi-velocity Serber-Wilson neutron diffusion calculations 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-1393 Theoretical equation of state for detonation products of solid explosive. II, Detonation velocities and Chapman-Jouget P, V, and T for RDX assuming a fixed product composition 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-1398 Yield of the Hiroshima bomb 455kB Local PDF
LA-1401 Electrolytic separation of polonium from lead and bismuth 455kB Local PDF
LA-1403 Purification of polonium by the glass wool adsorption of colloidal polonium hydroxide 578kB Local PDF
LA-1412 Inelastic collision cross section of nitrogen for 14-MeV neutrons 177kB Local PDF
LA-1413 Collision kinetics in a shock wave 697kB Local PDF
LA-141 Recovery and purification of plutonium 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1429 Inelastic cross sections for fission spectrum neutrons 6.7MB Local PDF
LA-142 An equation of state in the condensed phase for arbitrary pressures and moderate temperatures 295kB Local PDF
LA-1441 Burst characteristics associated with the slow assembly of fissionable materials 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-1446 Total cross sections for 14-Mev neutrons 717kB Local PDF
LA-144 Effect of anisotropic scattering on critical-mass calculations 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1472 Mixing of frictionless, incompressible substances 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-1479 Absolute cross section for the reaction T(d,n)He[sup 4] from 10 to 120 KeV 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-1480 Cross sections for the D(d,n)He[sup 3] and D(d,n)H[sup 3] reactions from 14 to 110 KeV 836kB Local PDF
LA-1481 The Cross section for the He[sup 3](d,n)He[sup 4] reaction from 35-100 KeV 336kB Local PDF
LA-1483 Total cross sections of tritium, hydrogen, and helium for fast neutrons 873kB Local PDF
LA-148 Production of plutonium by electrolysis 910kB Local PDF
LA-1508 A High-vacuum casting furnace for plutonium 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-150 The cross sections for fission of 25, 49, 28, 11, 37, 00, 02, B and Li 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-1515 Alpha measurements on the Godiva critical assembly using a betatron 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-151 Plastic bonding of boron powder 226kB Local PDF
LA-1525 Material replacement experiments : theory and measurements for the Lady Godiva assembly 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-1530 Routine decontmination procedures and formulas for plutonium contamination 923KB Local PDF
LA-1539 High temperature oxidation of plutonium and a plutonium-gallium alloy 580KB Local PDF
LA-1548 A Simple method of calculating critical masses of proton moderated assemblies 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-1552 Angular distribution of fragments from neutron-induced fission 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1568 Free surface acceleration by shocks of moderate strength 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-1574 Surface dose rate from massive plutonium 439kB Local PDF
LA-1583 A Monte Carlo determination of the escape fraction for a scattering spherical shell with central point source 386kB Local PDF
LA-1589 Yield and energy distribution of neutrons resulting from the interaction of 14-Mev neutrons with Li[sup 6] and Li[sup 7] 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1593 Is there a helmholtz mixing coefficient? 599kB Local PDF
LA-1599 Solution of the transport equation by S[sub n] approximations 668kB Local PDF
LA-159 Production of uranium tetrafluoride on a 200-gram scale 705kB Local PDF
LA-15 Estimation of small quantities of uranium in thorium 300kB Local PDF
LA-1600 Experimental studies of Taylor instability 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-1606 A Determination of the distribution of neutrons escaping a semi-infinite medium of deuterium, using elastic and inelastic differential cross sections 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1608 Some considerations of helmholtz instability 463kB Local PDF
LA-160 Experimental determination of the diffusion length for C neutrons in BeO 492kB Local PDF
LA-1628 The Optical brightness of radiation and shock fronts at high temperature 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1645 Determination of tritium in urine and water 655KB Local PDF
LA-1653 Neutron detector traverses in the Topsy and Godiva critical assemblies 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1663 ZnS(Ag) phosphor mixtures for neutron scintillation counting 660KB Local PDF
LA-1664 Height of burst for atomic bombs, 1954. Part 1, the free-air curve 9.9MB Local PDF
LA-1685 Some observations on air sampling techniques used at the Nevada Proving Ground 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-168 Isotopic constitution of plutonium : I 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-16 Capture cross sections for 240 Kev neutrons of gold, rhenium and uranium 590kB Local PDF
LA-1705 The preparation of pure lithium hydride 742kB Local PDF
LA-1707 Effect of plutonium on the fluorometric determination of uranium 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-1709 Comparison of diffusion theory and transport theory results for the penetration of radiation into plane semi-infinite slabs 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-170 Investigation of fission gamma rays 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-1714 Summary of fast fission cross sections 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-171 Theory of multiplicative processes : I 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-1721-5th-Ed. Collected radiochemical and geochemical procedures 17.6MB Local PDF
LA-173 Formula for the critical radius for one velocity 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-182 Contact electrical method of studying implosion 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-1835-3rd Ed General handbook for radiation monitoring 7.9MB Local PDF
LA-1850 Infinite conductivity theory of the pinch 988kB Local PDF
LA-1853 Total neutron cross section of He[sup 3] 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-185 The ratio of [nu]23/[nu]25 : slightly delayed neutrons from 23 582kB Local PDF
LA-1862 Taylor instability and laminar mixing 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-1882 The Toxicology of lithium compounds 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-188 Fission cross section of 23 from 30 Kev to 3 Mev 668kB Local PDF
LA-189 Multiplication of fission neutrons in a sphere of 25 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-18 The collapse of hollow steel cylinders by high explosives 4.6MB Local PDF
LA-1912 The Numerical treatment of simple hydrodynamic shocks using the Von Neumann-Richtmyer method 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-1914 Taylor instability in shock acceleration of compressible fluids 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-191 Multiplication of a 2-1/2 inch 25 sphere as measured with 28 and 25 fission detectors 549kB Local PDF
LA-1927 Taylor instability : appendixes to Report LA-1862 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-193 Large-scale preparation of the anhydrous fluorides of plutonium 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-1950 Analysis of lithium arsenide 701kB Local PDF
LA-195 Formation of jets in plane slabs 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-1960 An analysis of Li[sup 6] neutron cross sections 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-1975 Purification of gram amounts of americium 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-197 Theory of an untamped subcritical sphere with a surface source 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-1981-Rev. Plutonium dispersal by accidental or experimental low-order detonation of atomic weapons 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-198 Production of hemispheres of uranium and 25 by hot pressing 701kB Local PDF
LA-1997 Mass yields from fission by neutrons between thermal and 14.7 Mev 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-19 The use of thorium as a threshold detector for fast neutrons 607kB Local PDF
LA-1 The Los Alamos primer 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-2000 Blast Wave 19MB Local PDF
LA-2001 Loading Pit manual : revised edition 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-2044 Plutonium-metal critical assemblies 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-205 Comparison of the variation-theory and end-point results for tamped spheres 246kB Local PDF
LA-2061 Scattering of fast neutrons by U[sup 238] 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-2063 Nuclear safety guide 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-206 A simplified method for calculating critical sizes 300kB Local PDF
LA-2083 Maniac II 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-2085 Critical assembly of uranium metal at an average U[sup 235] concentration of 16-1/4[per cent] 865kB Local PDF
LA-20 High-density alloys of rare earths 644kB Local PDF
LA-2104 Fabrication of plutonium ingots from plutonium turnings 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-2113 Preparation of plutonium sheet by extrusion 804KB Local PDF
LA-2114 Summary of neutron-induced fission cross sections 586kB Local PDF
LA-211 Radioactive threshold detectors for neutrons 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-2122 Fast neutron cross sections : corrections to LA-1714 and a correlation of 3 MeV values 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-213 Taylor's hydrodynamics of strong shocks applied to gases having small values of [gamma]-1 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-214 Effect of voids on detonation waves 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-2158 (n,2n) study of Be[sup 9] 635kB Local PDF
LA-215 Gravity waves in water caused by explosions 844kB Local PDF
LA-217 Use of gadget in rain or fog 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-2196 Diffusion of radiation 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-21 Fission cross section of 94[sup 239] for 220 KeV neutrons and Ra plus Be neutrons 283kB Local PDF
LA-2203 Critical masses or oralloy in thin reflectors 988kB Local PDF
LA-221 Propagation of detonation waves along the interface between two explosives 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-2220 Welding to plutonium 685KB Local PDF
LA-2231 Preparation of plutonium alloys in the reduction process 304kB Local PDF
LA-2235 A measurement of the Li[sup 7](n,n[sup 1][alpha])T cross section for several neutron energies from 4 to 15 MeV by absolute counting techniques 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-2250 The use of quartz tubes for sampling and casting plutonium 814KB Local PDF
LA-2256 Numerical study of the motions of variously-shaped slabs accelerated by a hot gas 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-2279 The heat of combustion of plutonium 597KB Local PDF
LA-2298 Field study of the AgPO[sub 3] glass personnel dosimeter (U.S. Navy DT-60) 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-229 Opacity of air, BeO, C, Fe, and U at high temperatures 898kB Local PDF
LA-2312 Behavior of some delta-stabilized plutonium-gallium alloys at high pressures 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-233 Hot pressing of solid plutonium hemispheres 910kB Local PDF
LA-2341 The performance of boron explosives 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-234 A graphical representation of critical masses and multiplication rates 795kB Local PDF
LA-236 Dynamics of a mass of hot gas rising in air 926kB Local PDF
LA-23 One-dimensional motion of a detonated explosive 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-2426 The use of calcium fluoride as a coating for plutonium melt and mold crucibles 903KB Local PDF
LA-242 The similarity solution for a convergent spherical shock wave near zero radius 14MB Local PDF
LA-2463 Radiation effects on lithium hydride 5.6MB Local PDF
LA-2533 Radiation relaxation times at high temperatures 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-2575 Heat treatment which extends the usable range of AgPO[sub 3] glass dosimeters 956KB Local PDF
LA-257 Distribution arising from a point source of fast neutrons between two slowing-down media 713kB Local PDF
LA-258 The mathematical development of the end-point method 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-25 Measurements of [nu][sub 49]/[nu][sub 25] 807kB Local PDF
LA-2608-Del. On the probability of initiating a persistent fission chain 787kB Local PDF
LA-260 Energy of inelastically scattered neutrons in a large mass of tuballoy 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-262 Effect of variable entropy in the theory of spherically convergent detonation waves 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-267 Multiplication of neutrons in small spheres of active material 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-2700 Upper limits on the Rosseland mean opacity 517kB Local PDF
LA-2714 Theory of neutron reactions of Li[sup 6] 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-271 Effect of rigidity on shock waves in solids 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-272 Critical mass of a water-tamped 49 solution 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-2743 Lifetime of neutrons in reflectors 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-27 Preparation and properties of some gold alloys 795kB Local PDF
LA-2813 Thermodynamic functions for pure plutonium 435kB Local PDF
LA-2854 Status report on the water boiler reactor 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-28 Measurements on [sigma sub f](49)/[sigma sub f](25) and the value of [sigma sub f] as a function of neutron energy 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-2989 Homogenization of gallium-stabilized delta-phase plutonium 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-299 Stability of a steady plane shock 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-304 Integral experiments I : tamper reflection and distributions 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-304 Integral experiments I : tamper reflection and distributions 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-3064 Theory of the fireball 5.7MB Local PDF
LA-306 Integral experiments III : comparison of U and WC for tampers 836kB Local PDF
LA-311 On the Milne problem for a large plane slab with constant source and anisotropic scattering 619kB Local PDF
LA-314 Protection of plutonium against atmospheric oxidation 656kB Local PDF
LA-3154 The fabrication of hollow hemispheres and cylinders of tungsten carbide-6 w/o cobalt 840kB Local PDF
LA-316 Estimated blast pressures from TNT charges of 2 to 10,000 tons 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-318 Approximate treatment of exponential shock and rarefaction waves 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-31 The multiplication rate for untamped cylinders 713kB Local PDF
LA-3224-MS Proposal for expediting the achievement of a strong (10[sup 14]-10[sup 15] neutron) thermonuclear DD reaction by explosive compression 345kB Local PDF
LA-3241 PHERMEX : a pulsed high-energy radiographic machine emitting x-rays 12.9MB Local PDF
LA-3270 Evaluated neutron cross sections for tritium 10.7MB Local PDF
LA-3271 Evaluated neutron cross sections for deuterium 27.9MB Local PDF
LA-327 Isotopic constitution of plutonium: II 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-331 Shock and material velocities in several metals and nonmetals 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-332 Theory of von Neumann's method of treating shocks 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-334 Transport phenomena in a mixture of electrons and nuclei 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-3350-MS Description of the Kiwi-TNT Excursion and Related Experiments 7.3MB Local PDF
LA-3351 Kiwi-TNT "explosion: 543KB Local PDF
LA-335 The definition of "neutron multiplication" 398kB Local PDF
LA-337 Slowing down of neutrons in air 3.8MB Local PDF
LA-3382-MS Strontium-90, Cesium-137, and radioactive rare earths in environmental rain and air at Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1963-1964. 452KB Local PDF
LA-3388-MS Pin technique for displacement measurements in KIWI TNT. 800KB Local PDF
LA-3395-MS Radiation Measurements of the Effluent from the Kiwi TNT Experiment 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-33 Preparation of compacts of high-density uranium hydride 365kB Local PDF
LA-3449 Environmental Effects of the Kiwi-TNT Effluent: A Review and Evaluation LA-3449 Local PDF
LA-3473 The scandium-hydrogen system 959kB Local PDF
LA-3527 Neutron cross sections for [sup 235]U and [sup 238]U in the energy range 1 keV to 14 MeV 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3528 Neutron cross sections for [sup 239]Pu and [sup 240]Pu in the energy range 1 keV to 14 MeV 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-3529 Comparison of calculations with integral experiments for plutonium and uranium critical assemblies 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3590-MS A Limited evaluation of the corrosion of uranium and weapon-associated metals in substitute ocean water 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-359 July 16th nuclear explosion : radiation survey of Trinity site four weeks after explosion 614KB Local PDF
LA-35 Progress report on metal reduction, October 1943 881kB Local PDF
LA-3611 A Review of Criticality Accidents 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-3612 Criticality data and factors affecting criticality of single homogeneous units 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-3614 Theoretical and experimental two-dimensional interactions of shocks with density discontinuities 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-3632 Pilot plant production of triaminotrinitrobenzene (TATB) 635kB Local PDF
LA-364 July 16th nuclear explosion : incendiary effects of radiation 529kB Local PDF
LA-3651 Critical mass reduction 431kB Local PDF
LA-365A July 16th nuclear explosion : examination of tower footing 283kB Local PDF
LA-365 July 16th nuclear explosion : permanent earth displacement 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-3695-MS [Sup 6]Li and [sup 7]Li data in the ENDF/B format 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-3696 Radiation characteristics of plutonium-238 648kB Local PDF
LA-3703 Threading and assembly of soft delta-stabilized plutonium parts 259kB Local PDF
LA-3719 Health physics survey of trinity site. 463kB Local PDF
LA-3720 FORTRAN SIN: a one dimensional hydrodynamic code for problems which include chemical reactions, elastic-plastic flow, spalling, and phase transitions. 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-3765 Elastic and inelastic scattering of fast neutrons from [sup 6]Li and [sup 7]Li 4.3MB Local PDF
LA-37 The Formation of uranium hydride 607kB Local PDF
LA-380R Fabrication of plutonium foil by distillation of the metal 202KB Local PDF
LA-3810 The effect of basic neutron reaction cross sections of nitrogen (n,n'), (n,2n), (n,gamma), (n,p), and (n,[alpha]) on high energy neutron penetration in air 742kB Local PDF
LA-3861 Revised dose estimates for the critically excursion at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, May 21, 1946 680kB Local PDF
LA-3870 Constitution of plutonium alloys 6.0MB Local PDF
LA-3883-MS Critical dimensions of homogenous spheres containing U-235, U-238, and carbon for various C U-235 and U-235 enrichments 615kB Local PDF
LA-390 Confinement of an explosion by a steel vessel 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-393-A Equation of state of a compressed metal according to the Thomas-Fermi-Dirac model 4.7MB Local PDF
LA-3944 Scattering of gamma rays in an exponential atmosphere. 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-3954 Fission product energy release and inventory from Pu-239 fast fission. 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-397 Controlled production of an explosive nuclear chain reaction 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-3997 Resonant final state interactions in [sup 3]He(d,tp) [sup 1]H, [sup 2]H(t,tp)n, and [sup 3]H(d,tp)n reactions 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-39 Measurements of [alpha][sub f](02)/[alpha][sub f](28) and the value of [alpha][sub f](02) as a function of neutron energy 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-3 Experimental program notes (from discussions on 4/21-24/43) 267kB Local PDF
LA-4006-MS Radiative transfer with scattering 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-4037-SOP-Rev.2 Operating procedures for the Pajarito Site Critical Assembly Facility 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-4037-SOP-Rev.2-Suppl.1 Pajarito Plan for Radiation Emergency 789KB Local PDF
LA-40 Progress report on metal reduction, November 1943 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-412 Chemical and metallurgical operations involved in the fabrication of U-235 for use in nuclear weapons : Part 3. Reduction of uranium tetrafluoride to metal 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-418 Detection of nuclear-explosion dust in the atmosphere 576KB Local PDF
LA-4208 Reevaluated critical specifications of some Los Alamos fast-neutron systems 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-421 Neutron distributions in tamped 25 assemblies II : 4-1/2" core of 25 metal 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-4221-MS Heat pipe design considerations 613KB Local PDF
LA-4245-MS Early radio flash from a low-altitude air burst 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-4285 Neutron induced fission cross sections for [sup 235]U from the Persimmon event. 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-42 Uranium alloy development 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-436 July 16th nuclear explosion : fast electronic timing sequence 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-4385-TR Photofission of thorium-232, uranium-238, plutonium-238, plutonium-240, and plutonium-242 and structure of the fission barrier 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-4425-TR Study of the compression of dense media using radiography of a single shock wave 492kB Local PDF
LA-4426 Flash X-ray observation of the flow behind a detonation wave 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-4429 Tests of neutron cross sections. 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-442 Critical mass measurements for a 25 sphere in Tu and WC tampers 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-4467-MS Tactical nuclear warfare 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-4475 Empirical model of heterogeneous shock initiation of the explosive 9404 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-448 Cloud-chamber effect in large explosions 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-4541-MS Nuclear pulsed space propulsion systems 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-4592 The integrated Compton cross section and its use in a Monte Carlo scheme 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-4594 Compressible numerical calculations of underwater detonations 709kB Local PDF
LA-4635 Spherical explosions in water 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-4651 Eyeburn thresholds 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-4671 An early history of criticality safety 500kB Local PDF
LA-4727-MS Equation of state of molecular hydrogen at high pressure 312kB Local PDF
LA-472 Preparation of uranium metal by the bomb method 3.8MB Local PDF
LA-4754-MS Some preliminary numerical studies of Taylor instability which include effects of material strength 484kB Local PDF
LA-4756 Proceedings of Environmental Plutonium Symposium held at LASL, August 4-5, 1971 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-4763-MS Tabulation of the fission cross section of Np-237 from physics 8 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-4781 Some mechanical and physical properties of heat-treated alloys of uranium with small additions of Ti or Mo 512kB Local PDF
LA-4797 Kinglet safety analysis 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-47 untamped rectangular block by variation method 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-4822 Notion of complexity 480kB Local PDF
LA-4839 Analysis of the Rayleigh-Taylor problem of superposed fluids : the Inviscid Incompressible Irrotational Case : Steady-State Solutions 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-4843 Effect of target thermal conductivity and roughness on the initiation of PBX 9404 by oblique impact 922kB Local PDF
LA-4847-MS Ball lightning : a status summary to November 1971 246kB Local PDF
LA-4872-MS X-0242 : a high-energy plastic-bonded explosive 226kB Local PDF
LA-4879 Synergy and artificial intelligence 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-487 A method for determining equations of state and reaction zones in detonation of high explosives, and its application to pentolite, composition-B, baratol, and TNT 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-48 The Neutron spectrum of boron bombarded by polonium-alphas 648kB Local PDF
LA-4905-MS Spheroidization and coating of lithium deuteride 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-4942 Hugoniot equations of state of Li[sup 6]H, Li[sup 6]D, Li[sup n]H, and Li[sup n]D 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-494 Development of gamma-phase hot-pressing of uranium 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-4954-MS The Implications of collateral damage from nuclear weapons 526KB Local PDF
LA-4989-MS Effects of long-term storage at 60[degrees]C on small cylinders of PBX 9404 582kB Local PDF
LA-49 The Modification of the spectrum of D-D neutrons by passage through 5 [inches] of tuballoy 787kB Local PDF
LA-5002 Evaluation of uranium alloys 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-501 Properties of plutonium alloys 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5031-MS Note on inverse bremsstrahlung in a strong electromagnetic field 209kB Local PDF
LA-5038 Nonlinear radiation transport simulation with an implicit Monte Carlo method 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-5056 Electromagnetic pulse from an underground nuclear explosion 943kB Local PDF
LA-5057-MS Nuclear rocket reference data summary 910kB Local PDF
LA-5065-MS Megagauss field applications : a selection of LASL internal reports 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-5097-MS Los Alamos land areas environmental radiation survey 1972 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-509 Gamma radiation dosage at Hiroshima from recovered photosensitive material 713kB Local PDF
LA-5100 YAQUI : an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian computer program for fluid flow at all speeds 8.7MB Local PDF
LA-5200 Manhattan district history: nonscientific aspects of Los Alamos Project Y, 1942-1946 8.6MB Local PDF
LA-522 Induced currents in a hemispherical shell 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-5231-MS Encomium on solar sailing 541kB Local PDF
LA-5238 Evaluation of depleted-uranium alloys for use in armor-piercing projectiles 5.3MB Local PDF
LA-527 Time for fission 455kB Local PDF
LA-52 RaD purification, Po preparation, and calibration of measuring apparatus 881kB Local PDF
LA-5368-C Notes and comments on the Round Table Conference on Detonations, Colorado Springs, June 20-21, 1972 959kB Local PDF
LA-5378 Initial value problems of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability type 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-5392-MS Summary of radiation transport and radiation hydrodynamics 488kB Local PDF
LA-5403-MS Thermonuclear burn characteristics of compressed deuterium-tritium microspheres 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-5407-MS The method of sampling certain probability densities without inversion of their distribution functions 238kB Local PDF
LA-543 Apparatus for rapid analysis of boron 10 263kB Local PDF
LA-5444-MS Symmetry of laser-driven implosions 369kB Local PDF
LA-5449-MS Simulation of turbulence in fireballs 521kB Local PDF
LA-545 Underwater explosion of a nuclear bomb 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-5481-MS The calculation of ionization in hyrodrodynamics codes. I, Theory 357kB Local PDF
LA-550 Cross-roads handbook of explosion phenomena 6.5MB Local PDF
LA-5515-MS Reaction between plutonium and deuterium. Part I, Rate measurements by pressure changes 660kB Local PDF
LA-5525-M-v.2 Guide to the program library and abstracts 13.0MB Local PDF
LA-5559 Ecological considerations of depleted uranium munitions 668kB Local PDF
LA-555 Neutron experiments with beryllium spheres 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-5571-MS The antimony-beryllium neutron source for the LASL water boiler reactor 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-55 Uranium alloy development. Part III 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-5603-MS Burn characteristics of marginal deuterium-tritium microspheres 238kB Local PDF
LA-5604-MS Ablation stability of laser-driven implosions 353kB Local PDF
LA-5641-MS Approximate spherical blast theory and laser-initiated pellet microexplosions 291kB Local PDF
LA-5647-MS Short account of Los Alamos theoretical work on thermonuclear weapons, 1946-1950 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-5654 Particle size distribution of fragments from depleted uranium penetrators fired against armor plate targets 930kB Local PDF
LA-5658 PHERMEX evaluation of Air Force tungsten and U-0.75 wt[per cent] Ti penetrators 849KB Local PDF
LA-5662-MS Fourteen-MeV, neutron-induced gamma-ray production cross sections 672kB Local PDF
LA-5694-MS Thomas-Fermi calculation of potential between atoms 275kB Local PDF
LA-5712-MS Tactical nuclear weapons : objectives and contraints 615kB Local PDF
LA-5743-MS Hydrodynamics and burn of optimally imploded DT spheres. 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5761-SR Status of laser separation of borbon isotopes, June 1974 578kB Local PDF
LA-577 Formation and rise of smoke clouds from explosions 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5783-MS Implosion stability, and burn of multishell fusion targets 525kB Local PDF
LA-5785-MS United States National Security policy and nuclear weapons 517kB Local PDF
LA-5789-MS Tampered thermonuclear burn of DT microspheres 390kB Local PDF
LA-5802-MS Explosive logic circuits 496kB Local PDF
LA-5806-MS Computer simulation of tactical nuclear warfare 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-5810-MS Review of the Natural Resources Defense Council petition concerning limits for insoluble alpha emitters 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-581 Low-energy cross section of the D-D reaction and angular distribution of the protons emitted 6.3MB Local PDF
LA-5828-MS T(d,n)He-4 and T(t,2n) cross sections at low energies 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-5829-MS High-temperature vacuum thermal stability tests of explosives 574kB Local PDF
LA-5836-MS Neutron energy and velocity distributions from thermal D-T reactions 197kB Local PDF
LA-5837-MS Analysis of homopolar generators and superconducting inductive energy storage systems as power supplies for high-energy, space-based lasers 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-5864 Equation of state for nonideal explosives 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-5865 Nonsteady-state detonations in one-dimensional plane, diverging, and converging geometries 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-586 Equation of state of high explosive and calulation of detonation waves 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-5879-MS Monte Carlo method for problems of hierarchical inference 283kB Local PDF
LA-588 July 16th, 1945 nuclear explosion : preliminary report on the spectrum and radiation 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-5890-MS Introduction to explosive magnetic flux compression generators 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-5906 Numerical calculation of the cylinder test 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-5909-MS Magnification ratios for explosive-driven shocks 222kB Local PDF
LA-5915-MS Plane shock initiation of detonation : computer simulation of a gas-gun experiment 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-5926-MS Time-dependent detonations 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-5930-MS Capsule storage and density-analog techniques 701kB Local PDF
LA-5943-MS One-dimensional calculations of shock-loaded polycrystalline beryllium 533kB Local PDF
LA-5946-MS Tungsten-carbide critical assembly 213kB Local PDF
LA-5949-MS Neutron spectrum from an oralloy sphere 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-5963 Reflector-moderated critical assemblies 910kB Local PDF
LA-5967 Solar heating handbook for Los Alamos 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-5971-MS Research program on plasma core assembly 275kB Local PDF
LA-5983-MS More 14-MeV, neutron-induced gamma-ray production cross sections 553kB Local PDF
LA-602 Ignition of the atmosphere with nuclear bombs 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-6046-MS Preheat effects on microballoon laser fusion implosions 336kB Local PDF
LA-6064-MS Ductile to brittle transition of U-0.75% wt% Ti penetrator cores 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-6069-MS High-density metals and metallic composites for improved fragmentation submunitions 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-6072 Bremsstrahlung-induced K fluorescence 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-6078-MS Nuclear weapons, their role in U. S. political and military posture, and an example 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-6079-MS Structure and scaling laws of laser-driven ablative implosions 226kB Local PDF
LA-607 ([alpha],n) cross-sections of beryllium, magnesium and aluminum 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-60 The Fission neutron spectrum of 25 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-6108-MS Singularity fitting in hydrodynamical calculations II 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-6116-MS ENDF/B-IV fission-product files : summary of major nuclide data 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-6172-MS Metallic hydrogen : a brief technical assessment 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-617 Time scale measurements by the Rossi method 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-6191-MS Stability of the flow in a shock layer 590kB Local PDF
LA-6237-MS Neutron production gas targets 242kB Local PDF
LA-6239-MS Fission cross section of 243[sup]CM from the underground nuclear explosion, physics-8 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-6243-MS Some properties of AMATEX/20K 930kB Local PDF
LA-6269 Long-term ecological effects of exposure to uranium 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-62 The Transport cross section of helium for fast neutrons 472kB Local PDF
LA-6300-H Trinity 4.5MB Local PDF
LA-6301-MS High-temperature EBW detonator 328kB Local PDF
LA-6307-C Tritium operating safety seminar, Los Alamos, New Mexico, July 30, 1975 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-6310-MS Oklo--natural fission reactor program 947kB Local PDF
LA-6378-MS Implosions characteristics of deuterium-tritium pellets surrounded by high-density shells 496kB Local PDF
LA-6400-MS Uranium concentrations in natural waters South Park, Colorado 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-6405 United States high-altitude test experiences : a review emphasing the impact on the environment 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-6409-MS Production of a narrow band of 0.511-MeV radiation by use of the Phermex Bremsstrahlung Spectrum 353KB Local PDF
LA-6417-MS Field distortion switch for electrically driven flying plate experiments 300kB Local PDF
LA-6420-MS Dependence of laser-driven compression efficiency on wavelength 246kB Local PDF
LA-6456-MS Cray-1 evaluation : final report 4.5MB Local PDF
LA-6459-MS Neutron background spectra and signal-to-background ratio for neutron production between 10 and 14 MeV by the reactions [sup 3]H(p,n)[sup 3]He, [sub 1]H(t,n)[sup 3]He, and [sup 2]H(d,n)[sup 3]He 558kB Local PDF
LA-647 Methods of opacity calculations 7.8MB Local PDF
LA-6502-MS 2D radiative transfer schemes 697kB Local PDF
LA-6516-T Improved methods of maximum A posteriori image restoration 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-6517-MS Graser : a kinetics code for study of neutron-pumped gamma-ray laser systems 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-6529 Mechanical properties of plutonium-[sup 238]PuO[sub 2] 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-6537-MS Elastic neutron scattering from distributed fusion neutrons, deuterium, tritium, and lithium 832kB Local PDF
LA-6546 Performance of multiple HEPA filters against plutonium aerosols 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-6575-PR Investigations of the Oklo natural fission reactor, July 1975-June 1976 3.9MB Local PDF
LA-657 On the numerical solution of partial differential equations of parabolic type 823KB Local PDF
LA-660 The ([alpha],n) cross section of boron 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-661 Thermal conductivity of stabilized [alpha]-phase plutonium 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-6666-MS Research on plasma core reactors 734kB Local PDF
LA-6667-MS Number theory of the congruential random number generators 852kB Local PDF
LA-6676-MS Sensitivity of TATB explosives 353kB Local PDF
LA-6677-MS High-explosive performance tests 537kB Local PDF
LA-6681-MS Reaction between plutonium and deuterium : part II : Rate measurements by weight changes 562kB Local PDF
LA-6692 Soviet equation of state research in 1970-1975 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-66 The energies of the neutrons from polonium alphas on boron 861kB Local PDF
LA-671 Proposed numerical method for calculation of shocks 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-6731-MS Experience in the cleanup of plutonium-contaminated land 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-6739-MS Detonation in miniature 168kB Local PDF
LA-6742 Continued studies of long-term ecological effects of exposure to uranium 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-6744-MS Stabilization of short-wavelength disturbances in the Rayleigh-Taylor instability of plastic solids by a surface layer of high yield strength 685kB Local PDF
LA-6761 Neutron total cross-section measurements of [sup 9]Be, [10, 11 sup]B, and [12, 13 sup]C from 1.0 to 14 MeV using the [9 sup]Be (d,n) [10 sup]B reaction as a "white" neutron source 979kB Local PDF
LA-6786 Solving the strong-shock algorith for explosive yield and spatial origin 365kB Local PDF
LA-67 Progress report on reduction by electrolysis 631kB Local PDF
LA-6809 Empirical model to compute the velocity histories of flyers driven by electrically exploding foils 787kB Local PDF
LA-6823-MS Similarity solutions for converging shocks 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-6859-MS Polymorphic detonation 865kB Local PDF
LA-6877-MS Radioactivity in the underground environment of the Cambric nuclear explosion at the Nevada Test Site 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-687 Radiation doses in the Pajarito accident of May 21, 1946 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-6887 Radiological survey and decontamination of the former main technical area (TA-1) at Los Alamos, New Mexico 11.3MB Local PDF
LA-6895-MS Signal processing by P log P maximum entropy analysis 398kB Local PDF
LA-6897-MS Two-dimensional maximum entropy image restoration 394kB Local PDF
LA-68 Uranium alloy development, Part 4 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-6904-MS A summary of indicators of nth country weapon development programs 816kB Local PDF
LA-6943-H Computing at LASL in the 1940s and 1950s 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-6946-MS Performance of electrical contact pins near a nuclear explosion 754kB Local PDF
LA-6948-MS Imploding-liner reactor nucleonic studies : the linus blanket 476kB Local PDF
LA-6997-MS Exploratory laser-drive shock wave studies 652kB Local PDF
LA-69 Uranium alloy development, Part 5 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-6 Theoretical group organization 263kB Local PDF
LA-7099-T A theoretical assessment of radiation damage effects in a proposed gamma-ray laser system 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-70 Metallurgy of plutonium 240KB Local PDF
LA-7105-MS Preprocessing of PHERMEX flash radiographic images 994KB Local PDF
LA-7108 Neutron detector suitcase for the Nuclear Emergency Search Team 358KB Local PDF
LA-7121-H-Rev. Thirty-five years at Pajarito Canyon Site 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-7121-H Thirty years at Pajarito Canyon Site 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-712 A classical treatment of electrostatic excitation of nuclear P[sub 2] vibrations 4.4MB Local PDF
LA-7130 Recent developments in the sesame equation-of-state library 943kB Local PDF
LA-7158 High temperature shock initiation of explosives 889kB Local PDF
LA-715 A study of the spectrum of neutrons of low energy from the fission of U[sup 235] 811KB Local PDF
LA-7214-MS Derivation of the physical equations solved in the inertial confinement stability code DOC : informal report 639kB Local PDF
LA-7218-MS Simple model for exploding pusher targets 553kB Local PDF
LA-7229-C Heat pipe applications workshop report 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-7291-MS Breakup of an accelerated shell owing to Rayleigh-Taylor instability 455kB Local PDF
LA-72 Polonium extraction using a platinum electrode and hydrogen 254kB Local PDF
LA-7310 Tritium production in a sphere of [sup 6]LiD irradiated by 14-MeV neutrons 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-7330-MS Time-resolved phermex image restorations constrained with an additional multiply-exposed image 680KB Local PDF
LA-7354-MS Conical shaped charge liner fabrication development 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-7398-MS Castable ideal composite explosives containing ammonium nitrate 857kB Local PDF
LA-740 Inelastic collision cross sections of various elements for 14 Mev neutrons 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-7432-MS Shear-layer instability in cylindrical implosions of rotating fluids 877kB Local PDF
LA-7434-P Characterization of the Dalhi pillar 295kB Local PDF
LA-743R Height of burst for atomic bombs 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-744 Time scale measurments by the Rossi method 4.4MB Local PDF
LA-7475-MS Application of artificial intelligence techniques to the acceleration of Monte Carlo transport calculations 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-748 Cross section as a function of angle for the D(d,n)He[sup 3] reaction for 10 Mev bombarding deuterons 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-7522-MS Fiber-reinforced plastic-bonded explosives 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-7533-MS Evaluation of n + [sub 242]Pu reactions from 10 keV to 20 MeV 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-7536-PR Investigations of the natural fission reactor program : progress report, October 1977- September 1978. 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-7561-MS Preprocessing of PHERMEX flash radiographic images with HAAR and adaptive filtering 359KB Local PDF
LA-7578 Multiphase interpenetration of shocked materials 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-7591-MS Some aspects of equations of state 418kB Local PDF
LA-75 Purification of plutonium 652kB Local PDF
LA-7658-PR Oklo--natural fission reactor program : October 1-December 31, 1978 308kB Local PDF
LA-7667-MS Thermal response of explosives subjected to external heating 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-7675-MS Jezebel and godiva : informal report 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-7698 Determination of total gas in lithium tritide-deuteride compounds 418kB Local PDF
LA-76 Delayed neutrons from 49 369kB Local PDF
LA-7778-MS MHD deceleration of fusion reaction products 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-7811-MS Analytical method for calculating the time-temperature history of metal foils under pulsed irradiation and a gaussian beam profile 390kB Local PDF
LA-7816-PR Oklo--natural fission reactor program : January 1-March 31, 1979 783kB Local PDF
LA-7833-MS Fireball shape as a height-of-burst diagnostic 459kB Local PDF
LA-7833-MS Fireball Shape as a Height-of-Burst Diagnostic 446KB Local PDF
LA-7837-MS Curious function of Otto Frisch 369kB Local PDF
LA-7855-MS Neutron scattering cross sections for 242PU 467kB Local PDF
LA-7869 Mach stems formed by colliding detonation waves 803kB Local PDF
LA-7876-MS Homomorphic processing of seismic signals 488kB Local PDF
LA-7898-MS Feasibility of an impulsively driver gamma-ray laser 734kB Local PDF
LA-7899-MS Hydrogen scattering cross section [sup 1]H(n,n) [sup 1]H 668kB Local PDF
LA-78 Uranium alloy development. Part VI,: Uranium-molybdenum alloys 922kB Local PDF
LA-7932-MS Evaluated data for n + [sup 9]Be reactions 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-7934-MS Introduction to two-temperature equations of state 721kB Local PDF
LA-7942-MS Sampling the fermi-dirac density 455kB Local PDF
LA-7946-MS Metal dynamics 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-7948-MS Valence instabilities as a possible source of actinide system inconsistencies 672kB Local PDF
LA-7984-MS Review of ionospheric disturbances resulting from some naturally occuring events 938kB Local PDF
LA-79 Metallography of plutonium 578kB Local PDF
LA-7 Theoretical group program 238kB Local PDF
LA-8054-PR Oklo--natural fission reactor program : April 1-June 30, 1979 832kB Local PDF
LA-8156-MS Thermal stability of PBX 9501 336kB Local PDF
LA-8189-PR Oklo--natural fission reactor program : July 1-September 30, 1979 431kB Local PDF
LA-81 Inelastic scattering in uranium 762kB Local PDF
LA-8206 Three-dimensional Eulerian calculations of triple-initiated PBX 9404 717kB Local PDF
LA-8223-MS Space nuclear reactor power plants 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-8281-PR Oklo--natural fission reactor program : October 1-December 31, 1979 443kB Local PDF
LA-8337-MS Nuclear-radiation measurement facilities at the radiochemistry laboratory at LASL 835KB Local PDF
LA-8342 Cross sections for neutron-induced neutron-producing reactions in [sup 6]Li and [sup 7]Li at t.96 and 9.83 Mev 824kB Local PDF
LA-8352-MS Premature detonation problem 4.0MB Local PDF
LA-8371 Exact partial solution to the steady-state, compressible fluid flow problems of jet formation and jet penetration 746kB Local PDF
LA-8372-MS [sup 242]Pu isotopic verification 803kB Local PDF
LA-8383-MS Emergency planning for the Persian gulf 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-8402-MS Dynamic theory : some shock wave and energy implications 418kB Local PDF
LA-8413-PR Armor defeat mechanisms, alternative materials selection : February-April 1980 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-8421-MS BDD : a dosimeter for the global positioning system 556KB Local PDF
LA-8436-MS X-0298 : a rubber-bonded pbx 504kB Local PDF
LA-8437-MS Numerical modeling of insensitive high-explosive initiators 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-8479-PR Oklo-natural fission reactor program : January 1-March 31, 1980 525kB Local PDF
LA-8583-PR Armor defeat mechanisms, alternative materials selection : May-September 1980 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-8603-MS Plutonium isotopic composition by gamma-ray spectroscopy 852kB Local PDF
LA-8610-MS Oxidation of depleted uranium penetrators and aerosol dispersal at high temperatures 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-8632 Ballistic missile defense : a potential arms-control initiative 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-8644-PR Oklo natural fission reactor Program : April 1-August 31, 1980 685kB Local PDF
LA-8647 Jet initiation of explosives 512kB Local PDF
LA-8669-MS Rail gun program 693kB Local PDF
LA-8672 Evaluation of some geophysical events on 22 September 1979 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-8689-MS Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory computer benchmark performance 1979 922kB Local PDF
LA-8690-MS The arrow of time in the dynamic theory 463kB Local PDF
LA-8696 Deflagration-to-detonation transition in small-diameter columns of PETN 263kB Local PDF
LA-86 Spontaneous Fission in Separated Uranium Isotopes 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-8724-MS The acceptability of reactors in space 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-8743-PR Natural repository analogue program : progress report, October 1 - December 31, 1980 787kB Local PDF
LA-8762-MS Los Alamos critical assemblies facility 947kB Local PDF
LA-8816-MS Numerical calculation of shock-to-detonation from projectile impact 627kB Local PDF
LA-8819 The yields of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-8849-MS Philosophy of supercomputing 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-8890-ENV Formerly utilized MED/AEC sites remedial action program : radiological survey of the site of a former radioactive liquid waste treatment plant (TA-45) and the effluent receiving areas of Acid, Pueblo, and Los Alamos canyons, Los Alamos, New Mexico 13.1MB Local PDF
LA-8902-MS VAX/VMS benchmarking 844kB Local PDF
LA-8943 Review of operating experience at the Los Alamos Plutonium Electrorefining Facility, 1963-1977 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-8947-MS Reverse vortex flow in near-surface explosions 787kB Local PDF
LA-8969-MS Some political issues related to future special nuclear materials production 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-8971-MS Propagation of a liquid-liquid explosion 943kB Local PDF
LA-8989 Two- and three-dimensional detonation wave interactions with a copper plate 836kB Local PDF
LA-8997-MS Perimeter safeguards techniques for uranium enrichment plants 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-9039 Nuclear power in the Soviet bloc 5.4MB Local PDF
LA-9053-MS PBX 9502 performance 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-9073 Direct reduction of [sup 238]PuO[sub 2] and [sup 239]PuO[sub 2] to metal 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-90 Measurement of the capture-fission ratio in 25 for thermal neutrons 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9103-MS Evaluation of sealed-tube neutron generators for the assay of fresh LWR fuel assemblies 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9119 Plane wave generator calculations 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9137 Two-dimensional radiation-hydrodynamic calculations for a nominal 1-MT nuclear explosion near the ground 594kB Local PDF
LA-9144-MS Linear accelerator for radioisotope production 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-9154-MS Fused salt processing of impure plutonium dioxide to high-purity plutonium metal 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-9168-MS Average neutronic properties of prompt fission products 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9181-T Alternative methods in criticality 7.4MB Local PDF
LA-9200-MS Neutron-capture cross sections of the tungsten isotopes [sup 182]W, [sup 183]W, [sup 184]W, and [sup 186]W from 2.6 to 2000 keV 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9213-MS Special Nuclear Material self-protection criteria investigation : phases I and II 2.9MB Local PDF
LA-9217-MS Analysis of the alleged Kyshtym disaster 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-9283-MS Bidirectional slapper system 619kB Local PDF
LA-9285-MS New fission neutron spectrum representation for ENDF 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9343 Production of actinide isotopes in simulated PWR fuel and their influence on inherent neutron emission 4.8MB Local PDF
LA-9358-C Proceedings of the Los Alamos Neutrino Workshop : June 8-12, 1981 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-9360 The myth of nuclear explosions at waste disposal sites 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-9369-MS Air transport in connection with the Hiroshima-Nagasaki dose-reevaluation effort 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-9413-MS Special Numerics for a Nuclear Fireball 785KB Local PDF
LA-9413-MS Special numerics for a nuclear-fireball model 807kB Local PDF
LA-9417-MS Hypervelocity-impact studies on titanium, titanium alloys, and beryllium 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-9434 How to calculate effects of tactical low-yield enhanced-radiation and fission warheads 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9443-MS All-secondary explosive flying-plate detonators 766kB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-A Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : hydrologic study for Pantex 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-B Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : hydrologic study for the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant 898kB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-C Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : radiation monitoring and radiological assessment of routine releases 5.8MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-D Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : dispersion analysis for postulated accidents 3.2MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-E Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : review of occupational exposures to radiation 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-F Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : radiological consequences of immediate inhalation of plutonium dispersed by postulated accidents 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-G Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : estimated releases and downwind concentrations of air pollutants from waste organic solvent evaporation, waste high-explosive burning, and high-explosive test shots 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-H Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : geohydrologic investigations 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-I Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : geohydrology 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-J Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : socioeconomic assessment 4.2MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-K Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : predictions of energy requirements 918kB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-L Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : description of facilities and estimation of resource requirements 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-M Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : agricultural food chain radiological assessment 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-N Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : decontamination methods and cost estimates for postulated accidents 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-O Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : long-term radiological risk assessment for postulated accidents 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-P Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : a comparison of county and state cancer mortality rates 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-9445-PNTX-Q Supplementary documentation for an environmental impact statement regarding the Pantex Plant : occupational work force mortality study 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-9464-MS Salt stripping, a pyrochemical approach to the recovery of plutonium electrorefining salt residues 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9469-MS Six-kilogram scale electrorefining of plutonium metal 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9475-MS Optical properties of explosive-driven shock waves in noble gases 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-9513-MS Los Alamos DP West Plutonium Facility Decontamination Project 1978-1981 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-9516-MS Dimensionless equation of state for condensed media--numerical results for shock heating and for flow deflection by an oblique stationary shock 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9527-MS Jet penetration of inerts and explosives 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-9538-MS Designing and testing a high-velocity self-forging fragment 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9545-SR The National Plutonium Workers' Study: considerations and preliminary results 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-9551-MS Chemistry and spectroscopy of a fireball 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-9555-MS Multiple sampling of a plutonium metal button 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9564-MS A simple EOS for "linear" (high-density) polyethylene (marlex) 884KB Local PDF
LA-9585-MS Neptunium-237 production from atmospheric nuclear testing 508kB Local PDF
LA-9592-MS Radiation to personnel from activities induced in tank armor for enhanced-radiation and fission nuclear weapons 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9602-MS Efficient methods for time absorption ([alpha]) eigenvalue calculations 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-9611 Thorium-plutonium chemical separation process 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9612-MS Oblique interactions of detonation waves with explosive-metal interfaces 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9620 The deflagration-to-detonation transition in PETN and HMX 918kB Local PDF
LA-9633-MS Vehicle monitors for domestic perimeter safeguards 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-9674-MS Present status of plutonium metal production and purification at Los Alamos - 1982 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-9683-MS Energy deposition from particle beams 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9685-H A history of critical experiments at Pajarito Site 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-9688-MS Concentric nuclear explosions 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-96 Uranium alloy development, Part VII : uranium alloys with two atomic per cent of some rare and precious metals 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-9720-MS 6Li(t,n)2[alpha] and 6Li(t,n)8Be cross sections and relative reaction probability in a plasma 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-9741-MS Calculation of terrestrial gamma-ray fields in airborne radiometric surveys 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9748-MS The Los Alamos laser simulation of high-altitude nuclear explosion effects : final report 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-9751-MS Comparison of S [sub n] quadrature methods in benchmark criticality calculations 5.7MB Local PDF
LA-9764-M User's guide to the multiple-independent detector system 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-97 Some remarks on the hydrodynamical theory of wave propagation with an application to a problem in the flow of metals incompressible at low pressures 484kB Local PDF
LA-9804-MS Case-control study of brain tumors among white males employed at the Rocky Flats Plant 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-980 Differential cross section as a function of angle for the D(d,p)T reaction for 10.9 Mev bombarding deuterons 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-981 Differential cross section of the reaction He[sup 3](d,p)He[sup 4] at 10.2 Mev bombarding energy and search for excited state of He[sup 4] 4.9MB Local PDF
LA-9831-MS Radiological survey following decontamination activities near the TA-45 site 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9838-MS Neutron production by alpha particles in thin uranium hexafluoride 486KB Local PDF
LA-9874-PR Stratospheric tritium sampling : October 1979-August 1980 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9890-MS On obtaining the zero-temperature equation of state from shock data 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9893-MS Estimating the risks of cancer mortality and genetic defects resulting from exposures to low levels of ionizing radiation 6.0MB Local PDF
LA-9903-MS Fireball spikes : the Plumbbob Boltzmann and Franklin rope tricks 807kB Local PDF
LA-994 Summary of fast fission cross sections 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-9971-MS Cross sections and maxwellian reaction rates for polarized d+d reactions 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-9988-PR Stratospheric tritium sampling : April 1982-March 1983 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-9993-MS Fallout prediction as of 1957 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-9 Range measurements of 94[sup 239], 94[sup 238] and U[sup 233] 230kB Local PDF
LAL-81-9 Thermal hazards of explosives 247KB Local PDF
LALP-81-75 News media relations guide 650KB Local PDF
LALP-83-20 Dynamic Testing Division. 633KB Local PDF
LALP-84-47-Rev. A typical Los Alamos National Laboratory underground nuclear test 1.4MB Local PDF
LALP-85-26 Handbook for foreign visitors : a practical guide for visitors from abroad 7.0MB Local PDF
LALP-86-29 Dynamic Testing Division. 486KB Local PDF
LALP-87-9 Visitor's guide / Los Alamos National Laboratory 938KB Local PDF
LALP-88-21 The Los Alamos Nuclear Test Program : field test operations 1.7MB Local PDF
LALP-91-47 Los Alamos visitor guide to environment, safety, health, and security part 1 183KB Local PDF
LALP-91-47 Los Alamos visitor guide to environment, safety, health, and security part 2 525KB Local PDF
LALP-92-46 Visitor's guide / Los Alamos National Laboratory 3.3MB Local PDF
LALP-94-8-8 Dateline Los Alamos, August issue 1994 1.2MB Local PDF
LALP-95-10 Designated unclassified subject areas (DUSAs) : program information and user's guide 51KB Local PDF
LALP-97-1-12 Dateline Los Alamos, December issue 1997 573KB Local PDF
LAMS-1077 On the energy distribution of the fission fragments of U[sup 235] produced by 2.5-Mev and 14-Mev neutrons 493KB Local PDF
LAMS-1105 Behavior of plutonium(III) chloride in titrations with base and acid 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-1118 Plutonium hexafluoride, plutonium (VI) oxyfluoride : preparation, identification, and some properties 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-113 Summary of meeting of Project Y technical board on July 13, 1944 450KB Local PDF
LAMS-11 The cross section for reaction 20(30,240)n 7.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-1206 Molar volumes of deuterium and of a deuterium-tritium mixture between 19.5 and 24.5[degree] K 274KB Local PDF
LAMS-1245 The decontamination of uranium from fission products by the use of the uranyl oxalate precipitation reaction 1.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-1332 On discontinuous initial value problems for nonlinear equations and finite difference schemes 2.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-13 Experiments on scattering of fast neutrons in tamper materials 603KB Local PDF
LAMS-1640 Thermonuclear reaction rates 337KB Local PDF
LAMS-1642 Index to material in GM and SF bulletins 2.9MB Local PDF
LAMS-1684 Pin contactor method 2.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-16 Metallographic examination of an imploded steel tube 451KB Local PDF
LAMS-1935 A Compilation of spectroscopic observations of air around atomic bomb explosions 4.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-1961 An optical fallout analogue 2.8MB Local PDF
LAMS-1979-pt.2 A literature survey on shielding: October 1954 to December 1955 2.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-200 Performance of British bombs 156kB Local PDF
LAMS-2019 A hand method for the computation of fall-out patterns 1.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2020 The Wind variability of fall-out patterns 1.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-202 Explosives 4.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-2031 Air, precipitation, and surface contamination at certain localities in New Mexico from Operation Teapot, Spring 1955 586KB Local PDF
LAMS-2038 A survey of some Los Alamos county canyons for radioactive contamination, spring 1953 to spring 1955 740KB Local PDF
LAMS-2168 Recovery of lithium-6 deuteride and sonversion of lithium chloride 877KB Local PDF
LAMS-2443 Proceedings of the Conference on Scientific Applications of Nuclear Explosions held July 6-8, 1959, Los Alamos, New Mexico 2.8MB Local PDF
LAMS-2452 Accident and Transient Characteristics of KIWI-B Reactors 3.6MB Local PDF
LAMS-2489 Critical masses of composites of Oy and Pu-239-240 in Flattop geometry 751KB Local PDF
LAMS-2532-v.1 Manhattan District history : Project Y, the Los Alamos Project. Vol. I, Inception until August 1945 5.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-2532-v.2 Manhattan District history: Project Y, the Los Alamos Project. Vol. II, August 1945 through December 1946 13.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-258 Neutron energies in U and WC tampers 885KB Local PDF
LAMS-2605 Castle and Teapot Elf EM signals: Albert loop data 1.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-2607 The IVY system 9.9MB Local PDF
LAMS-2878 Strontium-90, cesium-137, and radioactive rare earths in environmental rain and air at Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1958-June 1963 565KB Local PDF
LAMS-2895 Selected bibliography of publications of LASL research, 1957-1962 13.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-2895-Suppl Selected bibliography of publications of LASL research, 1957-1962 supplement 3.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-364 Penetration of a radiation wave into uranium 275kB Local PDF
LAMS-40 Remarks on nuclear fission 2.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-414 Measurement of transport and ineleastic scattering cross sections for fast neutrons, Part 2. Experimental results 977KB Local PDF
LAMS-430 Crossroads technical instrumentation report : timing signals (tests A and B) 4.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-437 P division monthly progress report 784KB Local PDF
LAMS-439 Radiation intensity vs time inside target ships 3.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-446 Crossroads technical instrumentation report : fastax photography 2.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-488-pt.3 Progress report for June 1946 : T-Site X-1 640KB Local PDF
LAMS-51 Condensation of British damage reports 247KB Local PDF
LAMS-553 Transport cross section expressed in terms of phase shift 77KB Local PDF
LAMS-583 Application of Zapon technique to the preparation of foils 161KB Local PDF
LAMS-607 Z-Division progress report: 18 July 1947 - 18 August 1947 4.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-60 Photographic observation of collapsing cylinders : progress report of February 7, 1944 693KB Local PDF
LAMS-62 Remarks on the fission-capture ratio of 25 218KB Local PDF
LAMS-658 Ground activity after the trinity shot 818KB Local PDF
LAMS-669 Electronics of the Van de Graaff 948KB Local PDF
LAMS-67 Health report 1.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-688 Status report on Los Alamos Tech Series 485KB Local PDF
LAMS-706 Phenomenological theory of reactive assemblies 2.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-720 Recording type automatic Geiger tube calibrator 969KB Local PDF
LAMS-727 The neutron energy distribution in the center of the Los Alamos plutonium reactor 814KB Local PDF
LAMS-732 Attempt at remote detection of a nuclear explosion 1.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-733 Effect of temperature and reactivity changes in operation of the Los Alamos plutonium reactor 3.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-734 Average effective cross sections for the fast plutonium reactor spectrum 901KB Local PDF
LAMS-740 Design and construction of the "Pee Wee" portable proportional alpha survey meter 1.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-765 Search for short-lived Y, Zr, and Cb fission products 245KB Local PDF
LAMS-774 Fission cross section of Th[sup 232] and U[sup 235] for 14 mev neutrons 835KB Local PDF
LAMS-776 Preliminary results on the fission cross sections of Th[sup 232] and U[sup 235] for 14 mev neutrons 847KB Local PDF
LAMS-779 A proposed method of measuring neutron energies by the (n,[alpha]) reaction in Li[sup 6] using nuclear emulsions 583KB Local PDF
LAMS-786 Safety tests on hand stacking of U-235 cubes 965KB Local PDF
LAMS-806 Table of [delta]x 1.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-809 Communications for Operation Sandstone 3.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-80 Report of the Ordnance Division : status as of April 15, 1944 3.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-81 Health report 392KB Local PDF
LAMS-82 [Memorandum from A. C. Graves, subject sources] 222KB Local PDF
LAMS-836 Minutes of an informal meeting on nuclear rockets 556KB Local PDF
LAMS-858 Neutron activation cross sections in the fast reactor 352KB Local PDF
LAMS-88 Terminal observations program, progress report to April 15, 1944 625KB Local PDF
LAMS-91 Investigation of plutonium hydride 190KB Local PDF
LAMS-921 Analysis of fireball growth at Sandstone 2.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-933 On the range of energy releases which can be determined by fireball observations 297KB Local PDF
LAMS-951 A Simple method for the calculation of the equation of state 254KB Local PDF
LAMS-962 J - division progress report: 20 April to 20 May 1949 1.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-992 Energy spectrum of spontaneous fission fragments 878KB Local PDF
LAMS-993 Preliminary survey of physical effects produced by a super bomb 1.1MB Local PDF

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