FAS Note: The Los Alamos Technical Reports and Publications listed below were formerly made available by Los Alamos National Laboratory on its web site. Before Los Alamos blocked online access to these documents, most of them were acquired and preserved in the public domain by Gregory Walker and Carey Sublette.

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LAMS-100 The electrolytic preparation of thin films of plutonium oxide : preliminary 219KB Local PDF
LAMS-107 Minutes of meeting held in Oppenheimer's office Wednesday, June 28, 1944, for the purpose of discussing the feasibility of use of the betatron for a study of the implosion process 269KB Local PDF
LAMS-1080 Preliminary report on thermal and electrical conductivities of some plutonium-aluminum alloys 575KB Local PDF
LAMS-1099 Preliminary report on human excretion of tritium 436KB Local PDF
LAMS-1199 Tables of the Compton effect cross sections and energies 22.8MB Local PDF
LAMS-128 [Memorandum from J. Von Neumann on surface water waves excited by an underwater explosion] 336KB Local PDF
LAMS-136 Conventions in expressing isotopic composition of uranium samples, average atomic weights 197KB Local PDF
LAMS-1587 Thermodynamic properties of plutonium haxafluoride : a preliminary report 503KB Local PDF
LAMS-162 Tables for conversion of atomic, weight, and volume percentages in alloys of heavy metals 618KB Local PDF
LAMS-1640-Rev. Thermonuclear reaction rates 201KB Local PDF
LAMS-1675 The effect of atmospheric liquid water on atomic bombs 4.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-1700 Average fission cross section of U[sup 237] for intermediate energy neutrons 816KB Local PDF
LAMS-173 On the possibility of formation of a nuclear uranium lattice at very high temperatures 264KB Local PDF
LAMS-180 (P,N) reactions in deuterium, scandium and vanadium 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-1876 On the emission probabilities of fission neutrons 1.6MB Local PDF
LAMS-188 [Memorandum from R. E. Peierls on detonation rate for plane and expanding waves, dated January 5, 1945] 291KB Local PDF
LAMS-189 [Memorandum from W. C. Higinbotham on the possibility of initiating an implosion with a photo sensitive detonation gas, dated December 29, 1944] 3.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-1902 Photogrammetric problems associated with nuclear detonation test experiments 1.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-1955 On a method of propulsion of projectiles by means of external nuclear explosions, part I 980KB Local PDF
LAMS-1969 Simple critical mass calculations 781KB Local PDF
LAMS-197 Damage to lengths of primacord produced by detonation of near-by lengths 360KB Local PDF
LAMS-1 A discussion of the fission neutron spectrum 1.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-2021 Possible propellants for use in a nuclear rocket 1.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-2036 The LASL nuclear rocket propulsion program 2.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2117 Radioactive decontamination tests on surgeon's gloves contaminated with plutonium 311KB Local PDF
LAMS-2186 Some schemes for nuclear propulsion 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2200 U[sup 239] fission cross section 262KB Local PDF
LAMS-2236 Alpha-particle oxidation and reduction in aqueous plutonium solutions 935KB Local PDF
LAMS-2255 Neutron cross sections for fast and intermediate nuclear reactors 8.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-226 Ground shock resulting from detonations on or above the surface 337KB Local PDF
LAMS-2293 Nuclear-critical accident at the Los Alamos Scientific Lab. on December 30, 1958 1.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-2302 Bibliography on fission, 1952 to present 6.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-2319 Procedures for decontamination of plutonium from various surfaces 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2360 Coordinate transformations in intranuclear cascade studies 519KB Local PDF
LAMS-2379 Methods of differencing in Eulerian hydrodynamics 2.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2391 Nuclear explosions as neutron sources : talk given at Plowshare Symposium, San Francisco, Calif., May 13-15, 1959. 592KB Local PDF
LAMS-2404 Lightweight nuclear rocket reactors 2.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2413 Tabulated values of thermal diffusion column shape factors for the Lennard-Jones (12-6) potential 2.9MB Local PDF
LAMS-2415 Critical data for nuclear safety guidance 5.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2416 Development of reliable 20 kV, size A ignitrons for thermonuclear research 1.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2437 On a method of measuring diffusion coefficients for fission products in powdered or sintered materials 500KB Local PDF
LAMS-2441 Large scale preparation of high purity plutonium metal by electrorefining : preliminary report 755KB Local PDF
LAMS-2444 Quarterly status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for period ending May 20, 1960. 2.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-2452 Stability of difference equations : selected topics 1.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-2464 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending August 20, 1960 1.9MB Local PDF
LAMS-2482 Turret preliminary nuclear calculations 1.6MB Local PDF
LAMS-2488 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending November 20, 1960 1.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-248 Spatial and energy distribution of neutrons in 25 metal critical assemblies 2.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-2512 Mission studies for nuclear heat exchanger rockets 3.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-2518 Purification of plutonium fuels by mercury processing : (experimental survey) 625KB Local PDF
LAMS-2529 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending February 20, 1961 2.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-2536 Artificial aurora and upper atmospheric shock produced by teak 754KB Local PDF
LAMS-2537 Correlations of experimental and theoretical critical data : comparative reliability, safety factors for criticality control 4.6MB Local PDF
LAMS-2538 Preliminary report on nuclear rocket dynamics and control 910KB Local PDF
LAMS-2543 Six and sixteen group cross sections for fast and intermediate critical assemblies 2.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-2544 Quarterly status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for period ending March 20, 1961 736KB Local PDF
LAMS-2547 Applications of low power nuclear rocket engines 2.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-2570 Quarterly status report of the LASL controlled thermonuclear research program for period ending May 20, 1961 2.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-2573 Mechanical quadrature and the transport equation 575KB Local PDF
LAMS-2574 Plutonium-240 cross sections and their temperature dependence 2.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-2619 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending August 20, 1961 1.9MB Local PDF
LAMS-2632 Mission analysis for nuclear propulsion 2.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2642 Energy and time dependence of delayed gammas from fission 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2651 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending November 20, 1961 820KB Local PDF
LAMS-2673 Surface fitting of the equation of state of liquid and gaseous normal hydrogen 3.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2682 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending February 20, 1962 757KB Local PDF
LAMS-2688 A Feasibility study of the disposal of a Rover reactor with high explosives 3.6MB Local PDF
LAMS-2698-Rev. Hazards evaluation for the Los Alamos critical assembly facility 2.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2713 A Description of a time dependent radiation hydrodynamics transport code and some numerical results 1.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-271 Isotope chart (high atomic number end) 149KB Local PDF
LAMS-2721 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending May 20, 1962 997KB Local PDF
LAMS-2726 Examination of gross particles from Kiwi-A3 nuclear rocket propulsion reactor at Nevada test site 2.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-2745 Difference equations for plane thermal elasticity 5.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2747 Code for reducing many-group cross sections to few groups 560KB Local PDF
LAMS-2754 Quarterly status report of the LASL Controlled Thermonuclear Research Program for period ending August 20, 1962 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2755 Leakage neutron spectrum of U[sup 233] critical assembly 655KB Local PDF
LAMS-2798 Formulation of a low static accumulating, resilient vinyl coating for explosive handling equipment 829KB Local PDF
LAMS-2801 Code for reducing many-group cross sections to few groups 1.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-2832 The solubility of selected elements in liquid plutonium. I, Carbon 375KB Local PDF
LAMS-286 Determination of the capture cross section of 25 : preliminary report 482KB Local PDF
LAMS-2882 Some approximate calculations of the wall pressure profile for the case of the Chapman-Jouquet detonation in a finite mass of high explosive adjacent to a rigid wall 1.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-2883 Study of fission neutron spectra with high-energy activation detectors 5.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2919 Investigations of underground explosions in Nevada sandy soil 2.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-2941 Los Alamos group-averaged cross sections 8.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-2946 Health physics bibliography on tritium 2.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-2952 The solubility of selected elements in liquid plutonium. II, Tantalum 377KB Local PDF
LAMS-2954 Computing the critical frequencies of stepped shafts 496KB Local PDF
LAMS-2959 Health physics planning for a high-pressure tritium gas experiment at a university 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-2960 Implicit radiation diffusion 1.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-2962 Radiation hazard resulting from tritium diffusion in glove box operations 436KB Local PDF
LAMS-2963 Dose rates, activity, and shielding transmission factors for U[sup 235] fission products after short irradiation 693KB Local PDF
LAMS-2985 Numerical integration of a 97 KT explosion in sea level air 8.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-299 Energy of fission fragments of 25, 28, 49 180KB Local PDF
LAMS-3009 Pions, muons, and nuclear structure 1.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-3013 Some low energy neutrino cross sections 1.5MB Local PDF
LAMS-3067 Los Alamos critical-mass data 1.8MB Local PDF
LAMS-3070 Pressure oscillations induced by forced convection heat transfer to two phase and supercritical hydrogen : preliminary experiments. 5.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-3092 Studies on the alpha-to-beta and beta-to-alpha phase transformation of plutonium 1.8MB Local PDF
LAMS-344 Search for slow-neutron-induced fission of Np[sup 239] 365KB Local PDF
LAMS-345 Spin-dependent part of the neutron - deuterium cross section 468KB Local PDF
LAMS-354 Thermal neutron fission in Pa[sup 231], Th[sup 232], U[sup 234], and Np[237] 373KB Local PDF
LAMS-355 Radiochemistry of the fission products 5.0MB Local PDF
LAMS-358 Direction and energy distribution near threshold of fission fragments 590KB Local PDF
LAMS-387 Progress report on determination of chemical composition of slow explosives 1.6MB Local PDF
LAMS-389 Preliminary determination of the neutron absorption cross section of long-lived I[sup 129] 399KB Local PDF
LAMS-392 Energy loss of deuterons in D[sub 2]O at very low energies 1.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-400 Surface phenomena in high explosives 2.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-424 Scattering of protons by deutrons 1.6MB Local PDF
LAMS-441 Ranges in air of plutonium fission fragments as a function of their mass 437KB Local PDF
LAMS-451 Safety test for storage of plutonium-239 in angle-iron frames designed at DP Site 664KB Local PDF
LAMS-453 Safety test on the storage of plutonium tetrafluoride 308KB Local PDF
LAMS-507 Spread of radioactive contamination from a tower-burst atomic bomb 872KB Local PDF
LAMS-55 Comparison of data on the scattering cross sections of carbon and hydrogen 527KB Local PDF
LAMS-594 Report of talk given at the Chicago meeting, May 16, 1945 : the monitoring of Site Y personnel for plutonium contamination and the excretion of plutonium by a human subject 781KB Local PDF
LAMS-600 Differential D(d,n)He[sup 3] cross section for 10 Mev deuterons 209KB Local PDF
LAMS-606 Equation of state data from shock wave observations 989KB Local PDF
LAMS-648 Preliminary search for fission induced fission 581KB Local PDF
LAMS-663 Inelastic scattering cross sections of lead and uranium for 14 Mev neutrons 889KB Local PDF
LAMS-683 Preliminary results on the cross-section of the reaction T[sup 3](d,n)He[sup 4] between 1.0 Mev and 2.5 Mev deuteron energy 1.3MB Local PDF
LAMS-703 Table of critical radii for tamped spheres 2.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-725 Studies of air-borne contamination resulting from operations handling plutonium metal and plutonium alloys 1.8MB Local PDF
LAMS-752 Neutron-deuteron scattering at high energies 2.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-777 Preliminary results on the fission cross section of U[sup 238] in the neutron energy range from 13.5 to 18 Mev 1.2MB Local PDF
LAMS-796 Table of diffusion constant K 641KB Local PDF
LAMS-861 Elastic constants and sound velocities, 4. elastic constants of plutonium 1.7MB Local PDF
LAMS-864 Report on GMX-4 activities, 1. shock waves in gases, 2. thermal effects in metals 2.4MB Local PDF
LAMS-894 Feasibility of shadow shielding in nuclear powered submarines 1.1MB Local PDF
LAMS-908 Fast plutonium reactor experimental facilities 362KB Local PDF
LAMS-938 Fission cross sections of thorium 232, uranium 233, 235 and 236 and plutonium 239 relative to uranium 238 for 14 Mev neutrons 689KB Local PDF
LAMS-98 Electromagnetic observation of implosion as affected by the H.E. product gas 506KB Local PDF
LAMS-991 Spontaneous fission of 48 191KB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6348 Preparation of working calibration and test materials : plutonium nitrate solution 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6377-MS Seismic response of a block-type nuclear reactor core 695KB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6499-MS Core heatup and fission product release from an HTGR core in an LOFC accident 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6563-MS LARC-1 ; a Los Alamos release calculation program for fission product transport in HTGRs during the LOFC accident 5.6MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6570-MS LEAF : a computer program to calculate fission product release from a reactor containment building for arbitary radioactive decay chains 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6622-MS Multigroup beta and gamma spectra of individual ENDF/B-IV fission-product nuclides 7.7MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6685-MS Methods for calculating group cross sections for doubly heterogeneous thermal reactor systems 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6713 Decay heat from products of [sup 235]U thermal fission by fast-response boil-off calorimetry 2.4MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6818-MS FPDCYS and FPSPEC : computer programs for calculating fission-product beta and gamma multigroup spectra from ENDF/B-IV data 3.3MB Local PDF
LA-NUREG-6896-MS Comparisons of calculated and experimental delayed fission-product beta and gamma spectra from [sup 235]U thermal fission 1.9MB Local PDF
LASL-77-12 Pulsed electrical power from explosives 313KB Local PDF
LASL-77-18 Portable monitor for special nuclear materials 334KB Local PDF
LASL-77-22 Detection of nuclear explosions from satellites and space physics research 258KB Local PDF
LASL-77-24 Overview of laser fusion 332KB Local PDF
LASL-77-2 A typical LASL underground nuclear test 349KB Local PDF
LASL-78-15 Nuclear fission energy fuel cycle options 344KB Local PDF
LASL-78-3 The Basics of magnetic fusion 304KB Local PDF
LASL-79-29 Laser fusion program at Los Alamos 1.8MB Local PDF
LASL-79-62 An Invitation to participate in the LASL equation of state library 1.8MB Local PDF
LASL-79-82 FMIT : a neutron factory for fusion energy research 303KB Local PDF
LASL-79-84 Light flash produced by an atmospheric nuclear explosion 296KB Local PDF
LASL-80-28 Magnetic fusion research 531KB Local PDF
LA-SUB-94-50 Feasibility and options for purchasing nuclear weapons, highly enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium from the former Soviet Union (FSU) 417KB Local PDF
LA-SUB-94-61 Fully coupled Monte Carlo/discrete ordinates solution to the neutron transport equation 6.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-00-1996 1-D Equilibrium Discrete Diffusion Monte Carlo 245KB Local PDF
LA-UR-00-3371 1-D Equilibrium Disrete Diffusion Monte Carlo 197KB Local PDF
LA-UR-00-4429 Clean Coal Technology Diffusion : Impact of Electric Power Industry Restructuring 192KB Local PDF
LA-UR-00-4526 Results from a multiple-objective, nuclear-fuel-cycle optimization model 908KB Local PDF
LA-UR-00-5448 ATW simulations and the role of nuclear cross-section data 159KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1001 Ecodistribution of plutonium in liquid waste disposal areas at Los Alamos 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1004 Probabilistic evaluation of fallout effects associated with nuclear air bursts 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1010 Prompt neutrons from the spontaneous fission of fermium-257 690KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1036 Calculation of fission barriers 3.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1179 Experimental fission barriers for actinide nuclei 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1180 Fission and complete fusion measurements in $sup 40$Ar bombardments of $sup 58$Ni and $sup 109$Ag 782KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1291 Distribution of environmental plutonium in the Trinity site ecosystem after 27 years 374KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1309 Distribution of plutonium in liquid waste disposal areas at Los Alamos 423KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1428 Principles of safety. Safety in general, criticality risk in perspective 794KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1578 Review of evaluated cross section data for air and ground constituents 713KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1585 Chemical assay of plutonium for safeguards 959KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1595 Nondestructive assay of fissile material samples in support of nuclear safeguards 746KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1603 Engineering design considerations for Laser Controlled Thermonuclear Reactors 912KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1611 Development of a high-explosive driven crowbar switch 937KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1625 Laser controlled thermonuclear reactor materials requirements 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1752 Design of a high-voltage generator for the LASL implosion-heating experiment 363KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-1753 High-voltage technology for the LASL implosion-heating experiment 383KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-224 Lasers for fusion 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-226 Role of nuclear data in the practical application of nondestructive nuclear assay methods 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-413 Prototype tests on a 200 watt forced convection liquid hydrogen/deuterium target 872KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-479 Triangular mesh methods for the neutron transport equation 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-713 Effects of turbulence on low altitude fireballs at late times 541KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-834 Biomedical follow-up of the Manhattan Project plutonium workers 486KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-838 Developments in areas of on-line fission-yield and direct mass measurements at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 359KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-849 Combined nuclear and hydrogen energy economy : a long term solution to the world's energy problem 857KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-91 Two dimensional flow of detonations proceeding perpendicular to confined and unconfined surfaces 737KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-954 Mathematical model for the transport of environmental plutonium 278KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-960 Determination of spins of intermediate structure resonances in subthreshold fission 810KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-968 Prompt and delayed neutron yields from low energy photofission of $sup 232$Th, $sup 235$U, $sup 238$U, and $sup 239$Pu 859KB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-972 Calculation of fission barriers for heavy neutron-rich nuclei 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-73-981 Dynamics of fission and fusion with applications to the formation of superheavy nuclei 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1035 Performance of multiple HEPA filters against plutonium aerosols 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1051 Design of ventilation and air cleaning systems for the new Los Alamos plutonium facility 569KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1132 Ventilation design modifications at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory major plutonium operational areas 995KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1205 Ceramics for nuclear applications 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1206 First wall materials problems in fusion reactors 208KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1231 Automated nondestructive assay instrumentation for nuclear materials safeguards nuclear materials safeguards 285KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1454 Studies of plutonium in human tracheobronchial lymph nodes 616KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1466 Implosion heating studies in the Scylla 1B, implosion heating, and staged theta pinch experiments 605KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1716 Neutron diffraction studies of deuterium solid structures and transitions 589KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1738 Determination of binder degradation in plastic-bonded explosives 235KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1826 Current status of information obtained from plutonium contaminated people 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1883 Carbon dioxide laser development and asymmetry in laser driven implosions 557KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-1912 Lectures on hydrodynamical stability theory 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-213 High-temperature nuclear reactors as an energy source for hydrogen production 538KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-280 Physics problems of thermonuclear reactors 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-429 Laser induced recovery of deuterium or tritium from water 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-580 Laser fusion power plant systems analysis 812KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-588 Studies of the apparent solubility of $sup 238$PuO$sub 2$ microspheres in an aquatic environment and the uptake of plutonium from a soil matrix containing $sup 238$PuO$sub 2$ 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-591 Demolition of building 12, an old plutonium filter facility 2.6MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-592 Some neutronics aspects of laser-fusion reactors 723KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-593 Conceptual laser controlled thermonuclear reactor power plant 994KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-600 Application of shielding benchmark experiments to the testing of nuclear data, calculational methods, and procedures 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-613 Sensitivity of neutron multigroup cross sections to thermal broadening of the fusion peak 473KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-629 Comparative analysis of D-T fusion reactor radioactivity and afterheat 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-631 Studies on sorting and characterization of plutonium process and room-generated wastes 841KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-652 Materials problems in magnetically confined pulsed fusion reactors 511KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-743 Improved hot-wire electroexplosive devices 441KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-766 Bethe--Salpeter equation: numerical experience with a hydrogenlike atom 665KB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-883 Fusion reactor nuclear analysis methods and applications 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-924 Field assay of plutonium with a new computerized segmented gamma scan instrument 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-UR-74-968 Lung irradiation with static plutonium microspheres 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1115 Diameter effect in high-density heterogeneous explosives 694KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1151 Low-energy fission systematics of the fermium isotopes : the transition from mass asymmetry at fermium-254 to symmetry at fermium-259 360KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1174 Hydrostatic compression of explosives and detonation products to 10 GPa (100 kbars) and their calculated shock compression : results for PETN, TATB, CO[sub 2], and H[sub 2]O 565KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1210 Ceramics in controlled thermonuclear devices 419KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1274 High-pressure tritium 410KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1327 Geosciences research at Los Alamos related to non-nuclear energy 736KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1336 Isobar propagation in the nuclear medium 721KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1383 What happens to the fission process above the 2nd- and 3rd-chance fission thresholds 696KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1399 Stishovite : a comparison of shock compression data with static compression and ultrasonic data 397KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1418 Spin determination of fission resonances 720KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1425 Insensitive explosive studies using PHERMEX 685KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1456 Containment of plutonium and uranium 213KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1458 Sub-picosecond x-ray streak camera development for laser fusion diagnostics 290KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1459 Commercial application of laser fusion 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1518 Perturbation methods applied to problems in detonation physics 933KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1680 Design of x-ray microscopes for laser-fusion applications 341KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1837 Pulsed energy storage in fusion devices 458KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1843 Plasma experiments on the staged theta pinch, the implosion heating experiment, and scyllac feedback-sector experiment 369KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1898 Invited discussion of shock initiation mechanism 236KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-1925 Inertial and inductive energy storage for fusion systems 594KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-2060 Technology assessment of laser-fusion power production 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-2061 Low-temperature thermodynamic bottoming cycles for fusion reactors 634KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-2086 Assessment of nucleonic methods and data for fusion reactors 895KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-2283 Effluent monitoring for nuclear safeguards 864KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-2286 Measurement of an equation-of-state point for molybdenum at very high pressure 400KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-2705 Retention of reactor products in the Oklo natural fission reactor 273KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-499 Laser chemistry and the nuclear fuel cycle 176KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-887 Summary of comments offered at the meeting on recriticality energetics, ANL, April 5--6, 1976 230KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-892 Heat transfer problems associated with laser fusion 601KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-917 Numerical calculation of two phase flow in a shock tube 820KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-965 Maximum entropy restoration of laser fusion target x-ray photographs 256KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-986 High-temperature EBW detonators 248KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-988 Two dimensional homogeneous and heterogeneous detonation wave propagation 685KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-997 Perpendicular explosive drive and oblique shocks 647KB Local PDF
LA-UR-76-998 Heat pipe nuclear reactor for space power 687KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1028 Neutron cross section programs in the energy region from 1 t0 24 MeV at the LASL Van de Graaff facilities 632KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1056 Thermal x-rays and deuterium production in stellar flares 472KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1304 Problem of evaluating the safety of an explosive 541KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1378 LASL methods for derivation of predictive models for explosives thermal hazards and lifetime 239KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1394 Availability analysis for high reliability computer systems in nuclear facilities 304KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1523 Development of cryogenic targets for laser fusion 417KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1527 Sound velocity on SiO[sub 2] hugoniots 733KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1569 LOFC fission product release and circulating activity calculations for gas-cooled reactors 594KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-174 Laser-fusion program at Los Alamos 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1791 Computerized plutonium laboratory-stack monitoring system 475KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-1997 Nonlinear hydrodynamic forces on floating bodies 503KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-206 Advanced laser technology for laser-induced fusion applications 993KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-2420 Statistical aspects of nuclear safeguards 396KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-2452 Design and fabrication of a radially-fed implosion heating coil 302KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-2480 Fusion power from fast imploding liners 813KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-2787 Migration paths for Oklo reactor products and applications to the problem of geological storage of nuclear wastes 589KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-2796 Search for other natural fission reactors 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-2896 Interferogram reduction and interpretation as applied to the optical analysis of the 10 kJ LASL laser fusion system 533KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-392 Application of the sensitivity and uncertainty analysis system LASS to fusion reactor nucleonics 684KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-437 Nonlinear hydrodynamic forces on floating bodies 169KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-496 Applications of explosion-welded transition joints 696KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-514 General class of nonlinear bifurcation problems from a point in the essential spectrum : application to shock wave solutions of kinetic equations 886KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-57 Numerical solution of one dimensional two-phase drift flux equations with a blend of partially and fully implicit methods 395KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-58 Diffusion synthetic acceleration methods for the diamond-differenced discrete-ordinates equations 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-59 Energy dependent finite element method for two-dimensional diffusion problems 469KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-72 Fission and explosive energy releases of PuO[sub 2], PuO[sub 2]--UO[sub 2], UO[sub 2], and UO[sub 3] assemblies 503KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-860 Growth and saturation of instability of spherical implosions driven by laser or charged particle beams 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-872 Background cross section approach to generating group constants for shielding calculations 335KB Local PDF
LA-UR-77-891 X-ray imaging in the laser-fusion program 687KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1004 Background cross section method as a general tool for reactor analysis 544KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1147 Safeguards implementation in the nuclear fuel cycle 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1191 Unsteady detonations driven by first-order phase transformations 711KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1197 Nucleonic aspects of the LINUS imploding blanket 430KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1198 Minimum-thickness blanket/shield with optimum tritium breeding and shielding effectiveness 635KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1213 Superconducting magnetic energy storage for electric utilities and fusion systems 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1231 Use of binary alloys of the lanthanides for tritium recovery from CTR blankets 267KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1298 Ignition and deflagration of potassium picrate (KP) and KP/explosives mixtures : low-voltage, nonprimary detonators 569KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1306 Status report on nuclear reactors for space electric power 548KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-130 Recent progress in inertial confinement fusion research at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1319 Survey of linear magnetic fusion reactors 996KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1320 Conceptual design of an emergency tritium clean-up system 635KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1350 Lasers and power systems for inertial confinement fusion reactors 705KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1351 CO[sub 2]-laser fusion 354KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1418 Permeability enhancement using explosive techniques 418KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1457 Computer programs for capital cost estimation, lifetime economic performance simulation, and computation of cost indexes for laser fusion and other advanced technology facilities 705KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1627 Inertial confinement fusion reactor cavity phenomena 729KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1628 Mixing rules for and effects of other hydrogen isotopes and of isotopic swamping on tritium recovery and loss to biosphere from fusion reactors 580KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-1957 Statistical analysis in nuclear accountability : a simulation approach 413KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-196 Solar opacity and equation of state 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2030 Supernova mass ejection and core hydrodynamics 608KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-208 Studies on persons exposed to plutonium 891KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2266 Development and demonstration program for dynamic nuclear materials control 830KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2412 Early screening of nuclear waste retrieval and processing alternatives 604KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2432 Complementarity between neutron capture and heavy-ion reactions in nuclear structure studies 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2467 Measurements in Los Alamos benchmark criticals and the central reactivity discrepancy 388KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2527 Measurements of (n,3n) cross sections for [sup 2][sup 3][sup 5]U and [sup 2][sup 3][sup 8]U 341KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2878 Tritium containment in fusion facilities 501KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-2996 Thermochemical production of hydrogen from water, a critical review 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-3016 LASL program in nuclear pumped liquid lasers 312KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-3017 Expansion cooled CO nuclear pumped laser 445KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-3018 Research on fission induced plasmas and nuclear pumped lasers at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-3067 Program to develop analytical tools for environmental and safety assessment of nuclear material shipping container systems 579KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-329 Fiber optics and microprocessors : a control-system solution for the laser-fusion environment 640KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-427 Reactivity coefficients of heavy isotopes in LASL's fast critical assemblies 113KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-643 Heat pipe nuclear reactors for space applications 580KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-648 Decision analysis for dynamic accounting of nuclear material 642KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-757 Spherical shock collapse in a non-ideal medium 501KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-772 Shielding Factor Method for producing effective cross sections : MINX/SPHINX and the CCCC interface system 696KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-832 Requirements for near-real-time accounting of strategic nuclear materials in nuclear fuel reprocessing 663KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-836 Chemistry of build-up of a detonation wave 516KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-913 Numerical modeling of the deflagration-to-detonation transition 511KB Local PDF
LA-UR-78-964 Scoping nucleonic studies for the RIGGATRON fusion reactor concept 446KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-101 Cryogenic laser fusion target materials 543KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1115 Synfuel (hydrogen) production from fusion power 478KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1202 Survey of recent work on explosive-driven magnetic flux compression generators 936KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1240 Missions and planning for nuclear space power 540KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1243 Reactor design for nuclear electric propulsion 634KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1247 Real-time inventory system for special nuclear material 733KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1306 Distribution of nuclear charge and angular momentum in chains 132-137, 99, and 102 of thermal neutron fission of [sup 2][sup 3][sup 5]U at various kinetic energies and charge states of the fragments 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1420 Optical design and analysis of carbon dioxide laser fusion systems using interferometry and fast Fourier transform techniques 449KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-146 Ceramics for applications in fusion systems 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1475 Helios, a 20 TW CO[sub 2] laser fusion facility 425KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1510 Mesonic and relativistic effects in the nuclear electromagnetic interaction 583KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1511 Dynamics of nuclear fission and heavy-ion reactions 444KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-168 Cross-section sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for fusion reactors (a review) 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1821 Survey of special nuclear material vehicle monitors for domestic and international safeguards 353KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1835 Target dynamics and thermonuclear burn, Part I 474KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1840 Kaliski's explosive driven fusion experiments 349KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1960 Applications of the lots computer code to laser fusion systems and other physical optics problems 339KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-1969 Systems-design and energy-balance considerations for impact fusion 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2039 Contributions of shock-wave physics to high-pressure standards 630KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2220 Rail gun powered by an integral explosive generator 480KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2324 Analysis of the macroscopic equations for second sound in solids 165KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2357 Overview of systems requirements for impact fusion power 844KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2449 Characterization for fusion first-wall damage studies of using tailored D-T neutron fields 327KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-251 Lie-group theory for symbolic integration of first-order differential equations : a modern treatment 811KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2544 Development of a high-current deuteron injector for the FMIT Facility 294KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2558 Realistic assessment of direct radiolysis for synthetic fuels production using fusion radiation sources 235KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2607 Intelligent data-acquisition instrumentation for special nuclear material assay data analysis 678KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2684 Statistical analysis of a LASL study of plutonium in US autopsy tissue 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2686 Measurement of the neutron spectrum of the Big Ten critical assembly by lithium-6 spectrometry 299KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2703 Status of ENDF/B-V fission yields 509KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2755 Numerical treatment of linearized equations describing inhomogeneous collisionless plasmas 335KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2769 Sympathetic detonation 737KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2781 Nondestructive assay instrument for measurement of plutonium in solutions 366KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2802 What has happened to the survivors of the early Los Alamos nuclear accidents 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2830 Determination of americium and plutonium in autopsy tissue : methods and problems 599KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2833 Calculation of neutron cross sections for tungsten isotopes 201KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2834 Calculation of neutron cross sections on iron between 3 and 40 MeV 245KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2862 Application of nuclear models 680KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2867 Data discrepancies in and new experiments for D+D, D+T, and T+T fusion reactions 418KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2880 Introduction to detonation phenomena 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2896 R-matrix analyses of light-element reactions for fusion applications 610KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2897 ENDF/B-IV, and V cross section libraries for thermal power reactor analysis 265KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2899 High-resolution fission cross section of [sup 0][sup 0][sup 0]Pa 441KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2900 Neutron cross sections of importance to astrophysics 583KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2902 Neutron total cross section measurement at WNR 289KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2904 Total cross section of [sup 0][sup 0][sup 0]Pu between 0.7 and 170 MeV 319KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-2914 Calculation of prompt fission neutron spectra 345KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3052 Vacuum pumping of tritium in fusion power reactors 942KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3106 Primer on SDT, DDT, XDT, pickup, and sympathetic detonation 684KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3110 Permeability enhancement using explosive techniques 939KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3124 Interrupter and hybrid-switch testing for fusion devices 267KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3190 LASL analytical chemistry program for fissionable materials safeguards 408KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3219 Gamma ray NDA assay system for total plutonium and isotopics in plutonium product solutions 707KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3220 Passive nuclear material detection in a personnel portal 375KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3276 Building control for nuclear materials R and D facility 462KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3308 1979 CECAM workshop on transport of fast electrons in laser fusion plasmas. Progress report 219KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3316 Studies on health risks to persons exposed to plutonium 765KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3332 Neutron cross section calculations for fission-product nuclei 382KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3378 Pulmonary carcinogenesis from plutonium-containing particles 239KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-3509 Planar streak camera laser-driven shockwave studies 322KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-38 Timing comparison of two-dimensional discrete-ordinates codes for criticality calculations 717KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-533 Experimental survey of the potential energy surfaces associated with fission 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-574 Non-electrical uses of thermal energy generated in the production of fissile fuel in fusion--fission reactors : a comparative economic parametric analysis for a hybrid with or without synthetic fuel production 920KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-660 Partial photoionization cross sections and radiative recombination rate coefficients for Li-like ions - II 624KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-707 High-intensity deuteron linear accelerator (FMIT) 530KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-721 Sound velocity and equation-of-state measurements in high pressure fluid and solid helium 250KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-76 Materials problems with inertial confinement fusion targets 410KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-810 Explosive desensitization by preshocking 575KB Local PDF
LA-UR-79-87 Large ceramics for fusion applications 601KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1209 Tritium monitoring system using a modified Kanne chamber for use in tritium contaminating environments 402KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1215 Ionization chamber for measurements of high-level tritium gas 226KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1265 Performance and improvements of the tritium handling facility at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 438KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1268 Studying explosives with aquaria : fishing for data 411KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1273 Fuel cleanup system for the tritium systems test assembly : design and experiments 251KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1280 Effect of the nuclear equation of state on high-energy heavy-ion collisions 754KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1282 Studies of fast reactions in detonations 446KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1327 Calculation of [sup 0][sup 0]Co neutron cross sections between 3 and 50 MeV 520KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1328 Evaluation of neutron cross sections to 40 MeV for [sup 0][sup 0] [sup 0][sup 0]Fe 565KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1492 Progress in inertial fusion research at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. Paper No. IAEA-CN-38/B-2 513KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1515 Present and future status of thermochemical cycles applied to fusion energy sources 635KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1544 Antineutrino detector for anti [nu] oscillation studies at fission weapon tests and at LAMPF 262KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1591 Neutron cross section measurements at WNR 426KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1592 Status of high energy neutron cross sections 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-175 Development of tritium technology for the United States magnetic fusion energy program 132KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-1796 Rapid fuel drawer scanner for fast critical assembly safeguards 583KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2016 Deflagration-to-detonation transition in granular HMX 997KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2072 Vacuum switchgear for fusion experiments 313KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2078 Electromechanical shock in pulse power components 329KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2433 Relativistic effects in the atomic and nuclear few-body problems 646KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2499 Inertial confinement fusion reactor systems 677KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2605 New developments in differencing the spherical geometry neutron transport equation 378KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2707 Prompt fission neutron spectra and anti [nu]p 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2721 Symmetry and Coulomb corrections in light nuclear systems 441KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2810 Two-dimensional radiation-hydrodynamics calculations of the formation of O-B association in dense molecular clouds 439KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2822 Accelerator development for heavy ion fusion 479KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2854 Numerical calculation of shock-induced initiation of detonations 644KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2859 Development of tritium technology for the United States magnetic fusion energy program 521KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2870 Effect of rotation on the hydrodynamics of stellar collapse 315KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2871 One dimensional hydrodynamics of asteroid-neutron star collisions 203KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2885 Environmental and safety envelope analysis for inertial fusion applications 471KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2891 Modified wetted-wall inertial fusion reactor concept 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2907 Status of laser drivers for inertial confinement fusion 552KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2920 Review of alternative concepts for magnetic fusion 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-2927 Review of new developments in fusion reactor nucleonics 790KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3012 Seismograms of explosions at Regional Distances in the Western U.S. : observations and reflectivity method modeling 668KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3071 Assessment of the slowly-imploding liner (LINUS) fusion reactor concept 652KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3137 Possible application of electromagnetic guns to impact fusion 387KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3138 FMIT - the fusion materials irradiation test facility 346KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3167 Data acquisition with a nuclear microprobe 344KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3231 Supernova explosions : the role of a Rayleigh-Taylor instability 346KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3263 Reconnection during the implosion phase of field reversed configurations 220KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3297 High-current four-beam xenon ion source for heavy-ion fusion 348KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-329 Nature of the buildup to detonation in solid high explosives during plane shock initiation 642KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3307 Perturbation analysis of rail guns powered by explosive magnetic flux compression 334KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3365 Potential nuclear safeguards applications for neutron generators 171KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-342 rf linac approach to heavy ion fusion 285KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3445 Use of non-petroleum fuels to reduce military energy vulnerabilities : self-sufficient bases and new weapon propulsion systems 696KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3468 Eh and fission product solubilities : two factors in the leaching of UO[sub 2] 235KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-35 Calculation of neutron cross sections on iron up to 40 MeV 197KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-3703 Optimization of parasitic isolators in laser fusion systems 260KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-390 Materials analysis with a nuclear microprobe 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-415 Application of the rf quadrupole in linear accelerators for heavy ion fusion 286KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-417 Effect of nonlinear refraction on beam brightness in laser fusion applications 599KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-443 Improved Kanne tritium monitoring system 531KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-75 Computational method for free surface hydrodynamics 723KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-801 Development of in-line plutonium solution NDA instrumentation at the Savannah River Plant 308KB Local PDF
LA-UR-80-856 Historical perspective of criticality safety in the United States 826KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-0049 New approach to fusion-laser optical pulse generation has proven very reliable 392KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-101 Linear characteristic method for spatially discretizing the discrete ordinates equations in (X,Y)-geometry 604KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1175 Deposition and retention of plutonium in the United States general population 916KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1270 PHERMEX applications to study high-pressure flow and detonation waves 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1282 Multigigahertz beam diagnostics for laser fusion 291KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-136 Review of characteristic methods used to solve the linear transport equation 620KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1442 Position diagnostics for a magnetic-pinch imploding-cylinder x-ray generator 364KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1461 Determination of plutonium isotopic composition by gamma-ray spectroscopy 688KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1488 Thermal cnductivity and Lorenz number of plutonium and plutonium-gallium alloys 349KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1555 Nuclear equation of state studied with high-energy heavy ions 879KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1566 Influences on target irradiation symmetry in CO[sub 2] laser-fusion experiments 823KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1662 Reconstruction of radial fission-product distributions in reactor fuels from a small number of projections 456KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1725 Calculated shock pressures in the aquarium test 240KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1750 Uncertainties associated with inertial-fusion ignition 561KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1755 Thermal neutron absorption cross section of sulfur and the 252-californium nubar problem 169KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1782 Effect of shock waves on the absorption spectrum of ruby 236KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1815 Fertile-to-fissile and fission measurements for depleted uranium bombarded by 800-MeV protons 516KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1816 Nuclear explosive driven experiments 198KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1835 Global kinetics for the shock-induced decomposition of heterogeneous explosives 985KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1858 Improved coupling of the conduction and flow equations in TRAC 185KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1870 Facilities for the study of shock-induced decomposition of high explosives 171KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1873 Electron-temperature requirements for neutralized inertial-confinement-fusion light-ion beams 387KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1906 Hydrogen storage-bed design for tritium systems test assembly 701KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1966 Assay of low-level plutonium effluents 264KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-1989 In-line measurement of plutonium and americium in mixed solutions 274KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2124 Theoretical equations of state for metals 272KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2140 In situ mechanical-radiation effects test capsule for simulating fusion material environments 319KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2161 Displacement cascades in diatomic materials 286KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2263 Rayleigh-Taylor stability for a shock wave-density discontinuity interaction 626KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2295 Use of the LAMPF accelerator as a fusion materials-radiation facility 349KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2303 Some techniques and results from high-pressure shock-wave experiments utilizing the radiation from shocked transparent materials 854KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2320 Radiation-hydrodynamics of HII regions and molecular clouds 240KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2338 Relaxation effects in shock-induced transitions in bismuth 307KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2367 Impedance-matching experiments using high-pressure, laser-driven shock waves 231KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2482 Reaction rates from pressure-gauge measurements in reacting explosives 819KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2523 Phase aberrations and beam cleanup techniques in carbon-dioxide laser fusion systems 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2575 Supernova hydrodynamics 508KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2584 Importance of creep failure of hard rock in the near field of a nuclear-waste repository 348KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2667 Anomalous volume expansion of plutonium alloys 216KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2684 Thermonuclear runaways in thick hydrogen-rich envelopes of neutron stars 352KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2737 Initiation of propagating detonations 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2795 Response of containment vessels to explosive blast loading 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2826 Cyclic thermal stresses in fusion reactors 406KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2879 ELMO Bumpy Torus fusion-reactor design study 858KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2886 Isotope-dilution mass spectrometry in the measurement of plutonium isotope half-lives 253KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2971 Monitoring and detection of plutonium movement in storage vaults 340KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-2987 Wide-range tritium monitor 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3024 Radiographic study of impact in polymer-bonded explosives 293KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-302 Large-amplitude dynamical motion and fluctuations in nuclear fission and heavy-ion reactions 131KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3065 Numerical modeling of insensitive high-explosives initiation 678KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3093 Polyimide and polyamide-imide in a tritium atmosphere 404KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3144 ELMO Bumpy Torus fusion-reactor design study 522KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3181 Assessment of the potential for radionuclide migration from a nuclear-explosion cavity 626KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3330 Status of CO[sub 2]-laser fusion 831KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3420 Spherical fusion plasma-confinement field of Surmac type 341KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3574 Gyroscopic analog for magnetohydrodynamics 390KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-3776 Three dimensional modeling of shock initiation of heterogeneous explosives 578KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-403 Effective Hamiltonian theory : recent formal results and non-nuclear applications 529KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-433 Suppression of ignition by interface instabilities in small fusion targets 615KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-527 Analysis of the deuteron distribution emerging from the FMIT RFQ 223KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-621 Improved diffusion 197KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-695 Numerical modeling of shock-sensitivity experiments 451KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-704 Fine structure in nitromethane/acetone detonations 387KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-705 Initiation transient in dilute explosives 531KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-706 Nonideal detonation and initiation behavior of a composite solid rocket propellant 231KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-839 Burning and detonation 477KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-865 Precursors in detonations in porous explosives 659KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-872 Customized explosives based on plastic-bonded mixtures of TATB and HMX 355KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-887 Effect of anisotropy in explosive fragmentation 572KB Local PDF
LA-UR-81-917 Eutectic composite explosives containing ammonium nitrate 494KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-1045 Solution of the Fokker-Planck equation for charged particle transport in one space dimension 928KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-123 Update of epidemiologic studies of plutonium-workers 776KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-204 Roles of complex and simple terrain in the estimation of atmospheric diffusion 589KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-2650 Development of tritium technology at the Tritium Systems Test Assembly 524KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-2753 Authentication of nuclear-material assays made with in-plant instruments 556KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-2931 Respiratory protection at nuclear power plants 386KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-2976 Coping with plastic scintillators in nuclear safeguards 325KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-2994 Technology of compact fusion-reactor concepts 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3034 Use of Eulerian initial conditions in a Lagrangian model of turbulent diffusion 443KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3126 Displacement cascades in polyatomic materials 354KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-318 Fast and slow fission 659KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3240 Eulerian-Lagrangian relationships in Monte Carlo simulations of turbulent diffusion 377KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3297 Comparison of lateral and vertical diffusion in several valleys 345KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3314 Apparatus for the dynamic and total measurement of retained fission gas 188KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3328 Antares facility for inertial-fusion experiments : status and plans 518KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-342 Prediction of failure modes for concrete nuclear-containment buildings 810KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3466 Future prospects in n-nuclear interactions 537KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3581 Diffusion-synthetic acceleration methods for the discrete-ordinates equations 850KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-3671 TLC scheme for numerical solution of the transport equation on equilateral triangular meshes 506KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-618 Acoustic disturbance at ionospheric heights caused by the MILL RACE explosion 731KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-656 Fast algorithm for two-dimensional data table use in hydrodynamic and radiative-transfer codes 551KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-744 Basis for radiation protection of the nuclear worker 760KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-793 Laser-shock-wave simulation of two-dimensional nuclear shock waves 592KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-886 Thermochemical evaluation of zero-order processes involving explosives 352KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-887 Thermochemistry of mixed explosives 389KB Local PDF
LA-UR-82-971 Unconditionally stable diffusion-acceleration of the transport equation 713KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1083 Plasma focus experiments powered by explosive generators 850KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1087 Instability localized at the inner surface of an imploding spherical shell 252KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1131 FIRAC : a computer code to predict fire-accident effects in nuclear facilities 589KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1154 Heavy-ion-induced fission reactions 450KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1175 Modeling and analysis of inertial-confinement-fusion facilities 731KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1362 Multigrid semi-implicit hydrodynamics revisited 804KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1388 Dynamical fusion thresholds in macroscopic and microscopic theories 811KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1406 Hydrodynamic simulations of a combined hydrogen, helium thermonuclear runaway on a 10-km neutron star 318KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1435 Computational simulations of explosive-driven plasma-quench opening switches 333KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1573 Experimental investigation of explosive-driven plasma-compression opening switches 419KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1584 Raman spectroscopies in shock-compressed materials 686KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1609 System requirements for the Los Alamos foil-implosion project 584KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1633 Plasma simulation and fusion calculation 389KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1928 Optical properties of explosive-driven shock waves in noble gases 609KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-1932 Array of germanium detectors for nuclear safeguards 221KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2045 Relative symmetries of differential equations 245KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2113 Pattern formation by shock processes 753KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2138 Three-dimensional computer modeling of a shock-recovery experiment 250KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2144 Rarefaction velocities in shocked tantalum and the high-pressure melting point 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2242 Reflected shocks in SiO[sub 2] 238KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2269 Velocity of sound behind strong shock waves in 2024 A1 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2355 Calculation of nuclear properties far from the line of [beta] stability 233KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2540 Equation of state for the detonation products of several simple explosives 462KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2541 Effective spherical potentials for detonation products EOS 410KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2567 Improved activation cross sections for vanadium and titanium 335KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2570 Materials needs for compact fusion reactors 902KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2628 Advanced nuclear data for radiation-damage calculations 397KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2694 Description and performance of uranium beds used to getter tritium-deuterium at the Tritium Systems Test Assembly 173KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2742 Structural performance of ceramics in a high-fluence fusion environment 459KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2847 Optical diagnostics for condensed-phase shock-compressed molecular systems 2.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-2958 Computerized plutonium wound-analysis system 221KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3061 He-jet system to study short-lived fission-product nuclei at LAMPF 405KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3074 Prompt fission neutron spectra and average prompt neutron multiplicities 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3095 Angle-averaged Compton cross sections 283KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3229 Tritium and plutonium production as a step toward ICF commercialization 607KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3295 Disproportionation and polymerization of plutonium(IV) in dilute aqueous solutions 411KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3381 Measurements of uranium holdup in an operating gaseous diffusion enrichment plant 765KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3384 Health physics applications of nuclear safeguards radiation monitors 572KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3386 Determination of plutonium isotopic ratios by using low-energy gamma-ray spectroscopy 371KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3470 Development of CO[sub 2] and KrF gas lasers as drivers for inertial confinement fusion 579KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-3531 Status of fission yield evaluations 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-449 Space nuclear power and man's extraterrestrial civilization 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-493 Review of a field study of radionuclide migration from an underground nuclear explosion at the Nevada Test Site 669KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-57 Dynamical thresholds for complete fusion 611KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-691 Tritium monitoring within the reactor hall of a DT fusion reactor 287KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-789 Nonlinear hydrodynamics. Lecture 9 601KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-85 Mortality study of Los Alamos workers with higher exposures to plutonium 555KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-930 Compact fusion reactors 889KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-930-Rev. Compact fusion reactors 744KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-982 Fast explosive-driven opening switches carrying high linear current densities 576KB Local PDF
LA-UR-83-999 Circuit model for the explosive-driven plate generator 654KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1199 Electron velocity distributions near collisionless shocks 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1319 Hydrogen diffusion flames burning in a Mark-III containment design 825KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1354 Ceramics for fusion devices 588KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1390 System for imaging plutonium through heavy shielding 437KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1391 Ion reflection, gyration, and dissipation at supercritical shocks 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1566 Dynamics of fission and heavy ion reactions 765KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1650 Two-field and drift-flux models with applications to nuclear reactor safety 945KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-170 Use of the Streaming Matrix Hybrid Method for discrete-ordinates fusion reactor calculations 274KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1835 Space nuclear power system and the design of the nuclear electric propulsion OTV 944KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-1959 Estimation methods for special nuclear materials holdup 450KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2072 EMC effect : asymptotic freedom with nuclear targets 856KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2335 Configuration management for mission-critical software : the Los Alamos solution 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2346 Application of optical-fiber pins to explosive, pulse-power generators 335KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2410 Compact approach to fusion power reactors 531KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2436 Studies on explosively driven cracks under confining in-situ stresses 524KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2437 Study of fracture pressurization as a result of explosive detonation 472KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2479 Fire simulation in nuclear facilities : the FIRAC code and supporting experiments 1.7MB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2517 Supernova envelope shock origin of cosmic rays : a review 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2752 Three-dimensional hydrodynamic hot-spot 997KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2753 Theory of dense molecular fluid equations of state with application to detonation products 155KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2767 Analysis of n + [sup 1][sup 9][sup 7]Au cross sections for E/sub n/ = 0.01-20 MeV 282KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2782 Application of Wald's sequential probability ratio test to nuclear materials control 900KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-2951 Capabilities of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in nuclear target technology 620KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3001 Actinides : from heavy fermions to plutonium metallurgy 778KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3349 Low-energy nuclear reactions with hydrogen isotopes 600KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3379 Nondestructive assay system development for a plutonium scrap recovery facility 245KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3388 Opening up the future in space with nuclear power 546KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3440 Space nuclear-power reactor design based on combined neutronic and thermal-fluid analyses 942KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-344 Calculation of shock problems by using four different schemes 491KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3522 Low-dimensional behavior of the pattern formation Cahn-Hilliard equation 486KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3556 Theoretical calculations of the [sup 6]Li(n,t) cross section 623KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3557 Differential and integral comparisons of three representations of the prompt neutron spectrum for the spontaneous fission of [sup 2][sup 5][sup 2]Cf 923KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-392 Design of explosive logic elements 519KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3962 Status report : LANL-EIR cooperative work in the field of "nucleonics and particle transport in fusion reactors" 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-3980 Los Alamos free atomic tritium beta decay experiment 317KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-4008 Dynamical calculations of nuclear fission and heavy-ion reactions 865KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-4015 Status of the Los Alamos free atomic tritium beta-decay experiment 193KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-512 Microtheory of collisionless shock current layers 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-606 Heavy ion fusion physics issues 498KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-761 Nuclear inertia for fission in a generalized cranking model 188KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-823 High energy nuclear structures 233KB Local PDF
LA-UR-84-892 Investigation of laminar shocks 225KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1035 Alternative fusion concepts and the prospects for improved reactors 634KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1078 Compressible Lagrangian hydrodynamics without Lagrangian cells 488KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1129 Equation of state for detonation products 692KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1130 Intermolecular explosives 570KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1187 Development and application of the Los Alamos nuclear microprobe : hardware, software, and calibration 455KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1420 Numerical studies of ablation and ionization of railgun materials 566KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1449 Financial and ratepayer impacts of nuclear power plant regulatory reform 3.7MB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1584 Ion source development for the Los Alamos heavy ion fusion injector 265KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1649 Integrated nondestructive assay system for a new plutonium scrap recovery facility 368KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1659 Comparisons of four representations of the prompt neutron spectrum for the spontaneous fission of [sup 2][sup 5][sup 2]Cf 229KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1674 Status of fast neutron nuclear data for [sup 2][sup 3][sup 9]Pu 700KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1677 Hydrogen fusion-energy reactions 489KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1683 Feasibility study of plutonium isotopic analysis of resin beads by nondestructive gamma-ray spectroscopy 282KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1729 Application of detailed fission-product decay gamma spectra in the calculation of photoneutron spectra from D([gamma],n) reactions in PWR fuel 276KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1730 Application of evaluated fission-product delayed-neutron precursor data in reactor kinetics calculations 239KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1731 Effect of fission dynamics on the spectra and multiplicities of prompt fission neutrons 664KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1743 Double differential neutron emission cross sections of [sup 1][sup 0]B and [sup 1][sup 1]B at 6, 10 and 14 MeV and of [sup 6]Li, [sup 7]Li and [sup 1][sup 2]C at 14 MeV 218KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1882 Compressible Lagrangian hydrodynamics without Lagrangian cells 519KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1936 Multi-megampere current interruption from explosive deformation of conductors 399KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1990 Use of chemical explosives for emergency solar flare shelter construction and other excavations on the Martian surface 564KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1993 Tests of an explosive-driven coaxial generator 291KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-1994 System expectations for Pioneer I foil implosion experiments 280KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2042 Diagnostics for Pioneer I imploding plasma experiments 322KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2075 High nuclear temperatures by antimatter-matter annihilation 534KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2078 Design of foil implosion system for Pioneer I experiments 296KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2251 Threshold stress measurements in shock-deformed copper 551KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2281 Relativistic hydrodynamics, heavy ion reactions and antiproton annihilation 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2327 Constitutive relation for 6061T6 aluminum under shock loading conditions 276KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2398 Special nuclear material radiation monitors for the 1980's 461KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2429 Modeling of explosive densensitization by preshocking 416KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-242 Shifted homologous relationships between the transplutonium and early rare-earth metals 459KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2442 Assessment of the advantages and feasibility of a nuclear rocket for a manned Mars mission 267KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2460 Detonation reaction zone studies on TATB explosives 640KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2461 Image-intensifier camera studies of shocked metal surfaces 234KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2479 Three-dimensional free Lagrangian hydrodynamics 642KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2538 Time dependent white dwarf radiative shocks 430KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2579 Recent developments in Microshell-tipped optical fibers as high-pressure shock detectors 306KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2686 Overview of climatic effects of nuclear winter 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2708 Neutron cross section standards evaluations for ENDF/B-VI 647KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2745 Monte Carlo simulation of two-particle relative diffusion using Eulerian statistics 433KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2821 Temperature kinetics during shock-wave consolidation of metallic powders 696KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2954 High explosive modeling in 2D Euler code for shaped charge problems 322KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-2991 Studies of nuclear structure via polarization transfer experiments 732KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3084 Recovery of plutonium by pyroredox processing 465KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3111 Formation of plutonium(IV) colloid by the alpha-reduction of aqueous solutions of Pu(V) and Pu(VI) 374KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-321 Use of CORRTEX to measure explosive performance and stem behavior in oil shale fragmentation tests 778KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3233 Oscillatory instability of interstellar medium radiative shock waves 466KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3312 Simulations of collisionless shocks 376KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3345 Verification of fire and explosion accident analysis codes (facility design and preliminary results) 492KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3347 Diffusion approximation for modeling of 3-D radiation distributions 354KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3375 Effects of physical properties on the initiation behaviors of heterogeneous high explosives 285KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3382 Computation of angle averaged cross sections in a degenerate Compton scattering medium 193KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3444 Robotic sample preparation for radiochemical plutonium and americium analyses 224KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3519 Applications of cross sections for electron-molecule collision processes 374KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3521 Instrumentation techniques for monitoring shock and detonation waves 388KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3554 Radial buildup to detonation in pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) 240KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3621 HMS-burn : a model for hydrogen distribution and combustion in nuclear reactor containments 870KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3671 Atmospheric perturbations of large-scale nuclear war 902KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3736 Applications of a portable MCA in nuclear safeguards 475KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3760 RF accelerators for fusion and strategic defense 565KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3862 Single particle FEL equations with overtones 563KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-3984 Prospects for fusion applications of reversed-field pinches 550KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-4019 KrF lasers as inertial fusion drivers 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-4448 2-D Eulerian hydrodynamics with fluid interfaces, self-gravity and rotation 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-452 Hybrid simulation codes with application to shocks and upstream waves 699KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-507 Case histories of EA documents for nuclear waste 533KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-558 Vital areas at nuclear power plants 529KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-582 Radial implosion acceleration 306KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-63 Measurement of ground shock in explosive centrifuge model tests 440KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-702 Design optimization of single-main-amplifier KrF laser-fusion systems 398KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-703 Compact inertial confinement multireactor concepts 458KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-723 Analysis of nonlinear parabolic equations modeling plasma diffusion across a magnetic field 762KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-742 Three-dimensional hydrodynamic hot-spot model 586KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-748 Megajoule-class single-pulse KrF laser test facility as a logical step toward inertial fusion commercialization 249KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-769 Modeling heterogeneous high explosive burn with an explicit hot-spot process 631KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-848 Pattern selection and instability in nonlinear wave equation : an aspect of soliton and chaos 179KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-860 Real time analysis of PETN detonation products 428KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-942 Adaptive rezoner in a two-dimensional Lagrangian hydrodynamic code 569KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-982 Cryogenic hydrogen isotope distillation for the fusion fuel cycle 789KB Local PDF
LA-UR-85-983 Experiments on a ceramic electrolysis cell and a palladium diffuser at the tritium systems test assembly 499KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1007 Electron microscopy of alpha-plutonium 174KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1054 Los Alamos free molecular and atomic tritium beta decay experiment 809KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1175 Effect of dissipation on dynamical fusion thresholds 809KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1270 Additional short-term plutonium urinary excretion data from the 1945-1947 plutonium injection studies 342KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1276 Ceramics for fusion applications 539KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1386 Directions for improved fusion reactors 921KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1634 Comments on the possible roles of volatile fission products (cesium) in CABRI tests 520KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1704 Attempts to characterize microballoon sensors for shock velocity and material motion studies 540KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-1943 CO/sub 2/ laser sustained CW discharge atomic beam source 489KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2015 Study to determine the effectiveness of personnel protective equipment against tritium and tritiumm/hydrocarbon mixtures 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2045 Directions for reactor target design based on the US heavy ion fusion systems assessment 607KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2086 Variance and covariance calculations for nuclear materials accounting using ''PROFF'' 545KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2137 Magnetoresistance and upper critical magnetic field of UBe[sub 1][sub 3] under pressure 374KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-213 New directions in fusion machines : report on the MFAC Panel X on high power density options 638KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2182 Stress-time profiles, Hugoniot, and shock sensitivity data for 1-GPa shocks in low-density HMX (octogen) explosive 359KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2200 Modeling of high-explosive driven plasma compression opening switches 396KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2259 Transformers for explosive pulsed power coupling to various loads 575KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2350 Smooth particle hydrodynamics : theory and application to the origin of the moon 449KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2371 Conceptual design for a short-pulse explosive-driven generator 344KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2378 Experiments with multi-megampere explosively formed fuses in cylindrical geometry 549KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2605 Simulation of explosions in air cleaning systems and comparison of the results with computer code predictions 606KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2673 Radiographic detection of 100 A thickness variations in 1-[mu]m-thick coatings applied to submillimeter-diameter laser fusion targets 759KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-273 Regeneration and recycle of spent oxide reduction solvent salts used in pyrochemical plutonium recovery operations at Los Alamos 333KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2744 Introductory remarks on double beta decay and nuclear physics 516KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2764 Los Alamos experiment on the beta decay of free molecular tritium 425KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2765 Limit on the anti nu/sub e/ mass in free molecular tritium beta decay 405KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2766 Limit on the anti nu/sub e/ mass in free molecular tritium beta decay 349KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2827-Rev. Overview of US heavy-ion fusion commercial electric power systems assessment project. Revision 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-2897 SUBSELENE : a nuclear powered melt tunneling concept for high-speed lunar subsurface transportation tunnels 454KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-304 Development of a molybdenum-rhenium alloy for space nuclear reactors 741KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3111 Materials technology applied to nuclear accelerator targets 747KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3114 Delayed neutron spectra from short pulse fission of uranium-235 489KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3119 RIMS diagnostics for laser desorption/laser ablation 217KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3123 Effect of irradiation-induced defects on fusion reactor ceramics 944KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3172 Very high Mach number shocks : theory 423KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3182 New fission valley for [sup 2][sup 5][sup 8]Fm and nuclei beyond 909KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3221 Some effects on the kinetics of muon-catalyzed fusion 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3223 Nuclear physics aspects of polarized fusion 459KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3265 Mechanism of nuclear dissipation in fission and heavy-ion reactions 817KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3319 Large excimer lasers for fusion 433KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3363 Analysis of fissionable material using delayed gamma rays from photofission 303KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3512 Theoretical and observational review of results on nova explosions occurring on ONeMg white dwarfs 787KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3558 Overview of tritium processing development at the tritium systems test assembly 475KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3618 Open problems in Monte Carlo Renormalization Group application to critical phenomenon 892KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3705 Requirements for charged-particle reaction cross sections in the d-d, d-t, t-t, and d-[sup 3]He fuel cycles 752KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3860 The pion as a probe of nuclear structure : What we have and have not learned 867KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-3997 Accurate interatomic potentials for Ni, Al and Ni/sub 3/Al 397KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-4048 Firing complex for explosive pulsed power 471KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-4136 Nuclear transitions induced by atomic excitations 174KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-4320 The limits of technology in nuclear crisis management 383KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-4356 Experiences and results multitasking a hydrodynamics code on global and local memory machines 453KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-503 Excimer laser development for fusion 307KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-616 Calculations for isotopically-tailored ceramics in fission and fusion reactors 408KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-641 Prospects for improved fusion reactors 744KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-801 Polarized nuclear targets 799KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-861 Numerical predictions of railgun performance including the effects of ablation and arc drag 523KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-867 Magnetic-fusion data acquisition at Los Alamos 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-869 Magnetic-fusion data analysis at Los Alamos 298KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-878 Fermion dynamical symmetry and the nuclear shell model 469KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-926 Railguns powered by explosive driven flux compression generators 550KB Local PDF
LA-UR-86-943 Experimental measurement of ablation effects in plasma armature railguns 844KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-1348 Limit on anti [nu]/sub e/ mass from free molecular tritium beta decay 495KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-1544 High density Z pinch formed from a solid deuterium fiber 278KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-159 Tracer techniques in estimating nuclear materials holdup 683KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-1786 Molecular models for explosives 778KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-1878 Future directions in interplays between particle and nuclear physics : Summary session 892KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-1964 Hot-spot reaction in unsustained shocks 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2052 Fundamentals of numerical magnetohydrodynamics 767KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2079 Expectations for the Laguna foil implosion experiments 584KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2101 Advances in explosively formed fuse opening switches 421KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2102 The Los Alamos solid-deuterium-fiber z pinch : Experiment and theory 358KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2134 Influence of peak pressure on the substructure evolution and mechanical properties of shock-loaded 6061-T6 aluminum 391KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2171 Relation between shock strength and strain-rate plasticity at maximum deviatoric stress 365KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2198 High-strain-rate deformation mechanisms in copper and implications for behavior during shock-wave deformation 552KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2199 Fast shock tube assemblies 255KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2221 Techniques for gas gun studies of shock wave attenuation in snow 247KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2242 Variance and covariance calculations for nuclear materials accounting using ''MAVARIC'' 494KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2273 Experimental molecular spectroscopy in shock-compressed materials 557KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2282 Characterization of a simple explosively driven particle acceleration 224KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2283 Rarefaction velocities in shocked lead 299KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2292 Spall measurements in shock-loaded hemispherical shells from free-surface velocity histories 261KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2293 A study of in-line plutonium isotopic analysis for gaseous plutonium hexafluoride 378KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-22 A self-similar approach to the explosion of droplets by a high energy laser beam 230KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2367 Modeling shockwave deformation via molecular dynamics 454KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2466 A slow reaction rate in detonations due to carbon clustering 261KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2524 Lattice gas hydrodynamics in two and three dimensions 2.7MB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-255 Diffusion in shock activated Be-Al interfaces 380KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2644 Migration in alluvium of chlorine-36 and tritium from an underground nuclear test 542KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2803 Numerical modeling of slow shocks 951KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2842 Numerical solution of partial differential equations on irregular grids 429KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-2977 Particle injection and cosmic ray acceleration at collisionless parallel shocks 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3163 Three-dimensional, Free-Lagrange hydrodynamics 706KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3170 Deflagration to detonation in HMX under high confinement 847KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-322 A study of diverging detonation in high-explosive systems 311KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3337 Neutron secondary-particle production cross sections and their incorporation into Monte-Carlo transport codes 445KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3346 Overview of tritium systems for the Compact Ignition Tokamak 660KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3396 Results of tritium experiments on ceramic electrolysis cells and palladium diffusers for application to fusion reactor fuel cleanup systems 551KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3416 Cost reduction possibilities for a heavy-ion accelerator for inertial confinement fusion 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3467 Connections between physics and economics for tokamak fusion power plants 457KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3468 A DT fusion neutron source based on the reversed-field pinch 345KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3678 Prototype fast neutron counter for the assay of impure plutonium 373KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-3831 High explosive systems for equation-of-state studies 306KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-4077 A lecture on detonation-shock dynamics 709KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-4102 Nuclear transitions induced by atomic excitations 389KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-4129 An efficient simulation model for nuclear geophysical measurements 431KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-4214 Extension of nuclear structure data base searches for gamma-ray laser candidates 238KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-4275 Evaluation of the neutron self-interrogation approach for assay of plutonium in high-[alpha],n materials 726KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-4297 A nuclear structure study of the proposed gamma-ray laser candidate nucleus [sup 1][sup 8][sup 6]Re 446KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-782 Hypernuclear physics 936KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-78 Modeling of buried explosions 770KB Local PDF
LA-UR-87-928 Real time analysis of detonation products 265KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1230 Operation of the TSTA (Tritium Systems Test Assembly) with 100 gram tritium 435KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1265 Analyses of sweep-up, ejecta, and fallback material from the 4250 metric ton high explosive test ''MISTY PICTURE' 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1281 Laser desorption/ablation studies by resonance ionization mass spectrometry 253KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1452 Auditing nuclear weapons quality programs at Los Alamos 440KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-154 Recent progress on the Los Alamos Aurora ICF [inertial confinement fusion] laser system 944KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1598 Does plutonium intake in workers affect lymphocyte function. 475KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1645 Improved calculation of the prompt fission neutron spectrum from the spontaneous fission of [sup 2][sup 5][sup 2]Cf 572KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1695 Development of nuclear models for higher energy calculations 708KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1696 Status of fission yield data 486KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1739 New developments in the GNASH nuclear theory code 350KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1740 Calculation of [sup 2][sup 3][sup 5]U(n,n') cross sections for ENDF/B-VI 408KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1742 1-D closure models for slender 3-D viscoelastic free jets : von Karman flow geometry and elliptical cross section 639KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1753 The GNASH preequilibrium-statistical nuclear model code 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1788 Boundary-value approach to nuclear effects in muon-catalyzed d-t fusion 619KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1802 Theoretical survey of muon catalyzed fusion 711KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1813 Neutron induced fission cross section ratios for [sup 2][sup 3][sup 2]Th, /sup 235,238/U, [sup 2][sup 3][sup 7]Np, and [sup 2][sup 3][sup 9]Pu from 1 to 400 MeV 244KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1892 Security features of a nuclear material accounting system 275KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1896 A study of the [sup 2][sup 3][sup 5]U(n,f) cross section in the 3 to 30 MeV energy region 390KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1925 Improved calculation of the prompt fission neutron spectrum from the spontaneous fission of /sup 252/Cf : Preliminary results 447KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1929 Modeling risk assessment for nuclear processing plants with LAVA [Los Alamos Vulnerability and Risk Assessment] 342KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-1954 Computational simulations of the Laguna foil implosion experiments 430KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2129 The impact of ENDF-6 on cross section processing codes 564KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2130 The status of nuclear data evaluations for Version VI of ENDF/B 789KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2140 Delayed neutron spectra by decay group for fissioning systems from [sup 2][sup 2][sup 7]Th through [sup 2][sup 5][sup 5]Fm 690KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2258 Postanalysis of the CNPS [Compact Nuclear Power Source] critical experiment 478KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2274 Refrigerator-cooled cryostats for research on inertial confinement fusion 310KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2340 Recent improvements in the calculation of prompt fission neutron spectra : Preliminary results 611KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2380 Calculated neutron-activation cross sections for E/sub n/ /le/ 100 MeV for a range of accelerator materials 426KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2439 Calculation of subsequent structural effects after an accidental explosion in a test facility 613KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2523 Single crystal orientation effects in shock initiation of PETN explosive 245KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2524 Hugoniot measurements in bromoform : Looking for shock-induced reaction 344KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2627 Field test of New TASTEX system for plutonium product verification at the Tokai Reprocessing Plant 893KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2654 Diffusion in lattice fluids 411KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2660 High temperature interdiffusion and phase equilibria in U-Mo 936KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2663 Los Alamos National Laboratory plans for a laboratory microfusion facility 281KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-269 Calculation of harmonic radiation and nuclear coupling arising from atoms in strong laser fields 423KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2753 Computation of a diverging Comp-B detonation 635KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2758 The detection of bulk explosives using nuclear-based techniques 561KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2784 Classically exact surface diffusion constants at arbitrary temperature 542KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2785 First direct measurement of alpha--muon sticking in deuteron triton--muon-catalyzed fusion 719KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2796 The tritium systems test assembly : Overview and recent results 453KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2889 A high-recycle divertor for ITER [International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor] 495KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2893 Pion scattering and nuclear dynamics 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2906 Modeling two-dimensional detonations with detonation shock dynamics 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2918 International conference on spin observables of nuclear probes : Summary talk 872KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2922 Parity violating total cross sections 469KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-2924 The empirical connection between (p,n) cross sections and beta decay transition strengths 577KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3124 Self limiting features of accidental criticality in a solution system 297KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3182 Radiographic studies and hydrocode simulations of two tantalum EFPs [explosively formed penetrators] 389KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3295 NDA accountability measurement needs in the DOE plutonium community 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3296 Evaluation of the [sup 7]Li(n,n't)[sup 4]He cross section for ENDF/B-VI and application to uncertainty analysis 730KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3304 Experimental studies of x-ray emission physics and hydrodynamics using short wavelength lasers 444KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3319 Preliminary calculations of medium-energy fission cross sections and spectra 295KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3321 Calculated medium-energy fission cross sections 253KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3342 Theory of neutron emission in fission 282KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3568 T-violation in nuclear interactions : an overview 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3673 Stabilized, hand-held, gamma-ray verification instrument for special nuclear materials 406KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3730 Criticality alarm system verification at the Los Alamos critical experiments facility : Past experience and present capabilities 326KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3927 Statistical properties of cellular automata in the context of learning and recognition : Part 2, inverting local structure theory equations to find cellular automata with specified properties 983KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-3961 Application of rock melting to construction of storage holes for nuclear waste 253KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-4059 Structure-property characterization of a shock-loaded boron carbide-aluminum cermet 561KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-4130 High explosives reaction model and its application to booster performance 470KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-4206 Development KrF lasers for inertial confinement fusion 508KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-4229 Experimental observations of shock stability and shock-induced turbulence 568KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-424 Holdup-related issues in safeguarding of nuclear materials 415KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-4285 Short times and short distances in nuclear and particle physics : A pedagogical review 851KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-4290 Modeling of laser ablation and fragmentation of human calculi 640KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-443 A tritium-compatible piezoelectric valve for the tokamak fusion test reactor 566KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-444 The safety record at the tritium systems test assembly 512KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-568 Inertial fusion in the nineties 933KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-625 Influence of peak pressure on the substructure evolution and shock wave profiles of Ti-6Al-4V 575KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-626 Delayed neutron spectra decay group for fissioning systems from [sup 2][sup 2][sup 7]Th through [sup 2][sup 5][sup 5]Fm 531KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-771 Supercomputers and atomic physics data 247KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-830 Progress report on the Los Alamos tritium beta decay experiment 594KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-845 Tips for the fabrication of temporary tritium experiments 417KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-871 Some new techniques in tritium gas handling as applied to metal hydride synthesis 594KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-873 Experience of TSTA [Tritium Systems Test Assembly] milestone runs with 100 grams-level of tritium 628KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-876 Fusion tritium program in the United States 459KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-877 Operating experience and procedures at the tritium systems test assembly 421KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-94 Special nuclear material inventory sampling plans 471KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-963 Freely expanding detonation products : Scaling of rate processes 706KB Local PDF
LA-UR-88-981 The next logical step in laser-fusion development 288KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1041 Extraction of plutonium from lean residues by room temperature fluoride volatility 625KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1050 Five years of tritium handling experience at the Tritium Systems Test Assembly 561KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1173 Status of the Los Alamos tritium beta decay experiment 584KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1213 Computational simulations of the Laguna foil implosion experiments 577KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1221 Accelerator for the production of tritium (APT) 327KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1345 Heat of detonation, the cylinder test, and performance munitions 881KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1347 Nuclear fission and nuclear safeguards : Common technologies and challenges 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1684 High precision isotopic analyses of uranium and plutonium by total sample volatilization and signal integration 567KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1747 Theory of neutron emission in fission 624KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1748 Our 50-year odyssey with fission : Summary 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1928 Computer simulations of explosive volcanic eruptions 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1936 Radiographic study for sympathetic detonation of 500-lb bombs 802KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1967 Foil implosion studies on PEGASUS 195KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-1982 Model-reference adaptive control applied to load-following of a space-nuclear power system 412KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2010 Improved limit on the mass of [bar [nu]][sub e] from the beta decay of molecular tritium 633KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2032 Safeguards issues relevant to geologic disposal of spent nuclear fuels 215KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2085 Design of an explosive pulsed power system for driving 16-MA plasma flow switch experiments 635KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2100 Thomas-Fermi equation of state : The hot curve 660KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2124 Neutron dieaway methods for criticality safety measurements of fissile waste 754KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2127 The high-density Z-pinch as a pulsed fusion neutron source for fusion nuclear technology and materials testing 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2137 Disk generator with nearly shockless accelerated driver plate 408KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2164 Study of atomic physics and population inversions with plasma focus 371KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2205 KrF lasers for inertial confinement fusion 660KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2231 Theoretical atomic physics code development at Los Alamos 403KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2398 Peregrinations on cold fusion 488KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2418 Subcritical measurements of the WINCO slab tank experiment using the source-jerk technique 460KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2467 Thermal initiation caused by fragment impact on cased explosives 424KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2485 The soft-sphere model for metals near the critical point 196KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2489 The reversed-field-pinch (RFP) fusion neutron source : A conceptual design 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2567 A study on the contribution of slow reaction in detonation 263KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2686 Hybrid simulations of a curved shock 247KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2716 Crystal orientation effects in PETN explosive with 4 GPa shocks 168KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2773 Carbon in detonations 407KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2783 KIVA reactive hydrodynamics code applied to detonations in high vacuum 898KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-2791 Sharp shock model for propagating detonation waves 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-300 Direct laser/materials interaction : Laser ablation of superconductor materials and laser welding 661KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3018 Twinning, texture and constitutive relations for explosively formed jets 345KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3019 Supercomputers and the future of computational atomic scattering physics 548KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3049 Migration of fission products at the Nevada Test Site : detection with an isotopic tracer 333KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3060 A new simulation method for the efficient calculation of benchmarks for detonation products equations of state 682KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3135 Multiple martensitic transformations, incommensurate/commensurate phases and charge-density-wave states in plutonium metal : Their consequences 298KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3136 Numerical methodologies for solving partial differential equations 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3200 Thermonuclear Runaway model 732KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3233 NaNi[sub 3]Mn[sub 2] alloy as a tritium storage material 292KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-325 A diffusion accelerated Sn transport method for radiation transport on a general quadrilateral mesh 497KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3268 A high-speed beam of lithium droplets for collecting diverted energy and particles in ITER [International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor] 540KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3281 Dispersion and removal of tritium released into the main cell TSTA [Tritium Systems Test Assembly] 437KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3297 Optimization of the testing volumes with respect to neutron flux levels in the two-target high flux D-Li neutron source for the international fusion materials irradiation facility 653KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3330 Non-destructive measurement of solid plutonium waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3407 Design and performance of future KrF laser-fusion facilities 967KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3410 Magnetic separation as a plutonium residue enrichment process 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3498 MCNP [Monte Carlo Neutron Photon] capabilities for nuclear well logging calculations 619KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3702 Size determinations of plutonium colloids using autocorrelation photon spectroscopy 467KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-374 Chemistry of detonation soot : Diamonds, graphite, and volatiles 467KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-376 Free-expansion experiments and modeling in detonation : Chemistry and hydrodynamics on a laboratory scale 495KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-3984 A brief description of lattice gas models for multiphase flows and magnetohydrodynamics 631KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-4006 Design of a spheromak compressor driven by high explosives 297KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-4070 Muon-catalyzed fusion theory : Introduction and review 787KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-407 Effects of binder concentration on the properties of plastic-bonded explosives 239KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-431 Electrostatic sensitivity testing of explosives at Los Alamos 382KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-434 Initiation and detonation measurements on liquid nitric oxide 608KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-459 Molecular models for explosives : Application to NTO [3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one] 374KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-536 The heterogeneous explosive reaction zone 394KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-602 In-situ study of the chemically driven flow fields in initiating homogeneous and heterogeneous nitromethane explosives 793KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-844 Reillex/trademark/ HPQ : A new, macroporous polyvinylpyridine resin for separating plutonium using nitrate anion exchange 652KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-860 Nuclear fission : An inherently non-equilibrium process. 400KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-872 Surface-burn model for shock initiation 647KB Local PDF
LA-UR-89-911 High-performance deuterium-lithium neutron source for fusion materials and technology testing 367KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-1035 Gamma-ray production cross section measurements using a white neutron source from 1 to 400 MeV 579KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-1066 The International Stripa Project : Technology transfer from cooperation in scientific and technological research on nuclear waste disposal 560KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-126 Bromoform (CHBr[sub 3]) -- A very high-pressure shock-wave analyzer 329KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-1360 Correlations, nuclear structure, and DCX [double charge exchange] 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-1372 Applications of gamma-ray spectrometry in the quantitative nondestructive assay of special nuclear materials 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-1589 A lattice gas model for thermohydrodynamics 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-1630 Global nuclear-structure calculations 542KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-1 Global nuclear-structure calculations 193KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2000 Intrinsic densitometry techniques for high-burnup plutonium solutions 367KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2125 Improved limit on the mass of [bar [nu]][sub e] from the beta decay of molecular tritium 440KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2132 A study of positrons from Soviet nuclear powered satellites as tracers for magnetospheric research 486KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2204 FRAM [Fixed Energy, Response Function Analysis with Multiple Efficiency] : A new, versatile gamma-ray spectrometry code for measuring the isotopic composition of plutonium 841KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2253 Nondestructive assay of plutonium bearing scrap and waste with the advanced segmented gamma-ray scanner 453KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2279 Light-front nuclear shell-model 617KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2427 Study of the induction time in isothermal decomposition of explosives 349KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2437 Optimum hypersonic airfoil with power law shock waves 296KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2486 An approach to safeguards for a nuclear materials plant 473KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2567 The plutonium-oxygen phase diagram 813KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2594 Closing comments on the workshop on short-lived nuclear beams 279KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2678 The influence of shock pre-strain and peak pressure on spall behavior of 4340 steel 530KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2744 Stability of some stationary solutions for the forced KdV equation 508KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-2887 KrF laser path to high gain ICF [inertial confinement fusion] laboratory microfusion facility 401KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3261 Tritium experiments on components for fusion fuel processing at the Tritium Systems Test Assembly 366KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3315 High power linear accelerators for tritium production and transmutation of nuclear waste 640KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3465 Limit on electron neutrino mass from observation of the beta decay of molecular tritium 731KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3495 Monte Carlo methods and applications in nuclear physics 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3544 The behavior of fission products during nuclear rocket reactor tests 864KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3590 CP-violation in extensions of the standard model and time reversal violation in low energy nuclear processes 882KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3651 Accelerator production of tritium 16.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3964 Neutron measurements in search of cold fusion 919KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-3972 Illumination of 3 and 4 hole spherical laser driven hohlraums 367KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-4023 Effect of internal gas pressure on the shock consolidation of 304 stainless steel powders 640KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-4208 Shock-wave equation-of-state studies at Los Alamos 817KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-4264 The entropy in supernova explosions 568KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-445 Laser-induced shock waves effects in materials 746KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-493 Searching for existing nuclear data 324KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-72 Development of KrF lasers for fusion 366KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-850 The effects of exchange gas temperature and pressure on the beta-layering process in solid deuterium-tritium fusion fuel 205KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-871 Spallation-based science and technology and associated nuclear data requirements 903KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-967 Perimeter radiation monitors for the control and physical security of special nuclear materials 557KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-97-Rev. An analysis of the finite-differenced, even-parity discrete-ordinates equations in slab geometry 225KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-996 A study of electrolytic tritium production 956KB Local PDF
LA-UR-90-99 Liquifaction of fluid saturated rocks due to explosion-induced stress waves 559KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-100 Accelerator technology for the Los Alamos ATW [accelerator transmutation of nuclear waste] system 176KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-117 Extension of the fully coupled Monte Carlo/S[sub N] response matrix method to problems including upscatter and fission 623KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1245 Application of a mean field approximation to two systems that exhibit self-organized criticality 500KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1335 High-power proton linac for transmuting the long-lived fission products in nuclear waste 339KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-14 Green's function Monte Carlo in nuclear physics 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1516 New evaluations of neutron cross sections for [sup 14]N and [sup 16]O 295KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1527 Comparisons between fast shock tube calculations and tests 261KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1555 Investigation report of the plutonium contamination incident : Wednesday, October 14, 1981. 5.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1559 Microwave enhanced diffusion? 597KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1567 Development of isotope dilution gamma-ray spectrometry for plutonium analysis 430KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1585 Nuclear physics information needed for accelerator driven transmutation of nuclear waste 395KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1614 Generating strong shock waves with a supersonic peristaltic pump 269KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1621 Fission cross section ratios for (sup 233,234,236)U relative to (sup 235)U from 0.5 to 400 MeV 332KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1636 A microwave interferometer to measure particle and shock velocities simultaneously 321KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1659 Fission cross sections in the intermediate energy region 470KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-167 Investigation of linear-discontinuous angular differencing for the 1-D spherical-geometry S[sub N] equations 389KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1695 Technology and component development for a closed tritium cycle 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1789 A study of the impact of reaction rates on equation of state 315KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1818 Accelerator production of tritium (APT) : executive report 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1820 Overdriven shocks in solids and liquids 277KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1964 Quantum mechanical effects on the shock Hugoniot 308KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-1992 Procyon experiments utilizing explosively-formed fuse opening switches 413KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2003 Shock and reshock of an unstable fluid interface 409KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2041 Bauschinger effect during shock loading 338KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2054 Future explosive pulse-power technology for high-energy plasma physics experiments 561KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2067 Muon-catalyzed fusion theory 722KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2103 The deflagration-to-detonation transition in granular HMX 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2108 American National Standard ANSI/ANS-8.6, Safety in conducting subcritical neutron---Multiplication measurement in situ 326KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2197 Application of safeguards technologies in support of a bilateral treaty to reduce nuclear warheads 571KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2295 A review of the Los Alamos effort in the development of nuclear rocket propulsion 600KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2325 Process criticality accident likelihoods, consequences, and emergency planning 652KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2347 Validity of Hansen-Roach cross sections in low-enriched uranium systems 503KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2461 Development of nuclear materials accounting for international safeguards : The past, the present, the future 885KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2498 The promise of magnetized fuel : High gain in inertial confinement fusion 275KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2527 Management of nuclear materials in an R&D environment at the Los Alamos National Laboratory 507KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-256 Pulsed power considerations for electron beam pumped krypton fluoride lasers for inertial confinement fusion applications 823KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2630 Beta-layering of solid deuterium-tritium in a spherical polycarbonate shell 269KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2646 Design and fabrication of SGS plutonium standards 300KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2755 The strengthening and repair of underground structures : A new approach to the management of nuclear waste 916KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2778 Studies of fission product movement in tuffaceous media 508KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2794 A new concept for accelerator driven transmutation of nuclear wastes 482KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2797 Accelerator technology for Los Alamos nuclear-waste-transmutation and energy-production concepts 605KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2874 Decommissioning a nuclear reactor 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2876 Richtmyer-Meshkov instability of shocked gaseous interfaces 403KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2938 Key changes in nuclear data in the transition from ENDF/B-V to ENDF/B- VI 245KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-2976 Addressing mixed waste in plutonium processing 617KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3077 Low-background measurements of neutron emission from Ti metal in pressurized deuterium gas 537KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3100 Innovative nuclear thermal propulsion technology evaluation : results of the NASA/DOE Task Team study 914KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3115 Improved KrF laser design for the Laboratory Microfusion Facility 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3323 Portable gamma-ray holdup and attributes measurements of high- and variable-burnup plutonium 789KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3330 Tritium generation and neutron measurements in Pd-Si under high deuterium gas pressure 760KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3358 Fusion cross sections from Los Alamos R-matrix analyses 432KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3441 Portable radiation-detection instruments for distinguishing nuclear from non-nuclear munitions 293KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3495 On size scaling in shock hydrodynamics and the stress-strain behavior of copper at exceedingly high strain rates 605KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3514 Detection of uranium-based nuclear weapons using neutron-induced fission 331KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-3749 Timing system for firing widely spaced test nuclear detonations 578KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-4005 Neutron star accretion and the neutrino fireball 750KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-4108 Vaporization behavior of U[sub x]Zr[sub 1-x]C[sub 1-y] nuclear fuel materials in hydrogen at high pressures and temperatures 225KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-4177 Assessment of a hot hydrogen nuclear propulsion fuel test facility 396KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-437 Theoretical descriptions of neutron emission in fission 1.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-456 Influence of rock properties on methods for the verification of underground nuclear explosions 383KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-514 Hypernuclear spectroscopy with the ([pi],K) reaction 268KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-631 Tritium and neutron measurements from deuterated Pd-Si 775KB Local PDF
LA-UR-91-7 Development of KrF lasers for inertial confinement fusion 368KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-1343 Strategies for understanding the deflagration-to-detonation transition 502KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-1373 Waste measurements at a plutonium facility 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-1453 Evaluation of a Cray performance tool using a large hydrodynamics code 560KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-1729 Los Alamos National Laboratory's lead lab proposal : plutonium 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-2120 Accurate plutonium waste measurements using the [sup 252]Cf add-a- source technique for matrix corrections 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-2348 Development of a plutonium solution-assay instrument with isotopic capability 318KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-2915 Understanding curved detonation waves 188KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-3164 Mercury : A second-generation KrF laser for inertial fusion research 284KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-331 Safety-related aspects of nuclear fission 7.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-3417 Use of the nuclear model code GNASH to calculate cross section data at energies up to 100 MeV 615KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-3773 Rethinking national security requirements & the need for non-lethal weapons options 667KB Local PDF
LA-UR-92-4306 PAGOSA : a massively-parallel, multi-material hydrodynamics model for three-dimensional high-speed flow and high-rate material deformation 732KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-0011 Independent peer review of nuclear safety computer codes 229KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-0045 Computational modeling of ``MAGO'' and other magnetized target fusion concepts 657KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-0062 Evaluation of the total mass of spent fuel and plutonium generated by U.S. and global nuclear reactors 417KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-0983 EMP from chemical explosions 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1059 Experimental study of instability growth patterns of a shock-accelerated, thin fluid layer; 361KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-109 Evolution of tritium from deuterided palladium subject to high electrical currents 795KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1119 Temperature effects on failure thickness and deflagration-to-detonation transition in PBX 9502 and TATB 438KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-113 Making progress in cleaning up DOE's weapons complex : issues of organization and management 13.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1243 The effect of a scalar boson coupled to neutrinos on the behavior of the tritium beta decay spectrum near the end point 375KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1276 Impeding the inevitable : future U.S. policy for nonproliferation of nuclear weapons 374KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1366 Radiological hazard classification of DOE facilities by DOE STD-1027-92 : LANL nuclear facility list 271KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1368 Fuzzy risk analysis for nuclear safeguards 368KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1393 Two-dimensional simulations of foil implosion experiments on the Los Alamos capacitor bank 367KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1421 Equation of state for detonation products 514KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1448 Direct drive foil implosion experiments on Pegasus II 307KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1557 A study of the role of homogeneous process in heterogeneous high explosives 628KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1615 Modelling of nuclear explosions in hard rock sites 391KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1637 Tomographic gamma scanning (TGS) to measure inhomogeneous nuclear material matrices from future fuel cycles 485KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-165 Weakly nonlinear dynamics of near-CJ detonation waves 1.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1670 Micromechanical strength effects in shock compression of solids 322KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1723 Understanding curved detonation waves 524KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1754 Deflagration-to-detonation in granular HMX : Ignition, kinetics, and shock formation 490KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1758 Proof that nonlinear plane waves cannot be destabilized by scalar diffusion 67KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1790 Conceptual design of a 7 MeV RFQ linac for the accelerator production of tritium 4.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-180 Asymptotic derivation of the simplified P[sub n] equations 683KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1813 The calculation of electrostatic interactions and their role in determining the energies and geometries of explosive molecular crystals 745KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1815 Direct Monte Carlo simulation of the chemical equilibrium composition of detonation products 488KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1860 Safeguards instrumentation for continuous unattended monitoring in plutonium fuel fabrication plants 476KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1908 Accelerator-based conversion (ABC) of reactor and weapons plutonium 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1938 Smooth particle hydrodynamics : SPHINX and SPHC codes 491KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-1963 Geomorphology of plutonium in the Northern Rio Grande 16.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2068 Simple hydrodynamic model for jetting from tubular hypervelocity penetrators 303KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2080 Mach reflection of spherical detonation waves 424KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2129 Thermodynamics and sublimation chemistry of plutonium - oxygen - chlorine 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2193 Neutronics analysis for an accelerator-based nuclear waste transmuter 547KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2214 Influence of peak pressure and temperature on the shock-loading response of tantalum 311KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-222 Los Alamos experimental capabilities : Ancho Canyon high explosives and pulse power facilities 483KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2255 Review of the Procyon explosive pulsed power system 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2258 Application of S(sub N) and Monte Carlo codes to the SHEBA critical assemblies 157KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2276 Measurement and analysis of three 1.5-GPa shock-wave profiles in copper 260KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2279 Improved, explosively actuated closing switch for pulsed power applications 289KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2300 Improved approximations applied to the S(sub N) even-parity equation 194KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2301 Asymptotic derivation of the modified time-dependent SP(sub 2) equations and numerical calculations 237KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2304 Plasma flow switch and foil implosion experiments on Pegasus II 194KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2319 Shear wave measurements in shock-induced, high-pressure phases 323KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2335 Application of front tracking to the simulation of shock refractions and shock accelerated interface mixing 536KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2344 Unreacted Hugoniots for porous and liquid explosives 271KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2346 Preshock desensitization of PBX explosives 306KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2348 Contained high explosive firing facility (CHEFF) 284KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2391 Phase detonated shock tube (PFST) 194KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2418 Recent results in explosive and s-process nucleosynthesis from measurements on radioactive and stable targets 510KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2449 Experimental study of a shock accelerated thin gas layer 344KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2469 Efficient space propulsion engines based on laser ablation 466KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2503 NDA system for automated inline weapons component dismantlement 443KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2505 Group-invariant solutions of hydrodynamics and radiation hydrodynamics 424KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2537 Application of neural network and pattern recognition software to the automated analysis of continuous nuclear monitoring of on-load reactors 411KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2547 Initiation of preshocked high explosives PBX-9404, PBX-9502, PBX-9501, monitored with in-material magnetic gauging 470KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2550 Reflected-shock initiation of explosives 380KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2603 Acoustic resonance spectroscopy in nuclear safeguards 342KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2896 Technologies for destruction of long-lived radionuclides in high-level nuclear waste : Overview and requirements 171KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2901 Mechanical design parameters for detection of nuclear signals by magnetic resonance force microscopy 387KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-293 Diffusion-accelerated solution of the 2-D S[sub n] equations with bilinear-discontinuous differencing 535KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2944 Status of development of actinide blanket processing flowsheets for accelerator transmutation of nuclear waste 463KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-2972 Integrated neutron/gamma-ray portal monitors for nuclear safeguards 233KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-297 Summary of progress in inertial confinement fusion 587KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3046 Drafting of the ENDF/B-VI data for fission products and actinides 2.3MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3077 High-value use of weapons-plutonium by burning in molten salt accelerator-driven subcritical systems or reactors 716KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3103 Supercritical fluid carbon dioxide cleaning of plutonium part 809KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3448 Los Alamos National Laboratory accelerator production of tritium project Topical report, Radionuclide production experiment 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3557 Detection of mining explosions using ionospheric techniques 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3690 Preventing pollution from plutonium processing 635KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3805 The nuclear warhead dismantling assistance initiative : the Nunn-Lugar initiative 960KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-3992 The Nevada Test Site : an analog for a nuclear repository 287KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-4017 Actinide separations for advanced processing of nuclear waste : annual report 1993 3.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-4253 Radionuclide releases from natural analogues of spent nuclear fuel 793KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-4375 Workshop on advances in smooth particle hydrodynamics : 21-23 Sep 1993, Los Alamos, NM 11.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-4433 The kinetics of the beta to alpha transformation in unalloyed plutonium using differential scanning calorimetry 667KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-4436 Nature of dissolution of binary tantalum-titanium alloys by molten plutonium 709KB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-4450 Nighttime sensitivity of ionospheric techniques for detecting explosions 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-93-4525 Potential Ogallala Aquifer impacts of a hypothetical plutonium dispersal accident in Zone 4 of the Pantex Plant 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-0184 Policy and technical issues for international safeguards in nuclear weapons states 843KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1003 Ground-motion data from the small-scale explosive experiments conducted at the Grefco Perlite Mine near Socorro, New Mexico 6.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1087 A Thorium/Uranium fuel cycle for an advanced accelerator transmutation of nuclear waste concept 455KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1126 Induced shock propagation on the Non-Proliferation Experiment 538KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1175 Cascade-deuteron system 137KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1206 Experimental and theoretical investigation of operational and survivability issues in thermal radiators for thermionic space nuclear power systems : Final report 5.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1216 Characterization of uranium and plutonium in surface-waters and sediments collected at the Rocky Flats Facility 669KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1256 Hidden symmetries of partial differential equations 364KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1272 Evaluation of the d + t cross sections based on an R-matrix analysis of the {sup 5}He system 531KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1277 Group-invariant solutions of hydrodynamics 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1377 Measurement and analysis of the neutron-induced fission cross sections of {sup 247}Cm, {sup 250}Cr and {sup 254}Es 259KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1430 Weapons and commercial plutonium ultimate disposition choices : destroy "completely" or store forever 966KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1440 Improvements to the nuclear model code GNASH for cross section calculations at higher energies 353KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1744 Near-source observations from single and multiple cylindrical explosions in a coal mine 2.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1750 An analysis of three nuclear events in P-Tunnel 2.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-177 Diffusion-accelerated solution of the 2-D x-y S{sub n} equations with linear-bilinear nodal differencing 338KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1888 Stochastic source comparisons between nuclear and chemical explosions detonated at Rainier Mesa, Nevada Test Site 747KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-1958 Lunar surface fission power supplies : radiation issues 503KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2019 Evaluating detonation possibilities in a Hanford readioactive waste tank 778KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-204 Nonlinear positive method for solving the transport equation on course meshes 404KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2065 Hohlraum manufacture for inertial confinement fusion 486KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2107 Loads for pulsed power cylindrical implosion experiments 560KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2108 Perforamnce of a palladium membrane reactor using a Ni catalyst for fusion fuel impurities processing 579KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2250 The shift of prompt critical in reflected reactors and the limitations of the mean prompt-neutron lifetime model 666KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2279 Evaluating Russian space nuclear reactor technology for United States applications 815KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2292 Multivariate diagnostics and anomaly detection for nuclear safeguards 628KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2312 The use of modern databases in managing nuclear material inventories 484KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2313 A large multiplicity counter for the measurement of bulk plutonium 447KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2390 Long-term plutonium storage : Design concepts 420KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2444 MC&A policy issues for international inspections at DOE nuclear facilites 365KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2446 Graded safeguards : determination of attractiveness levels for special nuclear material 346KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2477 Performance of an advanced lump correction algorithm for gamma-ray assays of plutonium 307KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2595 Cryogenic targets for inertial confinement fusion 631KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2624 GASFLOW analysis of a tritium leak accident 354KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2627 Zone refining of plutonium metal : a thesis 5.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2684 Hydrodynamic instabilities in inertial fusion 948KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2777 Observations of TEC fluctuations from an explosion on the Earth's surface 280KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2793 Safety features of subcritical fluid systems 735KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2836 Applications of classical detonation theory 420KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2837 Frontiers of detonation theory 230KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-2879 Resolving a central ICF issue for ignition : implosion symmetry 365KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3000 A small scale accelerator driven subcritical assembly development and demonstration experiment at LAMPF 463KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3022 Accelerator transmutation of nuclear waste : towards the elimination of long-lived radioactive waste 955KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3104 Experience at Los Alamos with use of the optical model for applied nuclear data calculations 962KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3105 Current status of fusion-relevant covariance data 375KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3106 ENDF-349 evaluation and compilation of fission product yields (p.1-173) 735KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3154 Asymptotic analysis of the several competitive equations to solve the time-dependent neutron transport equation 456KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3165 Effects of plasma physics on capsule implosions in gas-filled hohlraums 270KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3177 Shock-wave behavior in explosive monocrystals 346KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3182 Laser-plasma instability in hohlraums 305KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3207 New Department of Energy policy and guidance for cost-effectiveness in nuclear materials control and accountability programs 499KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3269 Benchmark critical experiment of a water reflected alpha-phase plutonium sphere 542KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3270 Benchmark critical experiments of uranium-233 spheres surrounded by uranium-235 373KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3271 Benchmark critical experiments of highly enriched uranium-233 spheres reflected by normal uranium 365KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3275 Benchmark critical experiments of a thorium reflected plutonium sphere 550KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3316 Characterization of high-explosive initiation and safety at Los Alamos 524KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3329 Quantum diffusion 275KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3380 Asymptotic derivation of the multigroup P[sub 1] and Simplified P[sub N] equations with anisotropic scattering 552KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3479 Challenges for mining explosion identification under a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty : quantification of the problem and discussion of synergetic solutions 575KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3490 Explosive performance measurements on large, multiple-hole arrays and large masses of conventional explosive 787KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3546 Level set techniques applied to unsteady detonation propagation 856KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3585 The effect of a non-zero shock width on wave propagation multi-dimensions 387KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3685 A brief review of environmental transport of tritium at the Los Alamos LLRW disposal facility 766KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3724 Lessons learned from commercial experience with nuclear plant decontamination to safe storage 680KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3803 Base hydrolysis and supercritical water oxidation of PBX-9404 793KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3806 Prediction of material strength and fracture of brittle materials using the SPHINX smooth particle hydrodynamics code 222KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3871 A review of broadband regional discrimination studies of NTS explosions and western US earthquakes 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-3940 Atmospheric methods for nuclear test monitoring 499KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-4022A Underground supercriticality from plutonium and other fissile material 306KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-4022 Underground autocatalytic criticality from plutonium and other fissile material 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-4160 Removal of plutonium and Americium from hydrochloric acid waste streams using extraction chromatography 608KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-4333 Magnetized target fusion: an ultra high energy approach in an unexplored parameter space 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-4351 Accelerator-based systems for plutonium destruction and nuclear waste transmutation 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-4353 A Radiation barrier alloy for long-term storage of special nuclear materials : definition and preliminary assessment 2.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-4354 Magnetized target fusion : an overview of the concept 925KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-718 Cleaning up DOE's weapons sites : issues of organization and management 371KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-738 Simplified fusion power-plant costing : a general prognosis and call for "New Think" 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-861 Nonlethal weapons as force options for the Army 623KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-887 The Los Alamos nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation technology development program 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-95-50 Separation and purification of plutonium and uranium from cloth swipes, vegetation and soil samples 347KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-970 Search for neutrons from deuterated palladium subject to high electrical currents 783KB Local PDF
LA-UR-94-988 EMP from a chemical explosion originating in a tunnel 693KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-100 Bubble fusion : preliminary estimates 831KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1018 Fate of selected high explosives in the environment : a literature review 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1074 Base hydrolysis and hydrothermal processing of PBX-9404 explosive 891KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1096 Accelerator-based conversion (ABC) of weapons plutonium : plant layout study and related design issues 5.6MB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1097 A collisionless shock wave experiment 446KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1159 MCNP analyses of criticality calculation results 527KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1164 Final report on the oxidation of energetic materials in supercritical water : Final Air Force report 8.7MB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-116 Analysis of surfaces, films and multilayers by resonant laser ablation 730KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1306 Multimode hydrodynamic stability calculations for National Ignition Facility capsules 389KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1341 Multilevel fitting of sup 235U resonance data sensitive to Bohr-and-Brosa-fission channels 705KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1350 Modeling of drive-symmetry experiments in gas-filled hohlraums at Nova 342KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1445 A survey on the use of supercritical carbon dioxide as a cleaning solvent 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1472 Recent palladium membrane reactor development at the tritium systems test assembly 452KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1608 Acoustic techniques in nuclear safeguards 477KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1660 Panel on protection and management of plutonium : subpanel on safeguards and security 764KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1718 The effect of uncertainties in nuclear reactor plant-specific failure data on core damage frequency 918KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1754 Detonation probabilities of high explosives 716KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1774 A hazards analysis of a nuclear explosives dismantlement 809KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1775 A human reliability analysis of a nuclear explosives dismantlement 792KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1828 A repository released-dose model for the evaluation of long-lived fission product transmutation effectiveness 741KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1856 MCNP calculations for criticality-safety benchmarks with ENDF/B-V and ENDF/B-VI libraries 480KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-1931 SHEBA-II as a criticality safety benchmark experiment 327KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2015 MCNP perturbation technique for criticality analysis 407KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2101 Searches for T-odd interactions in nuclear processes : review of the theory 778KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2130 Criticality characteristics of mixtures of plutonium silicon dioxide, Nevada tuff, and water 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-217 Mechanical and physical properties of perlite from the geophysical array from small-scale explosive experiments, Socorro, New Mexico 4.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2322 MC-1 generator performance with higher-energy explosives 484KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2450 Bioremediation of high explosives 394KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2460 Joint US/Russian plasma formation experiments for magnetic compression/magnetized target fusion (MAGO/MTF) 470KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2602 Curved detonation fronts in solid explosives : collisions and boundary interactions 542KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2674 Possibilities for magnetic control of fission plasma propulsion 1.1MB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2679 Solubility in supercritical fluid cleaning 816KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2687 Tritium production from a low voltage deuterium discharge on palladium and other metals 514KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2762 Wedge test data for three new explosives : LAX112, 2,4-DNI, and TNAZ 342KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2763 Observations of shock-induced reaction in liquid bromoform up to 11 GPA 349KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2764 Low pressure shock initiation of porous HMX for two grain size distributions and two densities 366KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2765 Hugoniot and initiation measurements on TNAZ explosive 329KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-2819 Plasma production from shock compression of condensed matter 356KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3035 X-ray source production in foil implosion machines 333KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3046 The structure, properties and performance of plasma-sprayed beryllium for fusion applications 856KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3142 Analysis of high-frequency Pg/Lg ratios from NTS explosions and western U.S. earthquakes 101KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3154 Gas-filled hohlraum fabrication 450KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3297 PC/FRAM : new capabilities for the gamma-ray spectrometry measurement of plutonium isotopic composition 474KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3312 Optically powered firing system for the Procyon high explosive pulse power system 688KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3320 The application of neutron multiplicity counting to the assay of bulk plutonium bearing materials at RFETS and LLNL 458KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3326 PC/FRAM : algorithms for the gamma-ray spectrometry measurement of plutonium isotopic composition 444KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3450 Magnetic fusion reactor economics 581KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3635 Problems associated with Pg/Lg ratios from NTS explosions affecting seismic discrimination 296KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-373 Intermediate energy neutrons at WNR : spin-isospin and energy dependence of the NN interaction and the nuclear response 625KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3888 Resonant laser ablation ion trap mass spectrometry : recent applications for chemical analysis 326KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-3954 Resonant laser ablation : applications and mechanistic aspects 273KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-4060 Nuclear data uncertainties in intermediate neutron spectrum problems and the intermediate neutron spectrum experiment : international conference on nuclear and hazardous waste management( 18-23 Aug 1996) 323KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-52 Measurement of gamma-ray production cross sections in neutron-induced reactons for Al and Pb 749KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-610 Swept frequency acoustic interferometry technique for chemical weapons verification and monitoring 448KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-795 Base hydrolysis and hydrothermal processing of PBX-9404 explosive 843KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-834 Deuteron and anti-deuteron production in CERN experiment NA44 309KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-841 Biomorphic robots as a persistent means for removing explosive mines 364KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-883 Sensor fusion and nonlinear prediction for anomalous event detection 555KB Local PDF
LA-UR-95-922 Utilization of near-source video and ground motion in the assessment of seismic source functions from mining explosions 360KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-0039 Probabilistic modeling of propagating explosions 431KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-0421 Decontamination and demolition of a former plutonium processing facility's process exhaust system, firescreen, and filter plenum buildings 581KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1206 Prototype explosives detection system based on nuclear resonance absorption in nitrogen 564KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1207 In-field analysis and assessment of nuclear material 266KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1285 Criticality characteristics of mixtures of plutonium, silicon dioxide, Nevada tuff, and water 530KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1396 Plus c'est la meme chose : the future of nuclear weapons in Europe 751KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1491 Some thoughts on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons 541KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1600-[Condensed] Synthetic seismograms at regional distances for May 1995 earthquake and explosion sources in western China 396KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1800 Current status and recommended future studies of underground supercriticality of fissile material 972KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1818 Base hydrolysis kinetics of HMX-based explosives using sodium carbonate 696KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1832 Analysis of propagating explosions 607KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1859 Alpha-n and spontaneous fission sources and spectra from individual plutonium isotopes in PuF{sub 4} and PuO{sub 2} 290KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1865 Application and validation of direct numerical simulation for ICF implosion stability analysis 252KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1907 Los Alamos hydrodynamic experiments on NOVA 202KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1921 Measurement of proton production cross sections of [sup 10]Be and [sup 26]Al from elements found in lunar rocks 455KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1948 A discussion of the use of hazards assessment and probabilistic safety analysis techniques for nuclear explosive operations 657KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1950 Initiating-event frequencies for nuclear weapons dismantlement hazard analysis 576KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1953 The Green's function method for critical heterogeneous slabs 253KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1976 Quantitative hazard assessment of a US Department of Energy nuclear explosive operation 472KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-1980 Safety of spallation sources in the accelerator production of tritium 168KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2023 Computational and experimental investigation of magnetized target fusion 310KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2027 Surface roughness measurements of beta-layered solid deuterium-tritium in toroidal geometries 314KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2062 Energetic alpha transport in a magnetized fusion target 184KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2073 Low-energy $ {4}$He{sup +} scattering from deuterium absorbed on 294KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2094 The structure and thermal properties of plasma-sprayed beryllium for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) 307KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2236 Detection of the large meteoroid/NEO flux using infrasound : recent detection of the November 21, 1995 Colorado fireball 648KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2317 American National Standard ANSI/ANS-8.6 : safety in conducting subcritical neutron-multiplication measurements 'in situ' 265KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2388 The White Pine Mine explosively induced, controlled collapse experiment 587KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2515 Assay of scrap plutonium oxide by thermal neutron multiplicity counting for IAEA verification of excess materials from nuclear weapons production 527KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2531 Inventory extension considerations for long-term storage at the nuclear materials storage facility 442KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2570 Global nuclear material monitoring with NDA and C/S data through integrated facility monitoring 621KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2589 Fabrication of mixed oxide fuel using plutonium from dismantled weapons 192KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2614 Simulation and analysis of plutonium reprocessing plant data 475KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2617 Global estimation of potential unreported plutonium in thermal research reactors 399KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2620 Detection and measurement of gamma-ray self-attenuation in plutonium residues 535KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2626 Procyon high explosive pulsed power experiments 425KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2627 Resonant laser ablation : mechanisms and applications 334KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2664 Composite liner design to maximize the shock pressure beyond megabars 417KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2739 Proof testing of an explosion containment vessel 980KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2840 Computational brittle fracture using smooth particle hydrodynamics 366KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-2996 Accelerator-driven transmutation technologies for resolution of long-term nuclear waste concerns 929KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-3131 Modeling partially coupled objects with smooth particle hydrodynamics 962KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-3148 Procedure for plutonium determination using Pu(VI) spectra 448KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-3178 Polymers for nuclear materials processing 320KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-3446 Two-dimensional modeling of magnetically imploded liners 765KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-3455 Determination of the nuclear induced electrical conductivity of {sup 3}He for magnetohydrodynamic energy conversion 313KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-3501 Hexadedron, wedge, tetrahedron, and pyramid diffusion operator discretization 228KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-380 Early fusion reactor neutronic calculations : reevaluation 313KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-749 Neutron scattering and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy structural studies of protein-DNA complexes 441KB Local PDF
LA-UR-96-761 HPS : a space fission power systemsuitable foro near-term, low-cost lunar and planetary bases 611KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-0426 Risk=based prioritization for plutonium residue holdings 308KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-0495 Trade-off studies of plutonium bearing residues in the DOE weapons complex 256KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1000 Alternatives for increasing the nuclear materials processing space at Los Alamos for future missions 429KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1141 ARIES NDA suite : fully-integrated and automated nuclear material assay system for measurement of special nuclear material 254KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1189 Evaluation of synthetic water-soluble metal-binding polymers with ultrafiltration for selective concentration of americium and plutonium 543KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1190 Preconcentration of low levels of americium and plutonium from waste waters by synthetic water-soluble metal-binding polymers with ultrafiltration 465KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1234 Response of a water-filled spherical vessel to an internal explosion 423KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1359 Development of nonfertile and evolutionary mixed oxide nuclear fuels for use in existing water reactors 666KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1397 Usefulness of k [sub eff] measurements in validating nuclear cross section sets 215KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1454 Assessment of some optical model potentials in predicting neutron cross sections 107KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1519 Fabrication of zircon for disposition of weapons plutonium 870KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1563 Multi-generational stewardship of plutonium 100KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1744 Applications of evaluated nuclear data in the LAHET code 183KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1797 Calculation of nuclear data for fast neutron and proton radiotherapy : a new ICRU report 286KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-181 Conceptual design for separation of plutonium and gallium by solvent extraction 125KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1858[Draft] Measurement of absolute delayed neutron yield and group constants in the fast fission of U-235 and Np237 334KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1905 The effect of the new nucleon-nucleus elastic scattering data in LAHET[SupTM] version 2.8 on neutron displacement cross section calculations (11 p.) 200KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-1934 Accelerator production of tritium safety program 118KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2070 Performance of the Plutonium Scrap Multiplicity Counter (PSMC) for verification of excess scrap plutonium oxide from nuclear production 92KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2141 Materials identification and surveillance project item evaluation : item : impure plutonium oxide (HRA905191) 988KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2252 Observations regarding fixed decay constants on the reactivity prediction for the fast fission of U-235 103KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2400 Global economics/energy/environmental (E[sup 3]) modeling of long-term nuclear energy futures 610KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2401 Reduction of worldwide plutonium inventories using conventional reactors and advanced fuels : a system study 717KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2462 Development of advanced mixed oxide fuels for plutonium management 212KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2576 Detection and characterization of biological weapons agents by matrix-assisted laser desorption mass spectrometry 440KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2645 The unique source mechanism of an explosively induced mine collapse 101KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2807 Microscopical examination of plastic-bonded explosives 2.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2808 Reduction of worldwide plutonium inventories using conventional reactors and advanced fuels : a system study 1.4MB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-2992 Detonation wave profiles in HMX based explosives 89KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3169 Spallation studies on shock loaded uranium 218KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3308 Prototype information base for quantifying detonator reliability 97KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3361 Reducing the risk to Mars : gas core nuclear rocket 114KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3427 Energy-dependent bias in plutonium verification measurements using thermal neutron multiplicity counters 186KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3592 X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for the elemental analysis of plutonium-bearing materials for the materials disposition program 377KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3753 Materials identification and surveillance : evaluation of the loss-on-ignition measurement for storage of legacy plutonium-bearing materials 149KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3753-Rev.1 Materials identification and surveillance : evaluation of the loss-on-ignition measurement for storage of legacy plutonium-bearing materials 242KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3767 Recovery of tritium from tritiated waste water cost-effectiveness analysis 186KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3769-Rev.1 Preconceptual design for separation of plutonium and gallium by ion exchange 234KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3826 Long-term global nuclear and fuel cell strategies 3.0MB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-3902-Rev.1 Ion exchange separation of plutonium and gallium (1) resource and inventory requirements, (2) waste, emissions, and effluent, and (3) facility size 50KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-4328 Reactor-based tritium production - FFTF tritium production capacities and ability to meet future stockpile requirements 57KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-4380 Role of nuclear energy in mitigating greenhouse warming 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-4436 Materials identification and surveillance project item evaluation : item: impure plutonium oxide (PPSL-365) 1.6MB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-4618 Stability of nuclear and general purpose forces 155KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-4891 Role of nuclear energy in mitigating greenhouse warming 1.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-4987 Stability of nuclear forces versus weapons of mass destruction 133KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-5006 Mechanical response of shock conditioned HPNS-5 (R-1) grout 645KB Local PDF
LA-UR-97-766 Design of standards for nondestructive assay of special nuclear material 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-1137 Materials identification and surveillance project item evaluation : item: impure plutonium oxide (TS707001) 252KB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-1237 One-dimensional time-to-explosion (ODTX) in HMX spheres 68KB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-2237 Binding carbon dioxide in mineral form : a critical step towards a zero-emission coal power plant 450KB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-2686-Rev.1 Mechanisms of thermal induced gallium removal (TIGR) from plutonium dioxide. Revision 1 282KB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-3057 Reversibility of sorption of plutonium-239 onto colloids of hematite, goethite, smectite, and silica : A milestone final report of YMP, July 10, 1998 178KB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-3971 Effects of temperature and pressure on the glass transitions of plastic bonded explosives 329KB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-985 Disposition of nuclear waste using subcritical accelerator-driven systems : technology choices and one implementation scenario 26.9MB Local PDF
LA-UR-98-994 Materials identification and surveillance project item evaluation : Item: impure plutonium oxide (ARF-102-85-295) 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-1107 Using absolute humidity and radiochemical analyses of water vapor samples to correct underestimated atmospheric tritium concentrations 122KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-1378 An interpretation of technology diffusion patterns for the U.S. Department of Energy's Environmental Management Program 107KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-1429 Dose Modeling of plutonium-beryllium source unpacking operations 80KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-1640 Photonuclear physics in MCNP(X) 133KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-1641 Photonuclear physics in MCNP(X) 28KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-1827 Dual axis radiographic hydrodynamic test (DARHT) facility final report accelerator readiness review (p. 1-39 ) 3.5MB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-2044 Post shot report : High-convergence implosions in tetrahedral hohlraums (ID4-FY98) August 31 - September 4, 1998 1.8MB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-2260 Russian nuclear export control system as of March 1, 1999. 49KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-2266 US nuclear data activity report 37KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-2318 Los Alamos National Laboratory atmospheric transport and diffusion models : Users manual 1.9MB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-3223 Structured shock and thin shell experiments on the OMEGA laser at the Laboratory for laser energetics of the University of Rochester Structured shock/thin shell campaign ID7-FY99 June 22-24, 1999 768KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-491 An assessment of the validity of cerium oxide as a surrogate for plutonium oxide gallium removal studies 233KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-5444 Subroutines to simulate fission neutrons for Monte Carlo Transport Codes (12 p.) 320KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-751 Burnup dependence of proliferation attributes of plutonium from spent LWR fuel 103KB Local PDF
LA-UR-99-920 Tetrahedral hohlraum high-convergence implosion experiments on Omega ID6-FY99 - March 1-March 5, 1998 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-04-0496 Physics Package Confidence: "ONE" vs. "1.0" 1.2MB Local PDF
LA-UR-05-3786 Enrichment Separative Capacity for SILEX 500KMB Local PDF
NEANSCDOC(95)03VII Plutonium-238 and plutonium-239 replacement measurements performed using Jezebel 166KB Local PDF
PATENT 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one, a less sensitive explosive 303KB Local PDF
PATENT A.C. Etching of plutonium 280KB Local PDF
PATENT Ammonium nitrate explosive systems 556KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus and method for quantitative assay of generic transuranic wastes from nuclear reactors 1178KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus and method for rapid detection of explosives residue from the deflagration signature thereof 583KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus for in situ determination of burnup, cooling time and fissile content of an irradiated nuclear fuel assembly in a fuel storage pond 676KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus for measuring neutron cross sections 228KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus for measuring total neutron cross sections 383KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus for monitoring tritium in tritium contaminating environments using a modified Kanne chamber 615KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus for nuclear transmutation and power production using an intense accelerator-generated thermal neutron flux 1478KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus for producing cryogenic inertially driven fusion targets 581KB Local PDF
PATENT Apparatus for producing high velocity shock waves and gases 181KB Local PDF
PATENT Cast explosives comprising cyclotrimethylene trinitramine and nitrotoluenes 285KB Local PDF
PATENT Catalytic recombiner for a nuclear reactor 208KB Local PDF
PATENT Coated mold for casting plutonium 434KB Local PDF
PATENT Compact and safe nuclear reactor 429KB Local PDF
PATENT Concentration of transplutonium actinides from dirt samples 456KB Local PDF
PATENT Confinement system for high explosive events 946KB Local PDF
PATENT Controlled nuclear fusion reactor 4231KB Local PDF
PATENT Corrosion inhibitors for deuterium exchange process 211KB Local PDF
PATENT Dehydration of plutonium or neptunium trichloride hydrate 289KB Local PDF
PATENT Delta phase plutonium alloys 257KB Local PDF
PATENT Detonating an insensitive explosive 214KB Local PDF
PATENT Device and method for imploding a microsphere with a fast liner 2372KB Local PDF
PATENT Direct process for explosives 148KB Local PDF
PATENT Electric initiator with exploding bridge wire 243KB Local PDF
PATENT Electrodeposition of plutonium fluoride 269KB Local PDF
PATENT Electrolytic process for cleaning plutonium metal 238KB Local PDF
PATENT Frequency shift measurement in shock-compressed materials 529KB Local PDF
PATENT Gamma compensated fission thermocouple 279KB Local PDF
PATENT High-energy plastic-bonded explosive 198KB Local PDF
PATENT High explosive compound 388KB Local PDF
PATENT High-explosive driven crowbar switch 358KB Local PDF
PATENT High temperature, high power heterogeneous nuclear reactor 825KB Local PDF
PATENT Homogeneous nuclear power reactor 1299KB Local PDF
PATENT Homogeneous nuclear reactor 891KB Local PDF
PATENT Insensitive explosive composition of halogenated copolymer and triaminotrinitrobenzene 297KB Local PDF
PATENT Laser ablation based fuel ignition 517KB Local PDF
PATENT Laser-driven fusion reactor 531KB Local PDF
PATENT Laser sustained discharge nozzle apparatus for the production of an intense beam of high kinetic energy atomic species 722KB Local PDF
PATENT Magnetic method for producing high velocity shock waves in gases 188KB Local PDF
PATENT Method and apparatus for determining pressure-induced frequency-shifts in shock-compressed materials 708KB Local PDF
PATENT Method and apparatus for improving recovery of plutonium-gallium alloys by electrorefining 431KB Local PDF
PATENT Method and means for electrolytic purification of plutonium 475KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for mitigating blast and shock transmission within a confined volume 200KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for mounting laser fusion targets for irradiation 453KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for nondestructive fuel assay of laser fusion targets 544KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for obtaining plutonium metal and alloys of plutonium from plutonium trichloride 1207KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for obtaining plutonium metal from its trichloride 935KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for photochemical reduction of uranyl nitrate by tri-n-butyl phosphate and application of this method to nuclear fuel reprocessing 560KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for producing ultra high purity plutonium metal 169KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for removal of plutonium impurity from americium oxides and fluorides 244KB Local PDF
PATENT Method for selecting hollow microspheres for use in laser fusion targets 681KB Local PDF
PATENT Method of coating with plutonium acetylacetonate and coated product 99KB Local PDF
PATENT Method of making plutonium dioxide 245KB Local PDF
PATENT Method of preparing plutonium mononitride 136KB Local PDF
PATENT Method of preparing uranium deuteride 566KB Local PDF
PATENT Method of preventing plutonium leakage 110KB Local PDF
PATENT Method of separating thorium from plutonium 346KB Local PDF
PATENT Method of stabilizing plutonium dioxide 184KB Local PDF
PATENT Method reducing plutonium compounds 233KB Local PDF
PATENT Methods and apparatus for producing cryogenic inertially driven fusion targets 564KB Local PDF
PATENT Molten plutonium fueled fast breeder reactor 2277KB Local PDF
PATENT Molten salt method of separation of americium from plutonium 115KB Local PDF
PATENT Non-aqueous dissolution of massive plutonium 376KB Local PDF
PATENT Non-corrosive plutonium fuel systems 440KB Local PDF
PATENT Optical pin apparatus for measuring the arrival time and velocity of shock waves and particles 722KB Local PDF
PATENT Photochemical preparation of plutonium pentafluoride 197KB Local PDF
PATENT Piezonuclear battery 461KB Local PDF
PATENT Plutonium alloys containing controlled amounts of plutonium allotropes obtained by application of high pressures 1140KB Local PDF
PATENT Plutonium alloys containing controlled amounts of plutonium allotropes obtained by application of high pressures 1106KB Local PDF
PATENT Plutonium-cerium-cobalt and plutonium-cerium-nickel alloys 294KB Local PDF
PATENT Portable instrument for inspecting irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies 610KB Local PDF
PATENT Preparation of anhydrous cerium chloride, uranium bromide, or plutonium fluoride 225KB Local PDF
PATENT Preparation of plutonium 376KB Local PDF
PATENT Process for production of plutonium from its oxides 350KB Local PDF
PATENT Process for purifying plutonium 711KB Local PDF
PATENT Process for separating plutonium from impurities 499KB Local PDF
PATENT Process of conditioning particulate materials for use in organic explosives 667KB Local PDF
PATENT Process of forming plutonium salts from plutonium oxalates 324KB Local PDF
PATENT Process of reducing plutonium to tetravalent state 427KB Local PDF
PATENT Production of isotopes from thermonuclear explosions 593KB Local PDF
PATENT Production of plutonium from plutonium fluoride 392KB Local PDF
PATENT Pulsed high-beta fusion reactor 926KB Local PDF
PATENT Pyrochemical process for extracting plutonium from an electrolyte salt 325KB Local PDF
PATENT Reduction of diffusional defocusing in hydrodynamically focused flows 870KB Local PDF
PATENT Steam stirred homogeneous nuclear reactor 866KB Local PDF
PATENT Storage of nuclear materials by encapsulation in fullerenes 255KB Local PDF
PATENT Stripping process for plutonium 164KB Local PDF
PATENT Ternary alloy-containing plutonium 402KB Local PDF
PATENT Thermally stable, plastic-bonded explosives 312KB Local PDF
PATENT Thermoacoustic magnetohydrodynamic electrical generator 537KB Local PDF
PATENT Trinitrotoluene explosive compositions containing a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon 228KB Local PDF
QC794.6.C7 F57 1989x A nuclear cross section data handbook 16.1MB Local PDF
UCRL-7172 Phase diagram of plutonium 519KB Local PDF
UCRL-JC-130095 Detection, identification and analysis of fissionable isotopes 1539KB Local PDF

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